Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

That's the way I feel these days: Like I'm just pushing through. This is the first day since school started that I can actually do some laundry, pick up around here and perhaps take a moment to relax.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the hooha doctor. My appointment was later in the afternoon, so the Evil Twin picked up Sissy from school. Since I was all by my lonesome, the doc recommended that I go to the imaging center (one floor below his office) and get a mammogram..... I haven't had one since 2005. Ooops.

Sissy was born in 2006 and then I nursed her for a while, then I was just too busy with one in school and one at home and no child care options, so I kept putting it off.

You don't need an appointment. You just waltz in with the doctor's orders, fill out some paper work and a few minutes later, the girls are being squished. The thing that I found most interesting is that, since my last visit, they've gone digital, so it's different equipment than before. The tech said, "I need to put these stickers on your nipples." And I said, "Are you serious?"

Well, she was indeed. And they looked more like weird little band-aids with a little bead of bedazzlement right in the center. I was told that was so they could get a better scan and realize the areas they were looking at by navigating with that bead of bedazzlement.

They weren't just plain stickers, either. They were pretty, with flowers and designs, etc. Lefty got one and then Righty got a different one. Let me tell you, peeling those things off was NOT a pleasure. But, they were pretty....And they made me feel all go-go dancer. All I needed was a pole and I'd have been all set.

So! I got that out of the way. Keep your fingers crossed for good results, although when Dr. Hooha did the breast exam at my annual appointment, he said my breast were perfect. Ha! Tell me something I didn't already know! The Evil Twin thinks so, too! I guess he meant he didn't feel anything suspicious. But, I'll take it as a compliment nevertheless.

It's just me and Bella - and those noisy birds - at home now. It's nice. The TV is off (as it has been for days). Don't get any ideas, stalkers. I keep my storm door locked at all times! :-) Plus, you'd be lucky if Bella the vicious watch kitty didn't tear your face off...or just growl at you and run to hide under the bed (<--- most likely scenario).

Tomorrow, I shall regale you with the story of our weekend, spent sweltering in a nearly 90 degree house since the AC unit shit the bed. I know that will be riveting information, so stay tuned. If you have a secret for Friday or a question for Tuesday, feel free to email me at

Have a wonderful Wednesday, hooligans!



  1. Hey there! I'm sure glad to see that the earthquake didn't have a negative impact on your day.

    I got those stickers last time I had my annual boob-squish too. I was kinda wanting to leave 'em on for later!

  2. I'm sure you could have requested the stickers with optional tassels.

  3. boob stickers? I'm totally calling for my appt tomorrow. Sounds fun....ish.