Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Discovery

Over our looong Christmas/New Year's break, also known as the Too Much Togetherness Tour 2008 (or TMTT '08), every morning was very laid back and every morning, we were able to "sleep in" (at least, sleep later than the normal 6:00 AM wake up), so I was able to kind of ease into the days. That was nice.

I guess I need to back track a bit here: I rarely drink anything other than water or wine, but I'm not about to compare myself to Jesus. That got The Beatles into all kinds of hot water some 40 years ago or so.

But, it's true. I take a glass of ice water to the bedroom each evening to be perched on my nightstand and then, when I wake up, I want fresh ice water. That's where my ice/water through the door side by side fridge comes in handy. It's paid for itself on that feature alone (and it was a cheap fridge, too!).

Anyway, one morning I woke up and I couldn't find my water cup - and yes, I have one cup I like to drink ice water from and no other cup or glass will do - so I looked in the fridge and grabbed a Coke. Normally, I would have chosen a Sprite if I wanted a soda, which I almost never want, but there were no Sprites in the fridge. The Cokes were in there and nice & cold.

I drank it. Later, I felt like crap. I ended up on the floor - on my left side as that is the preferred side to stave off poor circulation and such, and I continued to feel like crud.

Then, I had a tickle in the back of my throat and knew... I just KNEW, I was gonna hurl, so I ran off the bathroom and what came up? Only brown liquid. Coke.

One morning, I drank a bit of coffee. A tiny bit, about a third of a cup and felt all queasy.

I think I recognize a pattern here: on an empty stomach, I should just stick with ice water.

After breakfast, a bit of coffee or any other type drink is acceptable. I've never had any problems with just water in the morning. Maybe I should just give up on other fluids all together.

Just water and just wine. Sounds good to me. And Jesus.


  1. Maybe it's just colored shoudl try a few shots of vodka in the morning and see how that does. I think you are safe on clear liquids!

  2. Sounds like a plan! ;) I don't know what I would do if I couldn't have a Coke in the morning.

  3. I always keep water by my bedside too...and pop tarts, these days. I know we have joked about this before, but I think this baby seriously may be born holding a frosted cherry pop-tart. Wasn't it a french fry with Sissy?

  4. I am also a full time water drinker, save for the very rare unsweet iced tea, which might as well be water.

  5. I really like Warren's suggestion. I think I may give that a try myself!

  6. You were on the floor? That's terrible, and am I mistaken or did you say you have a fridge in your bedroom? You are the coolest, sorry about your limitations of the drink.

  7. Warren - There is some vodka in the freezer (left by friends), but I don't know... LOL.

    Ginger - Oh, I used to be totally addicted to soda in the morning. Then, I cut it out and now, I can't seem to go back.

    Gigi - Yep. A WENDY'S french fry precisely. LOL.

    Blair - every now and then, I crave sweet tea, so I go to McDs or Wendy's and get a small one.

    Crazy Mo - We'll need a designated driver before 8 am around here! :-)

    The Girl - no, the fridge is in the kitchen, but that's my first stop every morning (unless I'm about to pop and have to pee from drinking so much water...) LOL.

  8. You sound like Mr. Engineer...he has approx. a gallon (ok exaggerating a wee bit!) of Water, 1st thing in the morning before coffee....I tried this once, & about, I have oj, then coffee, then far, so good....Isn't it funny how our bodies love routine?! ;)

  9. You can only dirnk out of a particular cup? You are a particular girl, aren't you? :)

  10. I think i would definitly hurl on drinking a Coke on an empty stomach, Shit drinking a coke anytime of the day would make me sick..I hade Coke, Pepsi also, Only Ginger-ale will do , Or I the Ice water ..Oh and I'll take the wine to!! Hope your feeling better,
    no more colored liquids in the morning unless of course like the above it's Vodka!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  11. Dear, your system is just too pure to handle anything else. Go with it...don't try to make something work that doesn't.
    I have the same problem, which is why I quit coffee.

  12. Perhaps some watered down wine first thing in the morning. Best of both worlds, and you're not TOO drunk TOO early.

  13. LOL, I keep water nearby at night, but other than that I'm a diet Dr Pepper man.

  14. Try some hot cocoa with Peppermint's my favorite morning "pick me up".

  15. I've never been a drinker. I drink water and lately too many caffeine containing items like Dr. Pepper and cappucino (it's the one perk of not ttc-ing!). But, I've never been one to drink a whole glass at once or first thing in the day. That sounds really weird.

  16. Oh my, did you have a siezure?

    I cannot drink water alone or it comes back up. Unless I've just hiked or ran and my body is dehydrated. 1/2 cup coffee in morning w/food is all I can manage too. Like you, on empty it doesn't work.

    If coffee had been around back then, I wonder how Jesus would've handled it? ;)

  17. Hey at least your addiction is healthy..water beats a coke every time in my book! I hit a nice cold diet coke for lunch and thats about it, otherwise it's water for me too!

  18. TGG - I haven't been able to keep OJ down since I was pregnant w/ Buddy - ugh. It made me SO sick!

    3C - yep, one cup only for water. It's a real dilemma when it's in the dishwasher!

    Suzie - thanks - hope you have a great day too!

    MsPulp - I'm perfectly happy with water (thank goodness).

    Laura - I drink the box o wine. That stuff is almost undrinkable in the evening! LOL.

    Ron - I used to LOVE diet Dr. P. It really doesn't taste like a diet version of the real thing.

    JA - THAT sounds delicious! Yum!

    Honey - I think my system just said, "No" to caffeine first thing in the morning. Blech.

    Carolyn - no, I actually do like to lay on the floor here. It's weird - like me. LOL.

    Chandra - I used to be the same - one soda at lunchtime. Now, it's almost never sodas and all water all the time.... Getting old, ya know? :-)

  19. I bet your body is just use to the water. That's funny that you have 1 cup you drink from. You sound like my friend... that's exactly how she is. And, when I go to her house.... I have a chipped... yes CHIPPED glass I drink my Captain and Diet Coke from. I also puked the last time I was there so maybe the glass is telling me something. Just kidding... I just drank too much!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  20. wow! that was kinda grafic.. hmmmm lol

  21. You know, there are about a million times when I read a post of yours and think to myself that we could have some incredible conversations over coffee.

    I've changed my mind!!

    We'll just have to do it over wine, instead! :-)

  22. LOL! I was picturing you pregnant. ;-)

  23. Coke, Mountain Dew, or unsweetened tea!

    I have one glass of water per day, whether I need it or not.

    I drank diet Dr P and diet MT Dew for years...and never lost or gained a pound. So I started drinking regular Coke or Mt Dew, and did not gain or lose a pound.

    Since then, I have stayed with Coke and Mt Dew.

    But, pop first thing in the morning really tears up my stomach.

  24. Anything before my coffee makes me spew. I have to have at least half a pot before I can eat my yogurt or granola bar.

    I'm trying to do better and drink loads of water instead of beer and diet coke so much...

  25. Throwing up in the morning? Hmmm. Now why does that sound familiar? Should I be the first to congratulate you both??? LOL

  26. Coke is the world's most perfect food. In the olden days ('member them?) they used to give you cola syrup when you had an upset stomach.

    Now water on an empty stomach, THAT'S a reason to puke!