Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Burning Questions: Answered!

OK, onto the grillin'! This first set of questions were sent by email from a regular reader:

What is the sexiest part of your body? I'm going to have to go with the boobs on this one.

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy? I'm not really a lingerie person, but my corset makes me feel sexy.

I know you've been in a three-some, do you prefer two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy? Two guys and a girl. :-)

What is your favorite color? Purple!

Who is your hero? The Evil Twin. He is kind, courageous, and loving, but won't back down in the face of doing the right thing or standing by his convictions. He has also made me a better person.

What inspires you? I think the knowledge that so many people deal with greater challenges than I do on a daily basis - it inspires me to be grateful for my own situation and not complain because I know it could be worse.

Finally, do you spit or do you swallow? Neither. That's what the towel drawer is for!

From Ron:
What are you personal preferences as far as sex toys are concerned? I mean powered, un-powered, length, girth, colors? Not much of a toy person, really, but if I'm choosing, I'll take a regular dildo any day.

Karen asked...
How did you meet the Evil Twin? Is he actually a twin? We met through a mutual friend, although we knew OF each other prior to meeting. And, no he is not a twin. He used that pen name when he did underground comic work. Some of it was so over the top disgusting, his roommate at the time suggested he pick up the moniker so he could blame "his Evil Twin" for the rude and crass cartoons (thus shedding himself of the blame! LOL).

Vinomom said...
I know pretty much everything. But just for fun - What is your MOST embarrassing moment? Geez, I've had more than my fair share of embarrassing moments! I worked at the mall when I was in high school and entered the elevator to find a very large family - at least 6 children and an infant. I asked them if they were all theirs and they said yes. And, then...I looked at the mom and said "And you're having another?" (she hadn't lost all the pregnancy weight). "Um, no." she replied. **Crickets** I learned to not ask that question unless I see a head crowning between a chicks legs!

Dave asked...

Question: RE: the 39 weeks pregnant pose on Tuesday. Were there any others of a more Demi Moore "Vanity Fair" cover nature? Oh, yes. I had the Evil Twin take many photos. In most of them, I'm completely nude, but have my arms across my chest, so they are tastefully done black and whites.

And that'll do it. I put my answers in italics and I hope I have all the links right. Fun (and difficult) questions this time around! But, I had fun playing!


  1. Good questions and great answers!

  2. Great answers! And even better is that I know what to get you for your birthday now!! ;-)

  3. Hahaha, that was a a fun post!

  4. ...see a head crowning between a chicks legs...

    Well put! And Hilarious!!! Thanks for being open!

  5. Jimminy Christmas, a closet for Jizz rags?? I barely have space for my Lee Child novel and Men's Health mag.

    Can't you just use yesterdays undies like everyone else! :-p

  6. Guess what? I learned some new stuff!! :)

  7. :) Nice, if I had enough readers I would do this lol

  8. Great answers. I love the color purple!

  9. for Friday secrets...