Friday, January 9, 2009

The Water Cup

Okay, so the other day, I mentioned I had a specific cup from whence I enjoy my ice water - even 3Carnations asked about it.

And I'm here to tell you: the cup exists!

I searched high and low for this cup:

It's an orange plastic insulated cup. I like it because:
1. It doesn't "sweat" (i.e. get condensation on the outside, threatening to leave a water ring on wood furniture).
2. It holds a good amount of water and ice.
3. It fits under the ice/water maker on the fridge.

I've had it for years. At least a decade, so I hope nothing happens to it. Shit, I should try to find a couple more now!

Plus, it's a real dilemma for me when it does have to spend time in the dishwasher.

At those times, I'll usually just drink out of the bottled waters we keep in the fridge. I keep those around for times I'm on the run - I like to have water with me at all times. COLD water. With the bottles, I can just throw one in my purse and run my errands.

But, if I'm at home - I have my trusty orange cup. I fill it with lots of ice and then water. I can drink about 4 of them before The Evil Twin even leaves for work (I get up at 6:30 AM and he leaves around 7:30 AM).

I don't like to drink out of glass glasses if I can help it. I think they smell weird.

I have an unusual sense of smell - I won't buy paper towel with patterns on them. I only buy plain white, because if they get wet (and let's face it, they're paper towels and usually used to wipe up wet spills), I can smell the dyes and it turns my stomach.

I'm like "Pee-U" while I hold my nose and make a face. It's the same thing with glasses of ice water.

It's 7:06 and I'm on my third cup of water in my orange cup!


  1. I have a cup, too. I think my kids get too wound up when they see it, though - so I may have to start switching it up. As you know, whatever mom has is *always* better - even if it's ice water!

  2. I always believed that each person was a little quirky in their own way, that's yours !

  3. To each his own - as they say. LOL
    I drink lots of water too, and I always have some in the car with me.

  4. I drink from cans, bottles or plastic cups (disposable). My goal in life is to have nothing that needs to be cleaned.

  5. I love it! Whatever makes ya happy, right?! I have a cup too - and I also love styro cups. You've inspired me to drink more water!

  6. Good gravy, you're a crazy water drinkin' woman! ;) I have a cup that I think of it....Have a great wknd!

  7. I don't mind glass, and I LOVE and have gotten my family hooked on Bodum's Pavina insulated glasses. They're made of really light borosilicate glass.

  8. Thanks for the cup. I pictured it as something with a special design on it or something.

    I am sensitive to smells, too, but I tend to think plastic cups smell weirder than glass ones.

  9. I mean to say thanks for the update on the cup. Cupdate. :)

  10. Don't nobody mess with Momma's cup! LOL

  11. You must have to stay within ten steps of a bathroom at all times! ;-)

    My wife has the same sense of smell, unfortunetly for her. I think she knows when the neighbors have had beans for supper.

  12. Ginger - I think I bought this one at the Mart of Wal... I'll have to look around for some spares.

    Gigi - I think my kids sense my possessiveness of this cup! LOL.

    The Girl - I like routine!

    kenju - I usually keep a bottle of water in the cupholder things.

    Ron - plastic cups work great for water cups too!

    Momma - sometimes it's just the little things in life, ya know?

    TGG - it's a wonder my eyeballs aren't floating!

    Blair - sounds interesting, but I'm surprised you don't stick with the stripped Fiesta glasses! :-)

    3C - well, true. Plastic can smell weirder, but this cup has only held water in its' lifetime, so no odd odor to absorb. Cupdate! I love it!

    Susan - you're damn skippy!

    Scott - surprisingly, I don't have to "go" all the time. LOL. At least I know I'm not the only person out there with "smell issues". :-)

  13. Is it just me or are all of your favorite things a decade old? What is up with that?

  14. I have a favorite cup too. At Christmas, when the in-laws came, FIL took my cup, (without knowing) and made it his for the entire 4 day stay. I was really bothered! At one point, it was filled with just ice, and he was "jawing" ice out of MY cup. I was not happy!

  15. I have an insulated NASCAR mug from Hardee's. I couldn't tell you how long I've had that thing. The flexi-straw got tossed ages ago because it was too hard to clean the gunk from inside the ridges. I lost the lid too, but I never used it anyway since I got rid of the nasty straw.

  16. that looks like the kinda cup you could beat the evil twin with when he's bad...

  17. That's okay to have a glass you love! Remember my obsession at my friends house with the chipped glass. And, I only drink Captain and Diet Coke from it. When I'm at home my water has to have ice in it! I can't drink it warm or just out of the fridge with no ice. But, no special cups. But, I do agree with you on the funny smell from glass glasses! It's true especially when you are drinking water!

    Hugs - Tiff

  18. That would be horrible to have such a keen sense of smell. How did you ever get through 2 pregnancies?!

  19. Isn't it weird how we have these little idiosyncracies?
    I can't stand to drink out of plastic, on the other hand for the very same reason. I think the
    plastic smells weird.
    In fact, my whole house has been purged of plastic for fear of contaminationg my children with BPA. Ha, Ha!!

  20. Honeywine - I use Buddy as a measuring stick. He's 10, almost 11. If I think I've had the item longer than he's been our son, I just round it to a "decade". LOL. Plus, I'm really addicted to that cup.

    JA - I think I would have exploded from anxiety if that happened to me!

    Hacksaw - some things are just too perfect to let go of.

    fattie20xl - I might be able to throw ice water on him, but it's pretty lightweight! LOL.

    Tiff - I know! If I have tea in a glass glass (not often), then I don't smell anything odd, but water? Yuck.

    Alex - I try to breathe through my mouth if I think something might offend me. With Buddy, I was just all day sick anyway. With Sissy, only one time did an odor make me feel queasy (but I never threw up the whole pregnancy).

    MsPulp - well, maybe other plastics do, but my orange cup contains no smell. Maybe it's too water logged...

  21. I hope the next post is about your super human bladder control. Cuz if I drank that much water I'd be swimming.

  22. I hate sweaty cups! They feel slimy.

  23. Be careful with the dishwasher on you favorite cup, it might melt from the heat..i had one and it did melt..but it melted in a way where it looked like sippy
    Still have my bedside cup to this day

  24. I have my favorite drinking "cup" also, as well as my special coffee cup. Also, I hate drinking out of "glasses" - no valid explanation, but it thwarts all my sensibilities.

  25. I must b easier to please. I don't have favorite cups or towel patterns. I do have preferred paper towel companies though. Some of those cheapie towels feel like plastic. Just nasty!

  26. I use to drink only from mugs. Now I get a styrofoam cup and use it exclusively for days or maybe even weeks. It is good for hot and cold!

  27. When I was a toddler I remember not being allowed to drink from a glass glass (You made me smile when you said glass glass)
    You would think as an adult I would only drink from a glass glass just to show em.
    I hate glass glasses.I have huge tumblers that look like clear glass but they are plastic.
    Best present ever.