Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting It Together

I have several ideas floating around in my brain, but none of them seem to want to gel enough for me to put a coherent post together on them. Sort of like diarrhea of the brain, I suppose.

Add to that that I had two loads of laundry last night and I was up until midnight mending Buddy's tie. He has to wear a tie on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at school, because they attend Mass. He had left the tie in his pants pocket and it got laundered and split a seam in the back. Seeing as how this is his last year at Catholic school and the school year is more than half over, I wasn't going to purchase a new tie. So, I mended it myself.

See, I usually type up my post the night before and have them set to automatically post at 6 AM the next morning. That's before I even wake up - but it's easier to do them at night, by myself, than during the day when I'm dealing with Sissy (and I'm sadly reminded of that fact right now).

Then also, to add to my tardiness, I had a cuddly Sissy demanding I do sleeps with her after we woke up. As I drifted in and out of sleep earlier, I had weird snippets of dreams or thoughts. So, maybe my brain diarrhea just needs some time to sort itself out.

Well, that or perhaps some Immodium AD.

Maybe I'll be back later on and have something solid. Maybe it'll be tomorrow morning at the same bat time and bat channel.

It will depend on how my day works out. One of the guys I used to work for before Buddy was born has written several books. He is currently working on a new one and when he gets his inspiration for stuff, he calls me for the typing up part of it. So, I've got that on my plate as well.

I wanted to thank everyone who left a nice comment or a Happy Birthday yesterday for Buddy. It means a lot to me. There is so much more I want to say on that subject, but I felt it was getting long enough and I don't want to bore anyone with all the details. It was a scary and wild time, and we're very lucky to have him with us. He's an amazing part of our family - case in point: He's been playing chess since he was four. We had to find someone who would teach him, because neither of us know how to play.

He even played on the school team and did several tournaments. Then, he kind of lost interest in it. But, he pulled out his chess set the other day and sat at the table, patiently teaching his barely 3 year old sister the names of the pieces. She has all that down, so next he's going to teach her how each piece moves and its' role in the game.

He has always wanted someone to play games with - I think he's finally met his match. Or should I say, his match is finally old enough to understand and play! LOL.

With all the diarrhea around here, I hope it didn't stink too bad. Sorry, kids!


  1. That's so cool. My brothers and M. all played chess, but M. would never play with them. So, instead I was forced to play. Every single time, he had to remind me which way I could move the horsey. lol

  2. I always wanted to learn how to play chess but lets face it, I have the attention span of a scared rabbit. lol

    I hope Buddy's birthday was a great one!

  3. I thought chess was fun for a time, but sort of lost interest. Wonder if it's one of those phases kids go through? LOL

  4. That is so cute that they play chess together.

  5. Ah.. Catholic school mass. Good times. Good times... heh heh.

    Our bishop when I was in Catholic school went on to be a carindal, and we were so hoping that one day he would be pope. And why? Because he always played jump rope with us at recess when he came for mass.

    How cool would it be to say "I played jump rope with the pope!" It even rhymes, darn it!

  6. I love chess...nobody here plays (well) so now I play Scrabble...and I KICK ASS at it!

    I had to wear a tie twice a week at school was kind of a pain.

  7. Honeywine - The Knight moves in an L shape. :-)

    JA - nerdy like Bill Gates, I hope.

    ODS - If you can knit, I'm sure you can handle chess. :-)

    Ron - probably. Buddy just likes all board games, but with the exception of Scrabble, we never want to play the others.

    Loni - for being 8 years apart, they get along quite well (sometimes!)

    Alex - I actually like the morning Mass. Cept I'm never ready to leave the house that early.

    BTM - We also like Scrabble! His tie is a clip on (the school recommends that variety), so it's not bad.

    Warren - It's the best I could do in a pinch. Wait... that sounds gross. Oh well...

  8. My boys know how to play chess, but I don't. :P I was surprised you hadn't posted this morning before I left for school!

  9. Maybe that's my problem...I have diarhea on the brain...your posts no matter how random you think they are...are always a great read.

    All of us faithful followers can attest to that!

  10. So sweet of Buddy to be teaching Sissy! That's some sibling love! ;)

  11. I learned to play chess in high school from an old boy friend, who refused to play it with me any more after I got good enough to win.

  12. Glad Buddy had a good birthday, and yes, you certainly are blessed. We almost didn't have Rampage, too (prolapsed cord), so I GET IT.

    No problems posting a comment today! Yeah!

  13. Why do boys think everything goes in their pocket? I remember Catholic school ... I'm still in therapy!

  14. Ginger - Sometimes I can be a slacker.

    Chandra - It's tough to get my brain cells to rub together to create a decent thought sometimes.

    TGG - I worry about the age difference, but I hope they're always close.

    kenju - boys! Sheesh!

    Lauren - prolapsed cord... scary business indeed. Glad to see you today!

    Crazy Mo - at least he remembered to bring it home. I hope it (school) hasn't scarred him too much. ;-)

  15. I played chess during break every day during 6th grade.

    All these years later, I have NO IDEA how to play. Nooze wants to learn, so I guess I'd better brush up!

  16. OMG...I love that story...
    I loved the "shit" of the brain! lol, crackin up!

  17. Seriously I hate when I get to your posts at the end of the night and theres like a bajillion comments. Mine seems so unimportant then! I think I should get a sneak preview every night around 11:30 - god knows I'm still on the computer f'ing around.

    I like randomness. They make the best posts.

  18. Evil Twin once told me about Buddy's chess prowess. I think it is great that he is teaching Sissy. He's turning out to be a great "big bro". Won't be long now until she's beating him at his video games. LOL :)