Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop the Bus!

What a week and weekend! I'm ready to stop for a while!

Buddy's actual birthday was last Wednesday, but we really didn't do much on that day. On Friday, Sissy woke up with some sort of stomach bug and puked. And puked some more. And I did at least 4 loads of laundry.... She was so weak and sick, she just laid around all day. She didn't want food, but I tried to keep her hydrated with ice water and Sprite.

Saturday was Buddy's "party" and I say that loosely because we don't really do that big parties with loads of kids. It's too much hassle and expense - and besides, he doesn't NEED lots of stuff. You know if you invite people to a party and say "No gifts, please", they still bring gifts.

So, what we end up doing is Buddy invites his best friend over for a sleep over. We take them out to dinner. This year, Buddy's choice was Arby's... yeah, go figure. But, it's his birthday, right?

Prior to picking up the best friend, we needed to run to the Mart of Wal for a few items and also for a cake. WM was full of shufflers and just otherwise clueless individuals. Pretty stressful and add to that the fact that Sissy *still* didn't feel 100% better, but at least she wasn't throwing up anymore.

We went to dinner and by the time we arrived back home, everyone was too full for cake. The boys finally decided to have some around 10 pm. They ended up staying up 'til 3 AM playing video games. I think I conked out a little past 11 PM. LOL. I figured the Evil Twin would take care of things (he did).

I feel like time is just hurtling along right now. Sissy will be three on February 2nd and both kids have dentist appointments on the 5th, then both have pediatrician appointments on the 12th.

I have a laundry list of "to do" items - it's about a mile long! Deep breath - I WILL get it all finished. Eventually.

Probably next thing I know, it'll be March!

Oh well, that just puts us that much closer to Spring and with Spring coming, we get closer to May.

And May is Walt Disney World! :-)


  1. poor dear... that bug is awful! I had it for 24 hours and it was miserable. love buddy's birthday "party"... we will probably do something like that with chase ;)

  2. I hope Sissy is feeling better soon. It's always so terrible when little people get sick. It's so hard on them.

  3. I'm glad the little one is feeling better. We battled that bug a while ago.

    We don't fool with birthday parties either. We just go camping and invite some family to the camper. Oh, and we've ridden Cass Scenic Railroad 7 times. Still, it's better than a party.

  4. I've given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

  5. The boy's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I told my wife that next year we had to put "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please, no presents" on the invitations.

  6. I absolutely remember going to Arby's as a was a big deal! Of course, we had to ride 30 minutes to get to any fast food from where I grew up. Anyhow, I agree on your way of partying...a few good friends and a lot more cash in your pocket!

  7. Sounds like the party was a sucess! Glad Sissy was at least feeling good enough to hold things down on Saturday, hopefully she's back to full speed.

  8. Hope Sissy is feeling better! I hope Buddy had a great b-day (smallish affairs are THE best!) - & I totally understand the need to "slow down" ;) Countdown for Disney..woo hoo!! :)

  9. We put no gifts please on my son's invitation last year, and I think he had 6 kids there, and only one brought a gift. That worked out perfectly.

  10. That just made my head spin. I love Arby's...Your kid rocks.

  11. I am supposed to be retired (at least partly) and the days are so full they keep running together. If I still had kids at home, I'd lose my mind....LOL

    Yes, it will be MAY before you know it!

  12. That's will get it done.
    And if you don't...there's always tomorrow. LOL.

  13. Glad Sissy was better time the 'party' rolled around. 'Arbys' taught him well :)

  14. LoveLladro - once they get in school, it's usually: invite the whole class or invite no one... too much pressure!

    BG - She seems to be perkier today.

    A. We love Cass. We've been twice. I think we might go again this summer.

    Live & Learn - thanks!

    WVH - Probably won't work! LOL.

    Warren - it gets to be overkill as the kids get older. Goodie bags, renting a space, etc.

    Ron - the boys had a good time (they always do)!

    TGG - I just have too much on my plate right now! Ugh...

    3C - that's great that people actually followed the directive.

    The Girl - it's not my favorite, but he loves it.

    kenju - why is always "when it rains, it pours?" I could use some no rain!

    MsPulp - This weather isn't helping my motivation either! Blech.

    Efen - Now, if the rest of stay well... Yep, Arby's...sheesh.

  15. I'm glad Sissy's feeling better! We also picked up a cake at the Mart of Wal on Saturday evening. :P

    Oh, and dude? I am SO ready for spring!

  16. Yay for Spring! Double Yay for Walt Disney World!!!

  17. I feel your pain, sistah. I'm completely blown away by how fast time is going -- suddenly I have a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old and I honestly don't remember when all of that happened!!!

  18. that vacation will be nice.....I need to book one!....

  19. I am so excited for your trip to Disney. I must have a full report! :)

  20. Sounds like a lot to take in. AT least you have Disney to look forward to!

  21. I get to thinking like this some days too - like in three weeks it's Valentines Day and then before I know it it will be March and once it's March all these birthdays happen in April and after April it's almost summer and in summer it's Haley's's on and on and on until I'm panicking about Christimas 2009!!!

  22. Aghhhhhhhhh!!!
    LOL who cares forget it all and just sit back and wait for MICKEY!!!
    I wish.....
    Hope she feels better.

    Take a breath...

  23. Sorry about Sissy, hope she's all better now.

    I'm trying to keep this year going as slooowwww as possible. Come October, I'll hit the big 5-ouch! I feel a melt-down coming this time around so.. sllllloooowwww doooowwwwwnnnnn.....

  24. You're going to need to give me lots tips when you get back from WDW. We are planning to plan (?) a trip soon, and I haven't been there since I was eight years old. We think we are taking that train deal you can load your vehicle on, but other than that, we're clueless.

  25. I love, love LOVE birthday cake! In my neighborhood, there are 11 kids... so I get to go to alot of b-day parties and I love the cake! The best part. I acutally go a little late to the party right around the cake cutting time, then grab my cake and RUN! The parents finally caught on and laughed about it and now just send over cake!

  26. Ginger - you and me both, sistah.

    NCP - I need at least one bright point!

    wordnerd - wow! Did you start your family when you were ten? You're not old enough for teens!

    JA - nice n busy!

    Gigi - girl, you know I'm all about the details!

    Mary - I'm making some progress....

    Vinomom - what is it about us "planners"?

    Loni - she's still feeling puny and we're looking at more trouble (the weather).

    Carolyn - you barely look 30, so hang in there!

    Lauren - I'll be more than happy to share and even over-share when we get home!

    JFab- who doesn't love cake???

  27. Seems like everyone and their kids are sick! lol Hopefully things will slow down and get better for you! I know I thought I was going to die at the begining of this month! lol

  28. I keep hearing about people having a bad stomach bug -- all over the country, at the same time.

    It's freaking me out, man.

  29. Aww. poor Sissy. I hope she feels better!!