Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation

That's what I have to look forward to this afternoon. One kid is going into 8th grade (his last year at Middle School! How did that happen? So fast?) and the other is entering Kindergarten.

I remember how worried I was when Buddy started Kindergarten. He was so ready and very excited, but I cried after I took him to his classroom. Sissy will not be attending the same elementary school as Buddy, so I'm sure I have some new things to learn.

As with Buddy, I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor there. I like being involved. Middle school is really more "stand-offish". They want the kids to take more initiative and do more for themselves. I get that.

Buddy went to a private Catholic school. When there were field trips, parents were enlisted to drive how many ever children their vehicle could carry. Sissy will be in a public school - with access to buses, even though we live too close to both schools to have bus service, I will still insist on driving her to activities myself. I just don't trust random weirdos OR the teachers who "have an eye on them" when they are off school property.

Call me a helicopter parent, whatever. My children are never placed in situations where pervert activity could occur. I've read too many true crime stories to be so naive. If I don't know you or your family well, my child will NOT be attending a birthday party at your house (unless I am present), a sleepover or even just a brief visit. Weirdos and perverts look like normal people. I wish I could smite them all, so my kids have a safe world, but unless I develop a super secret smiting superpower, that won't happen.

So, here I go again. I'll do battle with the school system (Trust me, it doesn't matter if you pay $3000 a year for private school or if it's public school. You get the same bullshit).

On a different note, a few people left comments on yesterdays' post re: leaving the TV on for pets. Rest assured I do the same thing. We have a cat and 2 parakeets. Parakeets are birds who like to hang with a large flock. If things are veeeewy quiet, they get all nervous, because they think predators may be nearby. So, I do leave the TV on, so the birds can hear *something*. We also leave the light in the front room on when we are out. The porch light is on a sensor, so it comes on when it gets dark. See? I'm not a complete electricity nazi. :-)

I hope all my hooligans are having a great Thursday! Catch ya later, tators!



  1. Oh, if only you could develop a super secret smiting power. My kids don't understand why I freak out when they go in their friends houses without permission. I wish I could make them understand that sometimes it's the people you know who can hurt you the most.

  2. I feel that the best way of protecting a child is by educating them as best you can. They are gonna have to learn about these scumbag predators sometime. They may as well learn it from the safety that is you!

  3. The world is a scary place and that's when you are an adult so I can certainly understand your view with the kids. Hmmm... At what age is it appropriate to get Sissy a taser???

  4. I know I'm overprotective. It used to bother me but now I just deal with it. I'm learning to let go a lot more. When I moved out on my own my Dad gave me a shotgun. He said, "if you need it, don't even open the door. Shoot through it. We'll clean it up later." So maybe I come by it honest.