Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Request Fulfilled

Last Friday, I had a secret/confession asking:

3. I was looking at the cartoon header of your blog. I don't know if this is a confession or a request, but could the Evil Twin create a version where you are only wearing the apron and nothing else. Needless to say, the pencil, duster and spoon have to stay, and naturally, the apron could be a little lower cut.

Well, the Evil Twin didn't jump right on it and I didn't press him - he could totally pull it off, but I figured last weeks real picture kinda covered the bases.

The next day I received this email from a reader:

I couldn't help but laugh and be flattered all at the same time. Notice I'm holding a dildo and drinking Merlot this time around.

I found the condoms to be a bit superfluous because Casa Evil Twin has never, ever housed a condom. Ever. But, still a funny touch!

I have no idea who this "secret friend" is (which is how he/she signed off).

I think my favorite touch is the butterfly tattoo above my right breast. The only tats I sport are on my left thigh.

Now, exactly how much awesome is in this remake? TONS, that's how much.

I replied to the email to ask permission to post it here and since it was a fake email, the artist in question took a while to get back to me, but gave me their permission, so..... VOILA! I give you the Horny Hausfrau!

Don't forget about the Friday Secrets tomorrow. I have a handful or so already, but you still have time to submit something, if you'd like.

Also, thanks for all the thoughtful advice for XXXX yesterday. All the responses gave me some things to think about, too. (seeing different sides to the issue). So, Thanks!


  1. OMG - that's great ... luv it - still laughing....

  2. Awesome. Sauce!

    You have a very talented secret fan. That's much more fun than a really mentally unstable secret fan. ;-)

  3. Somebody has a secret admirer! That's gotta make you feel kinda sexy!

    The picture is great and vey creative! I think the dildo is a nice touch, LOL!

  4. Are you quite sure that's a dildo and not just a used-up kitchen brush?? I mean..... But it does look like you. ;)

  5. You have some great readers to do stuff like that. Really cool!

  6. And you look so happy standing their holding all of your favorite grown-up things.

    Lol, suits ya, baby!

  7. The Girl - I know! Hilarious spin off!

    NCP - I love awesomeness!

    Sir Thomas - I agree!

    Jay - Very talented, indeed! I'm very pleased.

    Chandra - The dildo IS a nice touch - it looks a bit *used* though, dontcha think? (What have I been up to???)

    Mariam - You can click it to make it bigger and really check out the details!

    Ron - I wouldn't be caught dead with some sorry ass dildo!

    Cara - I love all my great readers!

    Powdergirl - What's not to love? I got MERLOT baby! LOL.

  8. That is awesome... love the dripping dildo!

  9. Very Kewl! I guess framing it and putting it on the family room wall is out of the question though.

  10. This should be your project you could have a page with various "remakes"

  11. Makes you wonder who is reading this...

  12. I was too slow on the uptake - Doc stole mine... 1st thing I noticed was that it was dripping - LOVE THAT!!! ;)

  13. Butterfly?...oh eck...I thought it was a spider....

  14. HA! Interesting how that red lifestyle package is stuck to the apron...must have had issues!

  15. Doc - I know! I don't know where that thing has been!

    Loni - It is great. :-)

    Dish - Someone has some mad photoshop skillz!

    Christine - Yeah, that might get some strange looks!

    Wester - Hmmmm. Maybe you're onto something there. :-)

    Honeywine - Someone talented (and perverted, not that there's anything wrong with that!)

    SoLow - HAHAHAHA!

    4D - You can get a closer look by clicking on it.

    Warren - Maybe I just taped it there because I didn't want to lose it. LOL.

  16. Hahaha, yeah I was trying to figure out what was on your boob, and OH MAH GAWD, that dildo! Scary!

  17. At my age a closer look is not necessarily wise...;-)

  18. LOVE the beef tip recipe... doing it this w/e. Your "secrets" crack me upppppp!!!!!

  19. That is terrific! I love it!! I think you should use that as a header for Friday Secrets each week!

  20. Great picture! But it does not do justice to your cleavage.

    It does get me thinking about my wife, an apron, kitchen, and whipped cream.

    Wow! Thanks for helping me get that image in my mind.

  21. Quite talented but honestly, a vneck apron would have been more flattering. I don't think the straight neck does your rack justice!

  22. Wow, that's pretty cool. Talk about paying attention to details/accessories ;-) I think it's kind of funny they did it undercover, lol.

  23. That is so neat. I couldn't help but notice XXXX yesterday talked about a "special friend" and your e-mails are signed "special friend". Think maybe it's a thank you from XXXX who now counts you as a special friend, but not in the sense of the other two/three gals he wrote about.

  24. That someone took the time to do that is either really sweet, or really creepy. Not sure which.