Monday, August 1, 2011

On The Downhill Slide

The Evil Twin turned 52 yesterday. Of course, I jest about the downhill slide. He is still very active, has a great sense of humor, doesn't look his age at all, and has a filthy mind (pervert!).

We had a nice, relaxing day. I asked if he wanted to go out for lunch or dinner, but he said he was feeling lazy and wanted a sandwich from Domino's, so that's what we ordered. His day = his wishes.

He's not really a cake person, so I'll pick up a small one at the Mart today for the kids. They never pass up an opportunity for birthday cake.

Anyway, another year older - maybe not better, but definitely the same insanely funny man I married almost ....oh, hell, I'm terrible at math. 18 years ago? 1993?

We plan on a "nice" dinner out at Olive Garden or something along those lines later in the week. Olive Garden has a calamari appetizer and NO ONE loves calamari more than Buddy. He's a seafood lover, for sure. And, at nearly 14 years old, he can put the food away.

Well, I'm off for shower time and getting ready for the store. I need to get there today, as Buddy will be getting his braces on tomorrow! (I might be getting mine replaced in the future, as well..... we'll see). :-)



  1. Well, a big congrats to the Evil Twin on making it two years past mid century. Way to Go!

    I hope I make it that long....

  2. more braces? What, you crazy.