Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Two

It's our 2nd day of school here and - fingers crossed - things seem to be going well for both of the chill'uns.

I'm still getting used to my new routine as it relates to housework, grocery and whatever else I need to do. So, the HO™ is back is bidness!

We spent our weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday midday without any air conditioning. Seems the motor in our central air unit decided it had reached the end of the line.

It was so hot in the house, we all about perished from heat stroke. We had all the windows open and two ceiling fans on. It wasn't much fun. Anyhoodle, it's fixed and that's all that matters. I might not be feeling so amicable when the bill comes.

I'm off to the Mart before it gets too late. Have a happy Monday, hooligans! :-)

Have a happy heart
And a good attitude!



  1. Air condition units, much like cars, always break down on weekends. Man, that sucks.

    Have fun at the Mart!

    - Jay

  2. Well.... umm... at least that's something that's off your list of things to deal with next year...

  3. not hot here at all... the summer seems to have up and left us. Feels like October. Which is pissing me off, because i still want to jump in my pool...