Monday, January 19, 2009

It Was Haircut Day

Sissy and I had hair cuts last Thursday. It was her first "main" cut. So far, I've managed to avoid anything other than having her bangs trimmed.

When we found out it was a girl, I told the Evil Twin that her hair would never be cut - much like Rapunzel. But I've buckled a bit. Mainly because she routinely woke up with hair that looked like this:

Okay, that's pretty bad. We decided to have it shored up a bit.

A few snips later and, voila!:

And! She actually lets me blow dry (on the lowest cool setting) her hair now, so she doesn't wake up with crazy hair.

We joined a local playdate group and this morning (11 ish), they're having a make your own pizza playdate for the tot set. We're going to that. I'm excited! :-) I just hope she doesn't go all bossy bear on them....


  1. They're Heeere!!!!

    Hey, somebody's got to be in charge at those things and I think Sissy can handle it :)

    Have fun.

  2. Her hair looks pretty now. My daughter had to do that with her 2 girls, since their hair looked like rat's nests in the mornings.

  3. LMAO @ Ron...that does look like Poltergeist!

    Her hair looks so healthy and shiny!

  4. omg the Poltergeist look...just kidding. I think it looks lovely. With my daughter, I felt the same - no haircuts, but I guess some training needs to be undertaken to get a great look.

  5. Love Sissy's new 'do!! Cutie pie!! Have fun at the play date!! :)

  6. I LOVE her haircut! We haven't really cut Baylee's either. I think she's had 3 trims in her lifetime... but I want it to get long too! The only issue with her hair is that it's kind of curly and kind of straight! And, it's starting to get thick!

    I hope you have fun at your playdate!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  7. Cute! I am a 'bangs-only' trimmer right now. My daugther's hair has just gotten past her neck, so we are good for now. I just washed her hair with my shampoo/conditioner for the first time last night - wow! She looked so fluffy!

  8. Oh what I would pay for beautiful healthy blonde hair. I hated when my girls got the bird's nest in the back of their head, it made for some pretty miserable mornings trying to get ready for school. Have fun today !!!

  9. Oh wow....her hair is so pretty! Good job, Mom :)

  10. Haircuts are something that happen to other people, mostly. Nicely done.

  11. If I come over in the mornings can you do mine for me too?? :-p

  12. She looks bee-u-tiful!
    Looked up Bossy Bear, too. I didn't realize Horvath made those. We are huge fans of UglyDolls over here. OX, the green doll, was Wild Man's first toy. He still loves it!

  13. Ron - It was fun!

    kenju - It looks much better now!

    Ginger - I wanted to get her facing away from the camera - TV distraction is about the only way. She loves the camera.

    themom - I swore I wouldn't do it, but... I go back on many things in parenting.

    TGG- Thanks! We did have fun!

    Blairspage - We had the same issue - curly bits and straight bits. But it's soooo fine.

    Gigi - I'm still using the Johnson's head and body wash....

    The Girl - I think her hair will darken as she ages.

    Efen - Thanks!

    dbgrin - yep we save lots of money here - the Evil Twin is bald and Buddy goes to the barber. LOL.

    AC - Sure, why not? ;-)

    MsPulp - yep, the Evil Twin is a big fan of Horvath. I had a blog about it a while back... guess you missed it. ;-P

  14. *still laughing at Ron's comment.*

    Carol-Ann! Go into the light, Carol-Ann!!!

  15. She's so full of cuteness...I bet it's hard to keep from playing with her sweet new 'do!

  16. Awww, I wish I had perfect strands of golden goodness a-flowin!

    She's so cute!

  17. Her hair looks so much healthier!!! It's beautiful!!! My oldest daughters hair is a matted mess in the mornings.

  18. Too Funny that I just got back a few hours ago from getting Haley's hair cut! She had that same rats nest every. single. morning. And she screamed like crazy while I brushed it out.

    Sissy's hair looks beautiful, and so blonde!

    Hope you guys had a good time at your playdate.

    BTW - I meant to comment the other day, but I wanna join the Sleeps Club!

  19. I just trimmed Nina's too! I can now get a comb through it.

  20. See this is why I read all these blogs, I dont have kids yet and I was with you on the no cutting but after that painful reminder I think short is ok by me lol.