Monday, January 5, 2009

The Deal

First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind words on Friday - and it worked, because I am feeling better! I'm thinking that my malaise might have been due to smelling an overload of paint fumes.

And on that front, the Evil Twin painted our bedroom, then painted the hallway later in the week. The worst part was that while I was laying around on the couch in the den, feeling like homemade crap and drifting in and out of sleep due to being hopped up on cold meds, I had to make sure the kids stayed IN the den. All day! But, the walls got painted and they look amazing.

I tried to get a shot of the bedroom walls, but I'm not sure how well the color will translate on the computer screen. The color for both bedroom and hallway is called Cotton Whisper and it's an off white, with a bit of a yellow-y undertone. It's really a huge improvement for both locations:

Now, I've been on the Evil Twin for a while to paint these areas and it was taking a while. Finally, he decided he would do it while he was off on vacation IF I would sort thru a veritable pile of paperwork that has been sitting around for years.

After my mom passed away, and I was prepping their house to be sold, I dragged home a lot of old paperwork. My dad apparently never tossed anything. There were income tax returns from the late 50s in some of those boxes!

I've sorted through a bunch of it already and have indicated piles which need to be shredded or burned, have gone through about 3 large industrial size trash bags, and have a pile of things I really don't know what to do with (or things I think may need to be passed on to another family member).

There was 40 years worth of marriage and a life together in that house, and so much traveled along to this house because I couldn't make the decisions right then to toss or whatever. It was just too much and too emotional.

I've also sorted through some of my old papers from high school and college and have seen some hilarious things. You know, like "Deep Thoughts from an Angst Ridden Teen".

I was a dork even back then! I've just become more comfortable in my dorkiness as time goes on.

And, I'm not nearly as angst ridden.

Growing up has its' advantages....


  1. I like the color, but there is a big stripe down the middle of the wall he missed. ;)

  2. I am glad to hear you are feeling much better.

    I bet you are ready for the routine to begin again. I am just sitting in my kitchen trying to avoid Monday morning.

  3. Glad you're feeling better! It's really cool that you got to go through all of those things of your parents'. I'm sure you found at least a few things that were very special. I recently found a poetry folder I made as a freshman in high school. GAG.

  4. My mother recently brought me a suitcase filled with a lot of my old school work. It was fun looking back like that.

  5. Be careful what you get rid of. Some people who collect ephemera might pay for those old tax returns, believe it or not.

    Glad you're feeling better. I can't really tell about the paint color, but I am sure it looks better.It always does.

  6. I guess all husbands make "deals" when they have to do things for the wives! We were going through boxes this weekend, in preparing to sell our house. We found pictures of me and Sweetie together in college. Looking back is so much fun!

  7. I kinda get ET...I would rather clip granny's toenails than paint. I would have to make a deal of some significance to paint as well. Anyhow, glad you got it done finally!

  8. I think I have what you had. Who knew you could catch someone's cold by blogging?!

    My inlaws are pack rats. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to sort through all of that!

  9. i hate painting. hate it sooooo much....

    what'll it take to get you to post some of those teen-angst writings? i'd pay good money... well ... no i wouldn't. but i'd still like to read them..

    and to make fun of them.

    because i'm mean.

  10. Glad you are feeling better! Don't send it this way..'k?! Love the paint color btw...My MIL has already started handing out shit to us - that she wants us to "have" she doesn't have to deal with it! So I'm guessing there won't be much to deal with after they pass....I hope! Have a great day! :)

  11. Digging through old documents can be fun, but deciding what to do with them can be difficult. What's trash and what is a cool document you would want to see again in ten years?

  12. I'm a pack rat when it comes to paper and documents, you've inspired me to have a bon-fire out in the yard !

  13. Yeah, growing up does have it's advantages....doesn't it? I'm sure they exist, I will just not see them fully until I'm wondering if old age has any advantages. That color looks a bit like what we painted our hallway. Really brightens things up nicely. Congrats on the paint job.

  14. I think I am opposite. I am constantly tossing things that I need.

  15. Dave, LOL. I was trying to get an angle shot, hoping for some contrast...

    Robynbeth - yes, I am enjoying it. Easing back in. Ahhh.

    Ginger - yep, it's been interesting and I found some gaggy things I wrote from high school too.

