Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A First Time for Everything

I picked Sissy up from school yesterday and as soon as we walked in the door, she was on the couch, all curled up and she looked a little puny.

Now, this is my child who has one speed and that's "Go, Go, Go" all the time. I asked her if she felt bad and she said "No, but my ear hurts." "Which one?" I ask. She points at the left one.

I call the pediatrician and make an appointment for today. I had already decided to keep her home today. A Sissy asleep on the couch, mid-day, is not a good omen for her.

This morning, she wakes up and says her ear no longer hurts and she feels fine. I keep the appointment anyway, just to be on the safe side.

My children are not the "ear infection" types. In fact, Buddy has had one and that was in preschool. Sissy has never had one. We get to the docs and she's fairly certain that it's just a cold and not an ear infection. She looks in that left ear and YUP, it's red and has fluid in it.

Hopefully this will be the first and last one for her. The last time Buddy was in the hospital, he was about 2 with a nasty stomach virus. The last time Sissy was in the hospital, she had just been born. I really don't want anymore hospital visits. I'm quite sure that is an unrealistic goal, but a girl can hope. And we all know that if the kidlets get multiple ear infections, they're gonna get tubes.

Well, I have a monster zit on my chin (due for some home surgery) and a pretty princess who needs to go to her first Fall dance class this evening, so I will hope that my hooligans had a better Tuesday than yours truly. :-)



  1. If you pop that baby you better get it on film! ;-)

    Hope Sissy is feeling better soon.

  2. Once they start school, they catch every germ that comes down the pike.

  3. Hi! Hope she is still feeling Okay.

    I agree with Ron, you should make a YouTube video of you popping the zit. Ha!