Monday, January 19, 2009


On most weekday mornings, Sissy and I get up and get our pillows and blankets out. We make a little nest on the floor and we'll snuggle up there, watching whatever is on the Disney Channel. I can usually manage to snag little moments of sleep here and there.

We call it "Sleeps". Sissy doesn't like it if I get up from sleeps to get more water, check my email or whatever. She wants me down on the blankets beside her - which is really sweet.

It's also really nice to do sleeps right now where it's been so cold in the morning. Brrrr. It takes me a bit to get acclimated to the dreary overcast day and actually WANT to get in the shower and get moving.

On Friday, school for Buddy was cancelled. It hadn't snowed in our area, but the temperature was just barely above freezing, so I guess they took pity on the poor school children who would have to be out in that weather waiting for a bus.

So, Buddy got in on sleeps too! Here's what it looked like around here:

We keep it like this most of the day - except we don't usually have Buddy's Star Wars blankets in the mix. The Evil Twin remarked that it looked like a hobo camp.

The only thing missing is the can of sterno to heat up some beans and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 off to the side! LOL.

I'm sure there will be fewer mornings of sleeps once the weather perks up a bit. I suppose that will give us something to look forward to next Winter!

If you have the day off for MLK day, like the Evil Twin and Buddy do, I hope you enjoy it! Otherwise, just try to make the best of it. :-)

I think I'll hit the Mart of Wal by myself today... we'll have to see how the weather pans out.

Time for sleeps, peeps!


  1. My sleeps aren't quite a peaceful. It involves me and the dog fighting over the pillow.

  2. That is similar to here...except when the humasn finally "rise and shine", the dog takes over all the bedding! Enjoy the family day.

  3. We sort of do "sleeps" too. My daughter crawls in to bed and snuggles us some. But, it turns out, she is part Mexican jumping bean so she generally drives either wife or me from the bed at some point. Couple that with the always-hungry cat and "sleeps" is usually a 15 minute affair...still, it's some of the best 15 minutes around!

  4. From the time I had more than 1 grandchild, anytime they came to visit they hauled out the comforters and pillows and made a pallet in the floor of the den, and from there they watched movies or TV, and then slept the night. They saw it as fun, and they preferred not to sleep in a bed here, if they could help it. I like that you snuggle with Sissy. She will remember that all her life!

  5. Too cute. I see Sissy's blanket is there, too. Ever find a replacement?

  6. School is "ON" for us for IKE! Enjoy your "sleeps" - too cute!! :)

  7. Wait, school was canceled because the temperature was ABOVE freezing?

    You're joking right? Real temps have to be well below zero and the wind has to really blowing before school gets cancelled because of cold.

    Simply amazing.

  8. Do you think my boss will mind if I bring my pillow and Winnie-the-Pooh blankie to work for sleeps?

    And at the risk of sounding like a true Canadian, school ain't cancelled unless there's a foot of snow expected. I'm moving in with you!

  9. Ron - Sissy and I share a pillow and she has head butted me a few times - which is unpleasant! LOL.

    themom - everyone loves fuzzy warm blankies!

    Warren - We've noticed that bed sleeps are not quite as laid back as floor sleeps - give it a try!

    kenju - that's the best snugglin'!

    MsPulp - Yep, that's "nap". Still no replacement. Still looking...

    TGG - I thought MLK was a Fed holiday and so all schools were out. Bummer!

    Jorge - It used to be school was never cancelled here for almost any reason. But, yeah, it was like 2 degrees, no snow and school was cancelled! Fine by me! :-)

    Crazy Mo - if your boss tries it, it will probably become company policy! Come on down - we have plenty of room. :-)

  10. I wish I could have more sleeps....My sleeps ended at 5:30 this morning. Your so lucky.

  11. hobo camp? naw... you need "howlin' monkey" or "lone wolf" malt liquor.

    "lone wolf" is "grape flavored" ..... like metalic grape soda. it put hair on my chest and burned it offa my head...

  12. MD20/20 used to be one of my favorite beverages! :)

    I've got a black kid who works for me - he's a great kid, and a great employee. We've got a really good working relationship & can flip each other shit about pretty much anything - just like all of my employees. He came to my office Friday to ask if we had to work Monday (today). My response:

    "Dude - if I have to work on Veterans' Day (never had one off), then you have to work on MLK day."

    For the rest of you - do enjoy your day off! For me - back to work...

  13. Nina gets in the chair with me with her blankie. Then she just sits there and rubs the inside of my arm until she decides to start bouncing off the walls for the day :)

  14. I used to love doing that with my boys...they're too big now. :(

  15. That looks sooooooooo darn comfy. Maybe some morning you guys can make a fort!

  16. I've been lazing all weekend, doing "sleeps" on the sofachair with a blankie and either a lab or a basset. Or both. :)

  17. That sounds like fun for all tucked in! I used to love snuggling on the floor of the LR under my blanky in the summer when it rained. We'd leave the front door ajar so the sound of it would tinkle off the metal porch roof. Sometimes mom would have Roller Derby playing low in the background on TV.. ah the memories :)

  18. Mmmm. I still love Mad Dog though some of those Passover wines are good too.

  19. Sounds very nice, and I love extra snuggle times. Just went through the nasty weather to get the kids back from their father's, and now we have sled rides and hot chocolate going on. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome snow day as well.

  20. What a cute idea! Sounds like the cold weather made the cuddling up even better!

  21. I worked today and I don't enjoy the Disney Channel, but geeessshhh... that looks comfy!

    You're a good mom. I will probably never get to do the things that you do everyday and I don't even get the chance with the boys... but, if I were able....I'd wear you out with "mommy questions."

  22. The Girl - I'll probably only get sleeps like that for a couple more years. Come visit and curl up with us!

    fattie20xl - How about some Wild Irish Rose to go along with those?

    SoLow - I could throw back some MD 20/20 back in the day myself. Now I'd throw up if I even smelled it!

    Alex - it makes those quiet times seem so much more precious, huh?

    Ginger - hopefully, you'll have more babies (or baby) to snuggle in the future...

    Lauren - we like forts, too! :-)

    Janis - sleeps can be *anywhere*!

    Carolyn - there's just something comforting about snuggling like that. Love the memory!

    Dave - what happened to your pallet? I think battery acid might be tastier. ;-)

    Robynbeth - more snow days?

    Momma - plus I can catch a few Zzzzz's!

    JFab - you can do sleeps on weekends too!

  23. What a sweet way to wake up to the day. I wonder if I could get away with a similar practice at the office? If so, I may never care to retire. ;-)

  24. It does look like a hobo camp. And I like the "feed a family of four" joke. That one hasn't made it's way over here, yet.

  25. That is so precious. Me and Miss A lay on the couch and love seat and hang together, which is cool, because by the time they are 17, most of the time ya have to get penciled in :)

  26. what a great idea. why didn't i try to pull the wool over my kids' eyes like that when they were little?
    i coulda had a ball with that one.
    too late now.