Monday, December 3, 2007


We had the greatest time at Tamarack. I hit up the Fiestaware area pretty quickly and bought 3 dinner plates, 3 salad plates and a pie plate. Now, I have 11 different colored plates and 11 different colored salad plates. Yippee! I also have a whole bunch of other stuff - mugs, little coffee cups and saucers, bowls, spoon rests, butter dish, etc. etc. I've been collecting for a many number of years now, so I buy what I like when I see it.

The way I look at it is: the fun and the thrill of collecting gets taken away when you're finished with your task. So, I take my time and pick up pieces here and there. That's one reason I love the Hallmark ornaments. They have new ones out every year, so I'll never have as many as I want and be done. I know there will always be at least a handful I can't live without every year (and handful is a pretty shady way of saying, "I wonder how much my lay-away will set me back this year?").

Anyway, we had a great time visiting with the relatives and we even got to chat with Santa for a bit! Buddy was so stunned, he could barely get a word out and Sissy was just taking it all in. I thought she might freak out, but she just stood there and looked at him. Now, why Buddy was so speechless, I don't know. We see this same Santa every December at Tamarack and we've been going for years now. At least 5 or 6 years in a row. Who knows with kids? I would think Buddy might be about the age when he starts to catch wind of the whole Santa ruse. Maybe he knows the truth, but plays along so the gifts keep coming? I don't know and I'm not going to spoil it for him yet if he does still believe.

We're planning on putting up the tree this weekend. We'll decorate it after Sissy goes to bed. I can tell you this is going to be one very interesting Christmas at Casa Evil Twin with a "not quite 2" toddler and a tree full of festive Hallmark decorations. LOL.


  1. Congratulations on a successful Tamarack-trip!

    And as for the ornaments, have you considered digging an alligator-filled moat around the tree? Drastic, I know, but effective...

  2. P.S. Dude, way harsh, teasing me with a coveted spot on the blogroll and then demoting without even a pink slip.


  3. I love Tamarack. Every now and again we go to see what's new in WV-made cameo glass (RIP Pilgrim Glass, my one and only true beloved).

    A friend had two toddlers born exactly 9 months apart. She used to nail the tree upside down from the ceiling and use floral zip ties to anchor the ornaments to the tree.

  4. I love Tamarak too! We have potter friends who display there. And the food is really goooooood!!

    P.S. You were right the first time about WVU choking, lol!

  5. Hang all the good ornaments out of reach of the little one!

  6. We put our tree up over the weekend... 3 times. It kept falling down. Good times.

    Hey, did you know there's a Fiestaware outlet at Flatwoods? Amazing deals! I luvs me some Fiesta.

  7. If you can stand the drive, go up to Chester and go to the Fiesta factory.
    Tons of stuff, cheap.