    Bucky - yeah, I liked seeing the younger school work - the older, not so much. ::cringe::

    kenju - but shouldn't I be concerned they contain social security numbers and such? I was just going to shred them all.

    JA - most things around here come with no strings, but he REALLY wanted me to go through the boxes of junk. LOL.

    Warren - there's always room to bargain, I think.

    Crazy Mo - foist the in-law stuff off on the husband. That's his call! LOL.

    fattie20xl- sorry, they've already been torn into pieces and trashed. (it was that bad).

    TGG - I'll try to keep it to myself. And I hope you don't have much to deal with afterwards, too. It sux.

    Ron - I know! I did find three newspapers from New Mexico with the JFK headline, and a couple of days afterwards (the burial, etc.) We'll hang on to those.

    The Girl - I'm bad about amassing paper too. Then, losing it in a pile. Ugh.

    FMD - It really does seem brighter and even our room "feels" larger.

    Alex - well, at least you don't have a landfill in your house like I do! :-)

  16. I can't even begin to THINK about the stuff I have to go through. You'd probably keel over dead from the shock of seeing my cluttered up basement.
    I want to paint but the lack of cash is preventing that from happening. Wish there was some way to take care of it, but it will have to wait. I like the yellow undertones....I bet it lightened everything up.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  17. I'm so glad you are feeling better..
    I am getting ready to paint my whole down stairs, found a great color called "butter Bread" it's a med tan and it's very nice!!!!

  18. i gave you a blog award, visit my blog to pick it up!

  19. Growing up definitely has its advantages. I keep telling my kids that (ages almost 13 and 14) who are so ambivalent about growing up...
    So glad you're feeling better!

  20. When you said tax returns from the 50's my genealogy alert kicked in big time! I would love, love, love to uncover those from my immediate family. I know you can't keep everything, but damn girl...that's a genealogist wet dream.

  21. My husband does not throw anything out. I guess the only good part of that, is that it's all confined to his home office - which I rarely enter. How neat to look back on old things you've written - I only have a few surviving documents from high school that provide some chuckles now and then - maybe I threw TOO much out? Ha.

  22. Glad you're feeling better! Sorry I was on 'blog hiatus' for your prior post.

    Painting??? Hmm....I've heard of it ;)

  23. You're not a're way too cool for most people :-)

    glad you feel better!

  24. Thanks so much for stopping by. I didn't have time to comment earlier, but your blog is FUNNY! And, it's funny that you refer to your other half as "evil twin"! :)

    I know Blair will be fine... I'm just nervous about the whole thing. And, with her being in the hospital 5-10 days with a 4 year old in tote! Yikes! My parents will be there along with my hubby and my best friend. So, that should make a good distraction for big Sister!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  25. BG - we really didn't have to spend much on paint, but I know it can be expensive if you have a large area. Good to "see" you around again!

    Suzie - it sounds gorgeous!

    SCW - awww, thanks!

    Momma - I didn't see it back then either, but then hindsight is 20/20.

    Susan - the only thing I noticed was that it seemed a whole lot less complicated back then! Now, we need Turbo Tax to help! LOL.

    Gigi - I'm tossing all that stuff. Better late than never, huh?

    Efen - I'm sure you have. And you've probably been pressed into service on it at some point too. LOL.

    MsPulp - thanks! I don't mind being a dork, really. I think it's kind of charming. LOL.

    Tiffany - thanks! His name actually comes from a different meaning though. If you look on my sidebar (to the left under "followers", it's the blog of how he got his name). With all your support, I think everything will be just fine...stressful, I'm sure, but fine! :-)

  26. I'm glad you're better too...oh and btw, I saw today that Buddy's stuff is in!

  27. There are too many colors. For my money its the ones in the rainbow, black, white, and grey.

    My wife is the pack rat in our family. The one time she threw stuff was mine! Almost cost us a divorce.

    We just painted the inside and outside of our house. Painted for a couple of months!

    I'll do roller work and let someone else do the trim work.

  28. I really like the color!!! I need to paint our living room but am putting it off because it's going to be a huge job. It's a big room, and includes the hallway and entryway, as well. Ugh.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. I've had some sort of crud, too. Bleh.

  29. My pc lies to me where color's concerned, but it sounds pretty :)

    I still have my Dad's paperwork from '05, and like you, just haven't had the heart yet. I do need to clean it all out though.