Friday, December 21, 2007

Alone At Last

The one thing I truly love about Friday nights is that most of the time, the Evil Twin and Buddy will abscond to our downstairs den and watch a scary movie for the evening. They do popcorn, sodas and other snacks and turn all the lights off for their evening of scariness. Sometimes, they watch a more humorous movie or just whatever they feel like seeing. Doesn't matter to me one whit.

All I care about is I have my upstairs den all to myself. Sissy is in bed. It's warm and quiet. Plus, it gives me an evening off of laundry. They don't like it when I run the washer and dryer, since the utility room is downstairs also and the noises interrupt their good movie viewing - although most evenings, I can hear their TV even upstairs and this house is super soundproof. The guy who built it was a shift worker for an engineering plant, so if he needed to sleep during the day, he was gonna be damn sure he could sleep during the day.

I'm going to take advantage of my time this evening. I'll have a glass of wine and admire the Christmas tree, I'll check my YouTube favorites and laugh like a loon. I'll sort thru Christmas cards and make sure I haven't missed anyone on my list (there's still time to send out a few late ones!) and I plan on engaging in some online banking thrills and paying off some debt that's been bugging me, but I've been too cheap to part with the dead presidents in my account.

Doesn't that sound like fun, folks? I'm making some small changes for the New Year and I think 2008 is going to be a good one for Casa Evil Twin.


  1. 2008 will hopefully be a good year for us all. May you have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Some small changes? I don't like too much change, I'm old and it is hard to adjust OK?

  3. Hope you enjoyed your quiet evening.

  4. Today was the first day of our xmas season with the arrival of my sis at my Mom's house.

    We were there for a few hours.

    Walking back into our quiet little house after we left there was like walking into paradise.

    Sometimes "alone" is the best place to be!

  5. Sounds like a fine evening and that's a great thing to have anytime!

  6. I ran all day like a chicken with it's head cut off and then I got to work Bingo for little league for five hours.
    It was a madhouse!

    So wine was perfect when I got home and sinking into the couch with Mr.Man to admire our Christmas tree was the perfect end to a long, hard day.

    Enjoy your quiet time and sink into that relaxation...