Friday, August 26, 2011

School Daze

I always feel like I'm in a fog when school starts up. This year is even harder since Sissy is in Kindergarten. Buddy has to be at school by 7:40. The Evil Twin passes by the school every day to get to work, so he takes Buddy in with him.

Sissy has to be at her school by 8:30, so I get the pleasure PITA of taking her to school. Of course, I park and walk her in everyday since everything is new for her. The Kindergarten classes have three things to do each morning: Put their folder in the basket, move their name magnet to the column that indicates if they're having hot lunch or if they've brought a lunch from home, and finally, place their snack in the pouch on the back of their chair.

So, every morning, I walk in with her and we go over the three things (plus, she has to hang her pack-pack - as she calls it - on the peg under her name). So far, so good.

I'm liking her school a lot. Everyone is friendly. They have an orderly system of drop offs and pick ups. Parents are allowed to walk their child to the classroom, unlike her pre-school nightmare. Last year, she was to line up with the other children, outside the doors and then escorted down the hall to their room. Parents were strongly discouraged from entering the building. That was a shitty and different school, though. Thank the Lord we are NOT in that district or I would fight for a different placement.

And, ya know what? If I can beat down the United States Post Office, I can beat anyone down.

It's a handy skill. No one takes advantage of ETW. I think that may be one reason the Evil Twin loves me. I take a stand for our family. I keep it all in check. I may not be the best housekeeper, but when it comes to my children or our finances, I am a pit bull (with lipstick...and eye liner - can't go anywhere without those 2 things, bare minimum).

Now, I am off to fold clothes, get a shower and get to the store. We are shamefully out of toilet paper. This family is keen on using copious amounts of TP for all they business. Thank goodness the cat only has to get a courtesy flush after her business. LOL.

Have a happy Friday, my sweet hooligans!


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  1. For me it's eyebrow pencil and mascara.

    Go get 'em, whoever they are!