Friday, August 12, 2011

I Wish I Never Had to Leave My House

Of course, I do...and some outings are fun and welcome. Others - well, not so much - you know, like going to the doctor or having to shop for groceries.

Jeff, over at the WVSR asked about things that get under your skin yesterday, and I left a comment that briefly touched on a recent incident that had me fuming.

It all starts like an average rant of mine...."I was at the Mart when....". All manner of crazy can happen. I go into the ordeal knowing I will encounter "The Wall of Family" - usually 4 or more people with one cart, but they walk side by side, thusly making any attempt at getting around them impossible. Then you have "The Campers" - The campers will station themselves in front of something and proceed to read every label of every product from the top shelf to the bottom. Most of the time, the product in question is the same as everything one might find there. Either know what ya want or throw something in your cart and move on. My daughter wants those Dora band-aids you are blocking from me. They may as well pitch a tent and get real comfy, because I know they'll be there when I make my 2nd or even 3rd pass by that aisle.

However, last week, was the kicker. The store, as per usual, had a limited number of check out lines open. I queued up and was 3rd in one of the shorter lines I spied. Patron #1 had 2 carts of clothing and was using a clothing voucher.

That's fine, I don't have any problems with that. If you need help to provide your children with school clothes, then that's what those programs are for. Children shouldn't have to go without essential clothing items for school. OK, fine, whatever.

When the last item rung up, the mom still had $20 left on the voucher. $20 is $20 and that can purchase quite a bit at the Mart. I get that.

But, the woman left her children and 2 carts at the register while she ran back to the kids' clothing department to WHAT? Do more shopping! Yep-a-roo.

Thanks to my MS, my back gets very "cranky" when I have to stand for too long. 45 minutes of standing, my back aching and feeling like I might pass out at any moment, we finally moved up a notch.

It took us nearly an hour to get checked out. I had 2 whiny children and my Ativan was wearing off.

For the love of Pete, people, do not go back out shopping while you are in the check out. I don't care if there are 2 adults and one runs to get an item while the other handles the transaction, but 1 person? Plan better next time. Thanks!

Happy Friday, hooligans! I'm looking forward to my lunch date with fellow bloggers, who are also friends. I've met all of them but one and I feel very confident she is not an axe murderer or weirdo. :-)

Me and weirdos seem to click. Axe murderers? Probably not so much. Plus, I have to drag Sissy along. The Sullen Teenager does not want to join us. Imagine my best Valley Girl voice, "Whaaaaateeeever".

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Grrr I hate when people walk side by side like that. They are usually very slow moving, too.

    I also hate in the mall when people stop in front of the door to a store and just stand there, talking or whatever. Move to the benches, people!

  2. That is just rude...And dangerous...

  3. I would have lost my mind...I'm a little on edge lately. Good for you for keeping it together.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I can't wait to hear all about the meet-up, even though it didn't work out for some of us....:-(

  5. seriously? Left her kids?

    People are weird.

  6. I hate people in Walmart.(Not to be confused with the People OF Walmart website which I LOVE) I haven't had to set foot in one since we moved to Indiana. We have a Meijer. Better and cheaper groceries, double coupons, fabulous housewares and even decent clothing.

    I hope you had a fun time at your meet up!