Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

School is canceled. The Evil Twin can't get to work. The blog is canceled. For today at least.

Our city is really good about maintenance. The snow plows have already been down our street once, but it looks like we got about 2 more inches since then. Hopefully, the trucks will be around again at some point.

At any rate, I'm glad I ran into Kroger yesterday afternoon and picked up a few small items. It'll hold us over for a while.

In the meantime, I plan to spend the day snuggling around with my family. Sleeps are a definite possibility.

And in other news: we have a taller than average kitchen table. It has a leaf that folds up and is tucked in the middle of the table, so the underside is a few inches lower in the middle. I was sitting cross legged (yes, I do it all the time, even at the table) at dinner last night and when I went to get up, I cracked my left knee on that "concealed leaf" area.

I am now hobbling around like a handicapped person. I can't believe how much it hurt then and I'm really astounded that it hurts like the devil even hours later.

Perhaps a hot shower will help work out the kinks.

Well, I actually have to get motivated today, so hasta la vista, gringos!


  1. I am cancelling my usually good mood for today! Snow sucks plenty, but ice underneath and again on top?! I need some sleeps time too...not sure the fellas at the office are into snuggling though!

  2. Yeah... we got freezing rain. And my city in Texas does not maintain the roads. No salt. No sand. Nothing.

    Yet school is not cancelled.

    And there is more to come.... freezing rain until tomorrow morning.

  3. I wish I could get a snow day! I feel like I haven't slept well in about a million years and would have loved to sleep in this morning and get some extra.

  4. I love love love a good snow day. My boy is currently building a blanket fort in the living room. We have a fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate in our log cabin mugs. I'd get off the couch and do something constructive but my feet are being used to hold up a blanket.

    I'm essential the the structural integrity of the fort.


  5. Ooooh! Send the snow over here! We could use another one. This rain isn't doing anything to keep me home, snuggled up under cozy blankies, ya know?

  6. It barely missed me. I only got about an inch of snow, but I hear I will get hit with the second wave tonight. Bummer is I don't get snow days.

  7. It's a snow day...no need to get motivated! Well, maybe a little...but don't overdo it. I'm waiting a bit to see if I want to venture out or not...at this point, I'm leaning toward "not".

    Have a fun day!

  8. We have a snow day here as well. My son was up at 5am wanting to go outside! I guess I can forget about washing the kitchen floor. Stay warm!

  9. Totally jealous. Our two hour delay was just enough to really mess the day up for me.
    So cool that the Evil Twin can stay home so you don't have to worry about him driving.
    Lucky would wade to work in three fett of snow. His masculinity won't have it any other way.LOL.

  10. Sounds pretty cozy over there. We got snow here too, it started last night. This is the second snowiest winter in recorded history for Vancouver BC. I don't mind it but my customers seem to stay home and it hurts my business.
    Oh well, Happy Snow Day!

  11. mmmmm....what I would do for a snow day right now. Good luck with the knee, I crack mine on my desk all the time.

  12. My kids have already been out in the snow playing. We are planning to play a few games, watch a movie and make some cookies.
    Hope the knee feels better.
    That is a painful bump to take!

  13. Warren - all you need is a fuzzy blankie and a little hidey hole under your desk - voila! Sleeps.

    Alex - I can't believe icy roads in Texas didn't shut the entire state down!

    ODS - It was nice to sleep in just a bit.

    Amy - I think we'll get some lunch and then get with the fort program!

    Tiff - I'll blow real hard. Hopefully, it will travel your way!

    Ron - I'm surprised y'all didn't get more...

    Laura - I'd stick with "not" myself. :-)

    Suzy - it's a day off for all of us!

    MsPulp - hope you get your snow day tomorrow.

    MsBarbaraJane - It's a good day to stay snuggled inside....Sorry about the business.

    The Girl - I didn't even hit it that hard, but I guess it was just a gentle area...Ouchies.

  14. BG - can I come to your house? My kids have been fussing with each other all morning and I'm ready for wine already....

  15. We also have a snow day! No work, well, except for me. Stay-at-home moms don't really get the same snow day benefits as others.
    It's one drawback.
    Have a nice day in!

  16. Driving home from work this morning was an adventure. Can't wait to get back in it tonight! I'm glad tonight is my "Friday".

  17. Damn....we're open and its snowing/sleeting like a bitch...My boss sucks.

  18. LOL!!! I've been known to do stuff like that as well, but normally it's my head. I've got a countertop over an island in my kitchen that's caused more than one lump on my forehead! :)

  19. The blog is cancelled?! But I only just got here! ;o)

  20. um, yeah...it's 77 here today. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we had a "snow day" - *jealous* ;)

  21. I have really enjoyed my day as well. I almost hate to see it end. Of course, Little Miss is beginning to feel bad. Never fails.

  22. Sorry about your knee. I wish I could have done sleeps today. :(

  23. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! 82 IN January is not winter for me - I want some cold weather here!!!

  24. I am so clumsy! I do that kinda crap all the time.

    Stay warm!
    Snow day!!! YAY!!!

    I wish I was still in HS when it was too hot we were let go because the school was to cheap to put in AC. Dang Snow Day, Heat Day, Rain Day who cares!! I'll take it!

    Stay Safe though.

  25. I think we are getting 5 inches tonight..Which i really don't mind..I like the snow....
    No snow days for this cat!!!

  26. I hope you enjoyed your day with your little peeps and your knee is better. Ouch!

  27. Mary - but we do get to snuggle! The work is always there!

    Hacksaw - I wish no one had to be out this morning! I'm glad you're safe.

    Efen - LOL!!!!

    3C - we totally did! It's a welcome adventure... every now and then.

    SoLow - the insult to this is I barely bumped my knee, but ouch! LOL.

    Penelope - only for this day. I'll be back in the AM.

    TGG - come hang with us. Our kids could do snowmens or whatever. I hate this crap. LOL.

    Robyn - I hope Little Miss doesn't have the stomach bug going around!

    Ginger - plenty of room for sleeps for all here. Come visit!

    Momma - we've got plenty of room and plenty of snow. Feel free to stop by.

    Loni - when I lived in KS, we never got snow days, only heat days for the schools in the county with no A/C. Crazy, dat!

    Suzie - when our kids are grown and the Twin retires, I think I'll push for greener pastures. LOL.

    JFab - great day, but knee still is ouchie. More booze - STAT!