Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Talented Readers

I have some very creative and talented stalkers readers (or at least they have a basic understanding of photoshop - LOL). No, seriously. I was sent another remake of my hausfrau image.


Don't I look nice in lingerie?

I must have on a strapless bra here otherwise the top of the nightie would be hovering somewhere around my waist line.

What can I say? Gravity sucks! Or not, if you think like the Evil Twin and love the heavy hangers. I'm so glad I could help him out with that particular prophetic fulfillment.

You know, that's when you wish or will something to happen for so long and it finally DOES happen? I think that's the case here. Well, either that or having two kids - pumping breast milk around the clock for the first one and actually nursing the second one (aka "The Boobie Bandit" - she'd latch on any time she caught sight of a nipple). And they kept getting bigger and heavier.

Anyway, this image was sent with a regular email, but I'll keep it to myself unless the creator wants to out him or herself. Additionally, if anyone else wants to try on their mad photoshop skillz - feel free, but definitely send me a copy! I'm such a shameless hussy, I will post it here - it'll be like being an exhibitionist without really being an exhibitionist. Right?

Today is ANOTHER snow day - no school. The Evil Twin did go in to work. He has been digging the snow blower he inherited from my Dad. It has certainly come in handy this winter. He can clear our driveway and throw salt in about 10 minutes.

I'm off to get my day underway, or at least as much as I can with both children at home today. :-)

Happy Mardi Gras! or Fat Tuesday, if you prefer.


  1. Oh my.... this keep getting more and more risque. It can't be long before the XXX version is created.

  2. Love it!

    I too had a boobie bandit in my house not too many years ago. Thank goodness for great bras.

  3. I love it! You have some very creative readers for sure! (and devoted)

  4. Yeah, my days of going braless and proud are over due to breastfeeding. Oh well, we all know they can't stay perky forever.

  5. Wonder what they have you reaching for down there????LOL! No going braless for me either..kinda sucks but such is life.

    How much snow did ya'll get anyway?

  6. I plan on putting the FAT in Fat Tuesday, by having some Fried Chicken tonight. Its our Mardi Gras Day tradition! Stay warm.

  7. Breast feeding didn't help me in any way - in fact - it made them smaller. I like the new graphic!

  8. I say if the wife breastfeeds, the hubby pays for the boob job !

  9. We got snow again here too. BLAH

  10. I'm an extremely untalented stalker.

    Still...1 out of 2 anyroad...;-)

  11. I love the graphic!

    Is winter over yet?

  12. For my 50th bday present to myself, I'm getting a boob job. Just ONCE in my life I'd like to be able to go braless and not look like I'm smuggling water balloons under my shirt. :)

    You do have a bunch of talented readers, ETW!

  13. I'm with Ron - one of you photoshoppers needs to show me some Nip!!! :)

    And don't worry ladies, "perky" is overrated!

  14. Ron - I know! If it gets any racier, I might have to put a paypal button. You know, no scenery unless you fork over the greenery. LOL.

    Cara - YES! I don't care how much it cost if it does the job!

    Vinomom - I like seeing what others will come up with.

    3M - I really don't mind. Push up bras are a girl's best friend!

    Chandra - I have no idea how much overall, but today, probably 5 inches total.

    Gigi - We're having boneless, skinless chicken tonight. But, I do have a few treats I need to scarf down before tomorrow!

    kenju - I think it's weird how it will enhance some and shrink others.....

    Joe - The Evil Twin would DIE if I had a boob job. He loves them just as they are.

    Karen - I am so ready for Spring!

    4D - Then you'll just have to use your imagination, I suppose!

    Dish - It is cute! I wish... This has been the most snow we've had in years.

    Roger - You have the right attitude!

    Tiff - I'm saving up for that eyelift I've wanted!

    SoLow - I flash people on the webcam! :-)

    3M - There will be no boob jobs here. I can't stand the "store bought" titties. LOL.

  15. Love the creativity and risque talents. About that snow....you're welcome this year.

  16. Okay, this is still that mix of cool and creepy. One minute it's mad photoshop, the next it's all "she puts the lotion on" - just sayin'.

  17. I'm just glad the latest PhotoShop ETW got rid of that enormously huge vibe. Geeze, that thing was scary!

  18. How funny! You just have the best readers, now, don't you??

  19. To Tiff... I had a boob job because after the 1st child I had NOTHING left... literally I think I was like a triple A! :) It's been SO worth it. And, the best part... even when I'm in a swimsuit people ask me if they are real or fake! Dr. did a fantastic job!

    To ETW... LOVE this pic! So cute!