Thursday, December 13, 2007

Melchior and the gang

On Tuesday, after my neuro appointment, I went to Wally Mart to get fabric that looked "Wiseman"-ish and I found the perfect stuff. I only spent $8 too, so of course that made me really happy. It's been kind of a whirlwind since then.

Today, I just had to get to the post office (groan...) and then to school pick up and then after the Evil Twin came in from work, we all got in the van and headed to Mayberry's for dinner. Then, we went across the street to the sc hool and watched the play.

We are soooo tired this evening. Next Thursday is Buddy's last day of school and then, we'll have a couple of weeks off of the old crazy schedule.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for the germ comments! I don't want to come off as a germ-0-phobe or anything - cause I really am not. It's not that my steering wheel IS dirty, it's my perception of the situation. I do carry wipes in the car, too, so if I truly felt too skeeved out, I could get a quick wipe down.

So, I don't have much to report. Oh! I did get some really cute stamps at the post office. They're called Holiday Knits and they're little swatches of knitted Christmas themed stamps. How cute?

As is my typical MO, I didn't take the camera or video camera to the play. It wouldn't matter anyway, because I'm always in the way back and only hear a few lines of dialogue. It's always hotter than hell in there and I just bide my time until Buddy is on stage and then I go all goo-goo. LOL.

Hopefully, there will be something new to report or discuss tomorrow. I did have some things lined up, but my brain is on vibrate right now. ZzZZZZzzzZZzz.


  1. I hope some down time will recoup you.

  2. I was hoping there would be a play update. Glad it all went well.

  3. OH! I must get some of those stamps! I'm a total Knit-o-holic.

  4. oo I love mayberrys! I think it's awesome in there.

  5. Anything that vibrates is ok in my book...even if it's your brain...LOL

  6. Get some rest and enjoy your down time!

  7. blonde goddess beat me to it, dagnabbit.