Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Not A Hippie

Lord knows that most of you know I am far from it. But, I was born in 1968 - and not ashamed to admit it so, I "grew up" in the 70s.

I lived through the Carter administration - and was even invited to the inauguration. I couldn't go because it was a school day, but I saw bits and pieces on TV.

I liked Ol' Peanut Head. He was from Georgia, I lived in Georgia. Looking back, I now understand why 2nd graders aren't allowed to vote.

My parents were all about Peanut Head. When he introduced the "energy saving" tactic, my dad put index cards above all light switches (with thumbtacks). They said, "When you leave the room,turn the lights off." It was strictly enforced.

This was also the time I learned to tap the gas pump handle at the end of getting gas to get every last drop in the hose. I still do that.

Anyhoodle, I also still get all hinky when lights are on in a room no one is using. I have been known to exit a room and turn the light out when another person is still there. I can't help myself.

I gripe at my family on a regular basis, "Turn the light off if you're not in the room!" I will walk down the hall to flip a switch off myself if some selfish or absent minded person walks away without doing their "lights off" duty. Besides, it extends the life of the piss poor light bulbs I buy from the Mart of Wal. (Just like gas, those aren't getting any cheaper, either).

I don't recycle and I don't believe in global "climate change"...I still think only hippies use water beds, but I'm not concerned that we go through a bag of trash daily.

Just don't leave a light on in my house. I'll have to cut you. (or send you a portion of the electric bill).



  1. Ummm... so how crazy does it make you that I leave the TV on for Scooter while I'm at work???

  2. I do the same thing. Why use the power when you don't need it? My neighbors have a huge house and at dusk, eery light in their house goes on and stays on until about 11pm, whether they are in the rooms or not. I can't imagine what their power bill is.

  3. I have been known to look around my measly little four room apartment and wonder why the heck every light in the house is on. Then I remember I have two reasons, they're 7 and 9. I also grew up in the 70's and the penalty for leaving a light on was severe!

  4. Interesting about recycling. I'm not a believer in all the climate change propaganda either but I do believe in saving energy and such. When they started recycling in my old neighborhood, we got on the bandwagon. Then, we moved and the trash company doesn't offer it. We actually miss it. Of course, we don't miss it enough for me to make an extra effort to take recyclables into town.

    I'm with you on the lights being off when not needed, but I confess that I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on for the dogs when we go out. They like The History Channel.

  5. I am anal retentive about this. In fact, my goal is that when my kids get a house of their own, I am going to visit to turn on all their lights...Oh, and I will leave doors open too as I enter and leave....