Thursday, August 4, 2011

Metal Mouth

Buddy got his top braces on Tuesday. Then, they wait about 3 months for the top bite to get aligned, then they put on the bottom ones.

He's not real happy at this point & time. We've been discussing what kinds of softer foods (besides soup) he might like and wouldn't be too painful for him to get down.

I did tell him getting used to them was weird and they would hurt for a couple o' days, but after that, he'd be eating like normal.

Besides, I had to wear mine for three - count 'em - 3 years. He'll have to wear his 15 to 18 months. Cake walk!!

Poor Bud. First, he is tortured with the new braces. Then, today, he has a haircut scheduled. I would take him to the barber shop (and sometimes, I do), but I hate having to wait around for our turn - especially when I have to drag Sissy around with me. She gets into *everything*. And, let me tell you, those "toys" at barbershops are typically filthy, broken and covered in tiny hair clippings.

Of course, she wants to touch them all. It skeeves me out every time. Soooo, I end up taking him to the hairdresser I use. Where the shop is full of dirty, broken and hair covered toys, too, but at least we can have a set appointment to minimize our time hanging around.

After that, it's a trip to the Mart, which I should have done on Monday, but have procrastinated enough already.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Yippee. I hope all my hooligans enjoy your Thursday with anticipation of the weekend.

If anyone has any kid friendly soft foods to suggest, we're open to all ideas.



  1. yogurt, applesauce, meatloaf, white fish, scrambled eggs, frogurt, pudding, pasta.

    Hardly need to chew those at all!

    Good luck to him in getting use to them. It does take a while.

  2. Bananas...My kids devour them. Also any canned fruit..Oranges, Tangerines, etc...

  3. Hmmm... Pizza from a blender... Steak from a blender... ummm, pudding (no blender needed)....

  4. Super Cuts.

    You can call ahead. get your name on the wait list then time your arrival appropriately. Doesn't work out too bad, minimizes the wait time. You just have to deal with the variability in your hairdresser cutting skills (or lack thereof!)

  5. The toughest time when wearing braces is the first few months of adjustment. I felt sorry for my son Louie because he almost had a breakdown adjusting to his new diet. Well, Buddy will get used to it soon.

    -Calandra Janocha