Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Secrets

I decided that since I didn't have any where to be in particular today, that I would just ease into my day the way I like. So, I lazed around until 9:30 AM, then hopped in the shower. Before I present the Friday Secrets, I will let you know I have a boat load of good topics for next week, so don't forget to check in, mmmmkay?

1. Now that I am almost 36 years old and have been married almost 9 years, I am wishing I had been more sexually adventurous when I was younger. Not sure this would change the way I feel now, but these days it is almost all I can think about.  My husband and I have a very active sex life and he tries to "spice things up" but it's still not satisfying me. I have actually been trying to convince him to let me invite another guy over to join us...not that he's too keen on that at this point, of course. I even told him I'd let him invite another woman over at another time! Meanwhile, back to my fantasies...

2. I wish I could unfollow some of my Twitter friends because they're annoying..but I'm afraid they'd find out & be offended.

3. I once got a BJ from a tranny.  I didn't know until he was done that he was born a woman.  It was still good though...

4. My mom thinks our cat ran away.  But I hit it with the car and put it in the garbage. And I don't feel bad about it.

5. Once I swallowed a marble.  And I got it back.

6. Once I had a pimple on my penis.   My girlfriend thought I was cheating on her because I wouldn't do her or let her blow me until it went away so she cheated on me.

7. I feel broken by all the teasing and snubbing I got going thru school. I wish I could contact each and every person who treated me badly and let them know how awful they made my life.


  1. Why are the poor cats the ones not to get proper burials???

  2. #5 - last night at dinner I learned a friend once swalled his partial dental implant and then got it back. Bet now you're glad it was just a marble.

  3. I think I need number three explained to me because I don't get it. A woman who had a sex change to be a male that dresses up as a woman? Or do I need more sleep?

  4. Poor #1...I think everyone hits a wall around the ten year mark but hey, Kuddos for trying to get a threesome going! Now that's being creative with an alterier plan! :)

    ETW..I will be looking forward to next week's topics!

  5. lol @ Ron!

    Great secrets... I guess I need to work my way into one of these some day lol I will try to think of something and send you one for the next week.

  6. My favorite day of the week! And I am with Christine, confused about #3...

  7. Ahh...reading these makes me feel a little more "normal" every week.

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  9. #1 - please feel free to e-mail me. Your wish is my command... Who knows? Maybe a little cyber / phone sex would spice things up a bit. If not, I've got tons of frequent flyer miles... :)

    #2 - if they're annoying why worry about offending them?

    I think #3 meant to say "WASN'T born a woman..." And that's just wrong if you ask me. If you're a tranny, you should at least speak up about it BEFORE HAND. Either that or keep it to yourself afterwards. LOL

    #4 - you're going to hell.

    5 & 6 - nasty.

    #7 - take the bull by the horns. Nobody can make your life awful unless you let them do it.

  10. Always love the Friday Secrets...

  11. I didn't get #3 either. It sounds backwards. And #7 makes me sad. I still feel that way about certain people in my life too.

  12. I agree with SoLow on #3. But I must say, after my operation I always liked to surprise my man after the storm had subsided !!!!

  13. LOL at the tranny bj! Talk about rotten luck!

  14. Excellent batch of secrets!

    #1. You need to start a blog and send us the link!

    #3. A picture would help, but I'm thinking you got the better end of the deal.

    #6. You should wash your hands to avoid penis pimples.

  15. That poor cat. And that poor garbage collector.

  16. I was reading the first one without seeing it was a 'secrets' entry(missed the 1. in front of it). I thought 'Holy coo-wrap, ETW, that does NOT sound like you.

    I felt much better when I went back and saw the '1'. : )

    And to whoever did write it, good luck, darlin'

    7. maybe you should.

  17. 2. Eventually Twitter will probably let you block people without them knowing like you can on Facebook. Until then, ask yourself if it's easier to keep pretending to like someone and what they say than it is to hurt their feelings, you're kind of stuck with the annoying little twit. (Unless it's me, in which case - what did I do?)

    3. The only thing I find wrong with that is that he had to pretend to be a woman to get into someone's pants. That's just wrong.

    4. You're heartless. Evil. You may be a sociopath. I know we're not supposed to judge, but when it comes to cats, (or the casual murder of any animal) I get a little judgy.

    5. Gross.

    6. If a zit came between you, it wasn't meant to be.

    7. If I got over it, anybody can. Best not to hold on to that kind of anger, it has a way of running away with you. Find an outlet for it, or it will find an outlet for you. Trust me on this one.