Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm A Slacker, Wouldn't You Like to be A Slacker, too?

As Summer break comes to an end, I find myself procrastinating more than usual. I don't know...

With Sissy entering Kindergarten this year for full days, maybe I feel like I'll have more time alone to get things in order. I don't mind cleaning or doing laundry or whatever, but I prefer to do it with no interruptions. When the Evil Twin is at work, and the kids are in school, that gives me a good opportunity to take care of things.

Last year, Sissy was in preschool, which was only 3 hours for a maximum of four days a week - and often less than four days.

Plus, I'm trying to enjoy the last bit of time I'll have NOT shuttling kids hither and yon. I get tired just thinking about it!

I'll be meeting up with 10 or so fellow bloggers this Friday for lunch. 3 of them will be flying in from another state (*someone* just got their pilot's license - how cool is that?)The Evil Twin and I can now claim to know TWO licensed pilot's in the circle of our friends. And, one of those two better be thinking about taking us to Orlando, because Disney World is offering an amazing deal right now. LOL.

I mean, once you land at MCO, the Magic Express will transport you and your bags to the resort of your booking for free. When we went in May '09, we parked our van (after a grueling 14 hour trip) outside the resort and didn't use it even once in 5 days. That's how cool Disney is - they provide transportation everywhere (well, everywhere within the confines of "The World"...The Magical World, that is. :-)

I slacked on yesterday's duties, so now I have to make up for it. Time for a shower and getting my errands underway.

I hope all my hooligans have a happy Hump Day - and maybe even a decent Wednesday, too! ;-)



  1. I'm in for being a slacker. Yesterday I didn't do a dang thing after I got home from work except sit in my chair, watch TV and knit. I even ate cereal for dinner. Now that's pretty lazy!

  2. Procrastination is one of my best features....

  3. Gosh, meeting fellow bloggers face to face. Not sure I could cope with that. They may turn out to be nothing like you imagined or hoped.

    I'll keep my blog chums at a distance, on line only.

    That said, Have a great meet up, and I look forward to hearing about it - from you or them.

  4. I am in the boat with ya. Slack, lazy, unmotivated. Must be the heat.