Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Secrets

Lots of secrets this week! And there is a special little treat at the end. But, read the secrets first. No cheating. :-)

1. I have watched some porno in my days.  And I have wanted to make home made movies with my wife.  Finally, I got a small video camera with a hard  drive and I asked if I could make a movie of her, to my surprise she said yes!  Now I can watch me and her doing things I use to see in the movies.  Its great!  She is wonderful and will do anything for the camera for me.  Plus, thanks to ETW, I also take pictures.  Mainly of her cleavage and boobs.  Home made porno and cleavage picture taking...what a great hobbies!

2. I think semen smells like mushrooms :-P

3. I would really like to have a sexual encounter with a hot stranger.  I'd like to just come across the kind of guy that you feel instant animal attraction to and for us to just do it, in a dressing room or somewhere like that. No talking about it, no introductions.  Just hot, raw sex.  And then goodbye. 

4. O the love of my life. Thank you for the great pictures for my birthday. You are the best and I can't wait until we are together and under one roof. I love you.

5. Mrs. D from 3 Men and a Lady makes me horny! I'm bad but I can't help it.

6. It's not that scandalous, but I hate tipping.  Call me cheap, but I wish things just cost what they cost.  I hate feeling sucked up to for a good tip.  I always feel like I didn't leave enough or I feel ripped off because I left too much. 

7. I work in a professional office.  When I am sure nobody can see, I will sometimes unzip my pants and expose myself.  It isn't my intent to flash people, but I enjoy knowing later when I walk into that office or meeting room with colleagues, that as we speak of professional things, my dick has been exposed there.

Pretty immature for a guy approaching 50; I know.

Happy Belated Birthday, Al!


  1. Wooo HOOOO Great secrets and the GIRLS made my Friday!

  2. Well! I don't know what to say here. Totally caught off guard, lol, but flattered.

    Interesting secrets, and so sweet of you to remember Al's birthday, LOL!

  3. Damn ETW them look good :)

    Good secrets - I love Fridays!

  4. Wow! I say as I compose myself and put my eyes back into their sockets. Great picture! Thanks! What a thoughtful birthday present. How will you top this next year?

    Just wondering, are any of these secrets yours?

  5. So, I'm a little behind here. Do people actually email you this stuff? What a stash of potential firebombs you must have stored in your inbox! ROFL! This is like Post Secret, the personal blogger version. I smell a best seller in the making!

  6. I will never intentionally do home videos. An ex made one on the sly and that was bad news.

    And nice cleavage. Hubs and his friends want to go on a world boobie tour before they die. They claim they don't care how they look as long as they get to see lots of boobies. I don't think boys ever grow up.

  7. Doc - Isn't Friday grand?

    Lady - I'm a giver like that. ;-)

    Vinomom - That is my "workout" top and it barely contains them. I definitely need to shop for something "sturdier" preferably with an underwire. LOL.

    Al - None of the secrets are mine today, but the boobs are. :-)

    Jennifer - Yes, people email me secrets. Usually using an anonymous or fake email address. I copy and save the secrets in a word document then delete the emails in my box. I want to be as discrete as possible.

    Cara - My cleavage makes a regular appearance around here. Just for shits and giggles (on my part).

  8. Awesome secrets... I do have to comment on #6. :)

    I wait tables in a sportsbar. We serve bar type food, but most of our serving is alcohol.

    Example... last night... I waited on this ONE GUY from 4:30pm - 11:30pm. His bill alone was almost $80.00 and he left me a $5.00 tip. I mean.... he at least could of left me 10%.

    The part that sucks and what most people don't realize is that I only make $2.63/hour!

    And remember if you leave a decent tip... (at least this is how I do things) you will ALWAYS get great service!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  9. PS - ETW... the girls are looking FABULOUS!

    And, this $80.00 was only alcohol... no food!

  10. Friday is by far mt favorite day of the week! Have a great weekend, ETW!

  11. Oh, hello girls...i bet Al is happy!

  12. I wanna see #1's movies, I think #3 should drop me an e-mail with her exact location, I agree with #5, disagree with #5 & I'm cracking up at #7. I think I may have to try that, actually.

    Last but not least, I'm totally envious of the ET's toys that he gets to play with. :)

  13. Sorry - meant to say I disagree with # SIX. Made myself look like a retawd there...

  14. Tiff - I agree. I waited tables during college and even though I made $3.01 (as a cocktail waitress), we really relied on tips.

    Jay - Fridays always rock!

    Mandy - Me too! :-)

    Dish - What's not to love about Fridays? Now, if we could add some sunshine, they'd be total paradise.

    rosemary - Al's one of my long time readers and also a "friend" - we haven't met in real life, but I hope to meet him and his family someday.

    SoLow - if you're looking for free amateur pron, look no further than YouPorn! (don't ask how I know that).

  15. I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August. Fancy 3?


    Hey! Bring My Lady along too!!! Whoohooo!

    What was that old late 60's Bowie song?...

    "When I live my dreams...etc etc"..;-)

  16. Hey, No 6...... yeah, you are CHEAP. If you can't afford a good tip, or worse yet, figure it out, STAY HOME.

  17. I love all these secrets (and the special view at the end), but now I kinda feel like I should take some Windex or something with me, the next time I go into our office conference room.

    Hopefully #7 doesn't leave any "evidence" behind.

    #1 - You da man! and your wife rocks!

    #3, have you met #1? I see a blockbuster flick in the works!

    #6: Just suck it in and pay 20 percent excluding the price of any alcohol after the first drink. They refill your iced tea for free and I usually go through 3 to 5 refills, but it doesn't raise the overall price of your meal. But 3 or 4 drinks could easily double the price of your total bill, so I only tip on the first one. In the rare case that I go somewhere for drinks only (like a football game, a concert or a wedding), I tip $1 per drink, period.