Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Gonna Be A Day

Today, Buddy gets braces on his teef. He has the same bite that I did as a child - only I was 16 when I got my braces on and 19 (and in college) when they were removed. These days, the time frame is 15 to 18 months! I wish mine had been finished that quickly.

Anyway, I know the pain involved. I feel bad for him because the Evil Twin had mentioned having lunch at Olive Garden for his birthday lunch, then changed his mind and wanted Domino's sammiches and wings. He decided we'd go out for dinner at some point this week. The sad thing? Olive Garden has calamari on the menu and that is Buddy's favorite. I hope his mouth won't be too sore to enjoy the calamari.

When I had braces, my mom would drive thru Wendy's after every appointment to get me a Frosty. It was one of the few things I could tolerate. I have texture issues and pudding, jello and soup don't always cut the mustard with me. He is so much like me, I think I've got my work cut out for the next year and a half.

But, his teef will be pretty and straight when it's all said and done. We'll be several thousand $$$$ lighter, but it's worth it. Plus, I think I mentioned before we get a discount for me being a former client! Yay!

Wish us luck!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. My daughter had two sets of braces over a 3 year period. When she got the first set on it was awful. She was in so much pain and I remember making mashed potatoes, apple sauce and milkshakes for her for dinner. The second set was much easier...maybe because she was used to it. Hopefully your son will be okay!

  2. Poor guy, but it will be worth it in the end.... not that it will matter to much to him right now.

  3. When I got my braces on (OK, just the stupid SPACERS) I walked around mouth breathing, hoping the air would cool the pain a little. Couldn't eat at all, and lost 8 pounds in a week.

    I hope Buddy's transition is much more smooth. Here's to straight teef!

  4. Make sure he wears his retainer.

    I had braces for 3 years.

    I got them off and didn't wear my retainer.

    My teeth are crooked again.

  5. My Daughter has Braces...And she is due to have jaw surgery by the end of the year.

    Oh you are so not alone...