Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hotter Than Blue Blazes

I woke up on Saturday morning and the house felt rather warm and stuffy. I checked the thermostat and lowered it in hopes of getting some cooler air inside.

Well, the house kept getting warmer and warmer. We have one of those inside/outside thermometer thingies that track temps inside and then there's a unit outside that relays the info to the inside thing on what's going on out there.

I kept looking over and the inside temp was climbing. The Evil Twin went and checked on our outside AC unit and said it was making a weird noise. So, I called the HVAC guy we have used for years and my parents used this company for years and years before us. We trust them. He told me to call the tech on call for the weekend.

After leaving 2 messages on Saturday, I heard nothing back from him. I called our regular guy back and asked what could we do - because we were sweltering in here. Even with all the windows open and the ceiling fans on.

We just all sat around as still as possible and enjoyed the few really nice breezes that floated in our windows.

Regular guy called me back and was furious that on call guy hadn't answered his phone or returned my call. Our regular guy would have sucked it up and come out himself if he had known we didn't get a call back.

Anypoodle, on call guy called on Sunday morning...I guess he caught wind that Regular Guy was hot and trying to track him down. On call guy and a buddy came out fairly quickly and discovered the motor in the AC unit was deader than a door knob. They went back to their office to retrieve a new motor and installed it.

Ahhhhh, cool air again! I'm not a big fan of AC, but I do like it to be comfortable (not meat locker cold).

Irony: I had just paid the last payment on our van. All the van payment money was going to be redistributed to cover Buddy's braces. The AC motor set us back $300.00, which isn't too bad in the scheme of things and the unit IS really old. It'll all work out somehow! :-)

Have a happy Thursday, hooligans!



  1. Oh God. I went without AC for 6 weeks last Summer and then without heat for a week in the winter and then again 2 weeks without AC this summer.
    I feel your pain. We prob need a new unit but.....
    Glad the AC's back on!

  2. It's typical for us, that when we pay off one bill, something else breaks. Glad you're cool again.