Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok, I have a degree in Advertising and I don't get sucked in very often (unless it involves Wendy's! LOL)to commercials on TV. I don't watch much TV myself, but it's always on. Someone is always watching something on the BATV (big ass TV).

So it's there and of course, I can hear it.

Damn that perky Jamie Lee Curtis and her talk about bowel regularity!

I personally don't have any problems in that arena, but I've been brainwashed by the "Activia Challenge" commercials! Eff a duck chuck! And, I've been feeling a bit bloated lately, I'm not sure why. It's probably this weather - I'm feeling blah andd not moving around as much as I should.

I had been doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout. Everything was going along swimmingly until I somehow jacked up both my ankles and my left knee, so I've been waiting for those to feel normal again before I start that back. My left ankle will never feel "normal" after I took a tumble down the stairs at our old house 8 years ago and sprained it severely. The doc in a box told me I would have been better off with a clean break and now I know why. It hurts almost all the time. Or feels stiff most of the time. Simply excellent!

I bought a four pack of the yogurts at the store and had my first one this morning. I bought the strawberry. It's quite tasty.

And, it's also good for my modified meal schedule for the next 40ish days. I gave up bread and all baked goods for Lent (doesn't include pasta, rice or corn tortillas), so I'm in need of items to eat that aren't bread or baked goods or pastries. I'm really not much of a breakfast person anyway, but the yogurt gives me an alternative for a snack or even lunch on Friday.

I'm Catholic and during Lent, Fridays are a day of fast and abstinence. That means, we're allowed 2 small meals during the day, no snacking and no meat. What this means for me personally is that I can't even have a grilled cheese sandwich or a veggie sub on Fridays.

I did this same thing a few years ago. I ate salads, mac n cheese, and attended the Fish Frys that the Knights of Columbus host at my parish church (that's dinner). I'll get shrimp, green beans, baked potato, skip the roll, cole slaw and I generally always bring my own bottle of water or get sweet tea there to wash it all down.

Last time I did this, Buddy was in preschool. I am 5 foot 9. My weight dwindled to 110 lbs. (I was 108 when I got married, so that number is not startling to me). But, it was to others, apparently. When Buddy's preschool teacher begged me to eat a sandwich about a week before Easter, I knew I looked emaciated, but I refused.

So, let's see how the "Activia Challenge" and lack of bread goes for me. :-) Currently, I weigh 128. We could have a lotto on what I'll weigh come Easter. Keep in mind I won't be giving up ALL carbs. Care to guess? Or tell me I'm nuts? Feel free!


  1. There's no way I could give up carbs. I've tried before for dieting purposes, and it was TOUGH. But I admire that you can and are willing to do it.

    I don't know that my family would want me to, anyhow, I'd be hard to live with.

  2. Careful... I've heard those yogurts have some powerful results. I admire your will power, I gave up sacrifices for lent myself and I'm not even sure I can do that.

  3. I gave up sweets and soda but that doesn't compare to giving up bread...I love my carbs way to much for that!

    Ohhh, I forgot about the fish fries at church...they are so darn good (bad for you) but good! Guess where we'll be eating tomorrow night!

  4. Dang... you weigh less than me and I'm 5'7"! I always weigh around 130ish... I say it's cause I have a bubble butt! :) But, I don't think of myself as overweight at all! You look great!!!!

    Hugs - Tiff

  5. This is the first time I heard of the abstinece thing on Fridays in Lent... dadgum you Catholis really do have it rough!

  6. LOL @ Doc, I think it's just abstaining from foods.

  7. Not necessarily crazy...But definitely brave! I could never give up bread for 40 days.

  8. 3M - I'm not giving up ALL carbs, just of the baked variety. It was bread or wine, bread is clearly easier for me! LOL.

    Ron - You're supposed to give up something you love, not something easy! LOL.

    Chandra - Buddy gave up pastries, so you and he will be in the same boat.

    Tiff - I have a very small frame and NO butt, so I can carry less weight. I like being around 120.

    Doc - In this case, it means abstinence from meat. Some people even abstain from meat on Wednesdays, too.

    JB - It is rough, but I've done it before. I can do it again.

  9. 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'

    Matt. 4:4

    (plus pizza)

  10. I guess I want to kill ya for weighing 128 pounds! lol

    Good luck, sweetie! You can do it!

  11. I say 115 by Easter. And then 128 again by May 1. ;-)

    I knew of no meat on Fridays it was a thing to get more business to the fisherman in Italy and none during Lent but I'd not known of the 2 meals a day. Hm.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes. :)

  12. I am no good at the fasting thing. We don't fast on Fridays for Lent, but if there is something that comes up that would require focus and prayer they will ask who is able to consider it.

    I never crossed that line...till yesterday unintentionally. I didn't pack a lunch and then forgot my wallet at home. Would have considered a half day just to go home to eat if I hadn't stayed home with a sick child already this week.

  13. I love to sing the jingle "Craptivia"!!!

  14. Activia is ok. Quite like em.


    I gave up brussel sprouts 46 years ago. That'll do....;-)

  15. I predict 118 by the time its all over. Could be 110 if you gave up wine, but I did see any commitment to that.

    March 2009, my A1C number was high. Doc said loose weight or be a diabetic. I got motivated! Started at 245 pounds and 44 inch waist britches. Now 190 pounds and 34 in britches.

    Gave up bread, sweets, pop, and caffine. Now mainly meat, vegetables, and fruits.

    Its a lifestyle change. It also helped that my wife went on this diet with me, she has lost even more than me and looks great!

    I cheat some, but my eating habits have changed.

  16. 118 by Easter. I'm giving up alcohol...apparently. Hope it lasts! ;)

  17. I'd give up bread before wine too! I'm with the others, 118 by Easter.

  18. I can only do yogurt for a day or two.....not sure why. When I was a kid and the no meat on Friday was a weekly thing I ate fishstix and mom made the best lentils....simple with lots of garlic and alphabet pasta.

  19. Giving up carbs completely is a BAD idea - but it doesn't sound like you're giving them up completely. I've been steadily losing weight for about a year now - I have a Dan Active smoothie each morning with my vitamins and half a grapefruit. Throughout the day I snack, and have a light, if any dinner. Once or twice a week I'm really bad (usually trivia night) but I make sure to squeeze in a few carbs here and there. Funny thing is, I find that a week or so after I "cheat" in a big way, my weight goes down a little -so I think cheating has a positive effect, though not sure why

  20. I've given up eating out for breakfast for Lent. Last time I did this I really started losing we'll see what happens. So far so good!

  21. All I'd like is your dedication to Lent! Although w/ rice and pasta in the mix I could do it ( I did do it when I was ont he whole Gluten Free thing)

    I sure as hell didn't drop 10 lbs though! And I weigh as much as you do only I'm 5'0

  22. Hate to be a killjoy but the idea of fasting should have NOTHING to do with weight/gain/lost. Its a spiritual thing....

    If you wanna call it a diet, than call it a diet.

  23. Joe - My journey is a spiritual one, the weight loss is an unintended side effect of this type of sacrifice and that's why I mentioned it. :-)