Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things that go VROOM!

We have a neighbor who is a total sweetheart. He's a really nice guy. But, he's a single guy and he has two trucks and a car. The car and one truck are "new-ish" models. The other truck is, from my best guesstimate, an 80s model.

He's an older guy - no children, has a dog. He's very friendly, but he's a SINGLE dude. He doesn't need 2 trucks and a car, really. But, for whatever reason, our neighbor prefers to drive that older truck. And, that's fine with me. The vehicles belong to him... he can do whatever he wants with them.

But, he starts that older model truck engine vvveeerrryyy early in the AM. For example, the Evil Twin and Buddy left the house at 7:30 on Wednesday morning. I decided to slip back in bed, even though I wasn't tired, I just wanted to lounge for a bit.

All I could hear was that engine. Remember: 7:30AM, okay? And it had been running long before that. Finally, at 7:48 AM, I hear the truck drive off. Ahhhhh.

8:13 AM - Sissy is awake, so I get her up and get her milk, cereal, etc. I uncover the bird cage and finish up some housework things. 8:48 AM - The neighbor pulls back up into his driveway! One (1) hour total from getting in the truck to drive lord knows where and then back.

What is the need for a nearly half hour engine warm up if you're only going to be gone for an hour?

If I were going out on a cold morning (it was 18 degrees here yesterday morning), and I had an errand that was only an hour round trip, I think I'd take one of the less maintenance intensive vehicles.

The whole thing just made me laugh.

The craziest thing is: of the three vehicles at his disposal, he chooses the old, loud truck almost every time (as far as I can tell: he never even starts the other two).

Oh well. It beats the hell out of of our old neighborhood where the neighbors were certifiably nuts - 90% of them at least. I'll have to tell you more about the Nut Nuts. (we had nicknames for them all).

Sissy and I are off to get "real" haircuts this morning. So, I'll be around after I get several inches of uncooperative hair cut off. :-)


  1. Our across-the-street neighbor drives a Ford F250 diesel. We ALWAYS know when he's comin' or goin' by the roaring.

    He also cannot go any slower than 'floor it,'even though he lives less than half a block form a STOP SIGN.

    Fortunately, he says they're moving in 8 months. Unfortunately, I don't believe him.

  2. Our directly across the street neighbor used to have a big ole Harley. I swear that thing was louder than a whole pack of lawn mowers and blowers too. He would rev it up to go to work at 7:00 and blast me out of bed. I was so glad when he sold it!

  3. Our neighbor had a van with a serious muffler problem. He has been waking my five year old son up with it at 6:30 Am since he was just a tiny little guy of about 6 months. Some days I actually find myself hating this man....

  4. Geesh... don't you guys know the louder your vehicle of choice is the more virile a man is in bed. Now please excuse me while I go try to knock the muffler off my truck again.

  5. He's probably just trying to keep his truck running. Those older cars have to warm up for a while. Beside, he probably knows how much you like it!

  6. I'm afraid to comment on this one ... please don't judge! Between the two of us, we have six cars, two motorcycles and a pop-up trailer. The Husband has a thing for cars. I figure this is the best mid-life crisis scenario, so I just go with the flow.

  7. We have a little car that goes up and down our street about once an hour. It sounds like a model airplane. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    I'd love to know where that little car is going all the time.

  8. UGH! That noise crap would piss me off...almost as bad as the lawn service firing it up at, OH 7am (across the street)!!! And as bad as the Girl Scout roaming our neighborhood this past Saturday at 8 freakin' AM!! - It's a good thing she didn't get to my door until 9am.... :0

  9. My BF feels the need to keep his 1980's truck around too. Even when it didn't run for like four months. Men and their vehicles.

  10. Sounds like my best friend back home. He is single, has a car, SUV, an '80s pickup, and two antique cars. And of course he is usually driving the 80's pickup. But he doesn't have any neighbors close by.

  11. Ha! It appears we all have neighbors of the same ilk. I think it is a macho thing. I may warm my car up for about 10 minutes if it is bitterly cold...but then again, you can barely hear mine running.

    Lisa tagged me and I tagged you for a meme; Check it out, it was fun.

