Friday, December 28, 2007

The Flu?

Ugh! Like a bad girl, I didn't get a flu shot yet. My insurance covers it for me every year (because of the MS).

Today, we got up and went to meet friends for lunch (Mayberry's! Hooray!). Lunch was great. Afterwards, one friend and her daughter came over to our house. Buddy wanted to play the Wii and even though his friend had gotten one for Christmas, it wasn't hooked up at her house yet.

It's always nice to chat with my friend. The Evil Twin made coffee for us and went downstairs. We gossiped and laughed and were having a great time. Then, my head started to hurt - really bad. I tried to ignore it, but it felt like someone was banging a ball-peen hammer on my forehead above my right eye.

The Evil Twin came upstairs and joined us. We were all talking about horror movies and ones we loved (my friend and the Evil Twin are the same age and are both really into the old Universal movies). I started feeling worse and worse. I was all sweaty and I thought I was going to have to excuse myself to the restroom and throw up.

Well, I really hate throwing up and the thoughts of losing my good lunch made me tough it out.

Finally though, I said I had to lie down for a bit. I felt like a horrible hostess, but I was getting light headed and probably was not good company at that point anyway.

I slept for a bit and when I woke up, my head hurt a lot less, but I still had a low grade fever.

I really do hope it's something else because the other friend we met for lunch is a teacher and I held her 3 month old son. That's really what bothers me most is the thought that if I have the flu or some other communicable virus, I may have given it to him. So please keep me in your thoughts that it's something milder or even something not air borne would be most excellent. I don't want my family to get sick, either!



  1. Oh, I hope not too. Lots of stuff is going around as is typical for winter time. If you're feeling sick at your stomach you prolly have a virus. The flu shot wouldn't have helped. The flu is more like the world's worst cold.
    Sudden symptoms
    (it spells facts,, clever no?)
    at any rate, get thee some Tamiflu and make your fam take it too. It not only treats but prevents the flu!
    Good luck dear, I hope you feel better soon!
    P.S. Don't worry yourself over the baby, it still has natural protection.

  2. I think Crystal is right. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'll think positive thoughts for you. And if you've been paying attention to my blog you will appreciate how few of those I have to share recently :) I really hope its nothing major.

  4. Awww let's hope it's some kind 24-hour non-contagious food- or drink-borne yuck instead of flu.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. I hope you feel better soon!

    Listen to Crystal; get some Tamiflu!

  6. ditto crystal.....don't worry, stay in bed if you feel icky and have a quiet New Year with your family...or if you feel better whoop it up!