Thursday, February 25, 2010

Confession Time

I cheated. On my Lenten sacrifice of giving up bread and all baked goods.

Buddy has a friend at school and their family just lives up the hill and a street over from us.

I got a phone call from his mom on Wednesday afternoon and she said she wouldn't be able to make it to pick up D and asked if I wouldn't mind. Of course, I didn't mind. She said I could take him to my house and she'd pick him up here (she didn't want to put me out), but I assured her that they're only a half mile from us and I didn't mind taking him to his house.

So, I took him to his house and his mom popped her head out the front door and said not to leave just yet. She came out of the house with a bag. A bag that contained TWO different types of bread, just fresh out of the oven. D and his family moved here from Turkey 10 years ago, and I don't know what these breads are called, but I felt it would be rude to not enjoy a gift.

One of the breads had spinach, onions, caraway seeds and a hint of curry. SO blasted good.

The other bread was round like a pizza and fluffy inside, with a nice chewy texture outside and also delicious.

I didn't go overboard. I had one piece of each and let the rest of the family go to town with them.

I talked to Buddy about it. He said, "You're kinda in a tough spot." I said, "Yes, but I'm not going to hurt anyone's feelings by turning down their generous gift."

I explained to him that people from different countries have different mores and cultural norms than we do. Something we think is completely innocuous could really offend someone who has lived in a different country since they were born.

Plus, that bread smelled great and I happen to love Middle Eastern cuisine. Not to mention that I tend to be borderline anemic, and spinach is a very iron rich food. (rationalizing, here, folks!). :-)

I do feel a tiny bit guilty - I made it thru Lent a few years ago with no slip ups when I gave up bread that year.

Also, I wanted to clear up things about the blog roll yesterday. If I "follow" your blog, it will pop up on my side bar when you update your blog. So, Slyde, you are totally on there.

And, as always, it's not too late for Friday Secrets. I have a few already. Plus there will be a special surprise with the secrets tomorrow. You'll just have to wait and see... Mwahahahaha!!


  1. Oh that sounds so wonderful...and I don't even LIKE spinach.

    I agree it would have been rude NOT to sample the gift. ;-)

  2. Come on... it had VEGETABLES in it - could hardly even call it bread!

  3. We discussed "intent" last night at church, and your breaking your Lent thing is not what I would call a bad thing. You didn't do it to indulge or b/c you just HAD to have it, etc, but to be polite and not be wasteful. Besides, wasn't only having a little still a sacrifice? Especially if it was sooo good? Don't sweat it.

  4. I think it would have been worse not to taste the bread of the woman so kind to have given it to you.

    But I am good at justification. :-)

  5. You did the right thing by accepting the bread. You didn't want to hurt her feelings? Oh, and nudge, nudge. I haven't seen you at my place lately. And I miss you!

  6. I think the Lord will forgive you for being such a kind hearted generous person all year :)

  7. I believe it was right to take the bread from your friend. She was nice to offer you something for helping her. Especially something home made!

    However, this could be considered a temptation from Satan to test you during Lent, maybe.

    I'm Baptist, so I don't do Lent. Our motto is "If we meet, we eat".

    Just thinkin out loud....

    And a surprise for us? You are very thoughtful! I look forward to it.

  8. Doc - I think you'll appreciate this one.

    Ella - I love spinach, but only in certain things (like a calzone - which this bread was similar to). I had to at least TRY it, right? ;-)

    NCP - Well, the one had veggies. The other was (amazing) bread. I want more!

    Lady - Thanks for that thought. I hadn't considered that angle. :-)

    Christine - Me, too! :-)PS. You're still on the blog roll! :-)

    Dish - Please forgive me. I'll be right over!

    Robbie - Thanks!

    Al - Well, I'm a bit late on your birthday gift, but, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

  9. I agree it would have been wrong not to try the bread that was a gift. I would be rude to say thank you...I'm sure it was good, I just am not allowed to eat it right now.

    Just get back on the band wagon and finish strong.

  10. Ah ha... A lent loophole! I gave up anything with refined sugar in it. So quick, someone offer me a cookie!!
    You did the right thing, you are stronger than me tho, if she'd offered me a plate of cookies, I could have rationalized eating the whole plate. Must.Stay.Away.From.Cookies!

  11. I absolutely LOVE bread, of almost all kinds. I've actually been thinking of buying a bread maker - does the ETW have any input on that thought, what with her culinary geniusness??? :)

  12. thats a tough situation to be in.

    i slipped over the weekend too with my lenten fastings... i gave up chocolate and coffee..

    over the weekend my boyfriend baked his daughter a cake... a chocolate cake.. with chocolate frosting...
    he had a lil bit on his finger... so i had to lick it off ;-) it was so good... but NO MORE CHOCOLATE for me!

  13. When we were in school (16 years of Catholic education!) we were taught to choose to do something positive during lent, rather than something negative like giving up something. Example, do something everyday to help your neighbor (pick their kid up from school, shovel their sidewalk, etc). Some days it was very hard to do something positive! But it made us feel better about the whole Lent thing.

  14. I have never had bread like that before! I am fascinated! As a bread lover of all kinds I need to get my hands on something like that one day!

    Don't feel badly about breaking your lent, and also it was a good lesson learned for Buddy.

  15. Oh, and you have a present at my page! Hugs and kisses, ETW!

  16. The bread sounds wonderful. It would be a hard temptation to skip. Maybe being "forbidden" made it even better.

  17. Keema Nan bread.

    Made in a tandoor oven ideally but alternatives are around us.

    Flat Nan Bread with spicey meat inside.


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  19. I think you did the right thing. You couldn't turn it down, and you had to eat at least one piece of each, so you could tell her how good it was.

  20. I think your motivations in eating the bread (cultural mores and all) overshadow your Lenten FASIL. No! Really! I know the smell of that bread had NOTHING to do with you having a small slice *wink*

  21. My wife also gave up bread for Lent. She keeps asking me things like, "Is pizza considered bread?"

    I gave up Lent for Lent a few years ago and haven't cheated once (not that what you did was "cheat").

  22. A few little slices of bread don't count as cheating.

  23. My son-in-law is from the middle east. Whenever we have visited his family, they offer a tray of snacks and drinks. It's how they show you that you are welcome. Personally, I'm not crazy about middle eastern food, but I always take some to appear nice.

    I think God would understand.