    You can hate me later....:)

  12. Be glad you don't live across the street from Hubbs and I. We both ride Harleys the majority of the year (living in CA has it's perks)and I have to be to work at 7am, which means I leave the house roughly at 6am. But I don't start the thing, rev the engine and let it run for a hour before I leave the house. I start it and leave.

  13. It's a manly thing, the louder the vehicle the more manly the man.....

  14. I don't consider 7:30 very early in the morning. Or early at all, for that matter. That's about the latest we ever sleep in, anyway. Usually hubby and I are up at 5:30 and our son wakes up at 6:30.

  15. Here our loud noise irritation is the blowers. Seems like I'm always hearing someone's yeard people blowing those dang blowers. Mind you, this neighborhood being downtown has small lots (75 wide and 150 deep) so it's not like there's THAT much to blow - but it's constant. UGH!

    Momma does not like to be awakened by loud noises.

  16. I don't even warm up my car, and it gets plenty cold here in the mornings (23 today when I got up). That is probably a bad thing.

  17. Tiff - his truck noises don't bother me. I just wonder why he never uses the other 2 vehicles?

    kenju - in our old neighborhood, one guy would work on his engine at like 2 am! We were glad when he was arrested for cooking crystal meth and got sent to prison! LOL.

    Live and Learn - I'm sure it's beyond annoying!

    Ron - LOL. This guy is just sooo sweet. I think he just has an affinity for that truck.

    JA - LOL. I don't like it or dislike it... it's more confusing than anything.

    Crazy Mo - no, I'm not judging. Our neighbors across the street have 4 vehicles (only 2 people in the house), but they use all 4 of them at different times. I think he ONLY drives that one older truck.

    A. - we had a neighbor like that. We called him "Dime Bag" (like he was making drug deliveries). He didn't pay his mortgage and was foreclosed. I don't know where he zips around now.

    TGG - I'm often not even showered until after 9AM! :-)

    Vinomom - there must be some emotional attachment with my neighbor and his truck!

    Scott - I guess some people just like lots of cars!

    themom - I think they're everywhere! Thanks for the tag. :-)

    OneDropped - in our old neighborhood, one gal had a Harley and she was a nurse who had odd hours, but that bike never bothered us.

    The Girl - This guy is just so mild mannered, though, which makes it even funnier.

    3C - the timing didn't bother me. I just wondered why - for such a short jaunt - he didn't take one of the other two vehicles that didn't have to "warm up" for half an hour. :-)

    Momma - I'm with you. Luckily, we don't hear much (very well insulated).

    Alex - I do the same thing. The Evil Twin will start his and then let it warm up a bit. I don't have time for that bizness! LOL.

  18. I wonder how long he would warm up the truck here... -20 this morning.

    YES MINUS TWENTY DEGREES and my blood has not frozen.

  19. I've actually had neighbors call the police on me for warming up my motorcycle in the mornings, and I only run it for 90 seconds or so before I vroooooooom down the road.

  20. You've been tagged....go to my page to see what's next !

  21. Mommy - it's supposed to be in the single digits here tomorrow AM. Wonder what he'll do? LOL.

    SoLow - For 90 seconds worth of noise? Sheesh.

    Jfab - thanks girl!

  22. I live in a close knit neighborhood and our bedroom is in front of the house, so I hear EVERY single car coming up and down the block. It's so frustrating. To make matters worse... I have a diesel tow truck that my guys fire up every morning! My neighbors around my office must hate me! Oh, I feel terrible! :(

  23. Could be could be a Harley!

  24. Ugh. Bless your patient heart...I don't do noise in the mornings either!

  25. JFab - most people are so used to noise, I wouldn't sweat it.

    Ginger - I don't mind the noise as much as I question his choice of vehicle. Seems like a waste of time and gas on that one for a one hour trip.

    Laura - We live within earshot of the trains, so slight noises don't bother us.

  26. We are using our Noise makers (old car & utv) as ammo! LOL
    The idiot across the street from us thinks he is running a mexican night club out of his garage!!! He seriously has a club sound system and uses it to just "hang out" with the guys in the garage DURING THE WEEK @ night! My BF had a polite talk with him and he flipped out so we just call the cops now but BF is planning a 4AM trip just to warm up in front of the guys house HAHA

    I feel for ya! Some people just have no consideration.