Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Secrets

Here are the Friday Secrets for the week of February 12th:

1. I'm an opiate addict. No one knows this except for my dealers.

2. I leave work twice a day to smoke weed on the clock.

3. I've cheated on everyone I ever dated.

4 I hate children.

5 Once committed armed robbery and got away with it.

6. I told my girlfriend that my sister practiced fellatio on me when we were teenagers and now she is freaked out and won't talk to me. I was 15 and my sister was 17 when this occurred. I know people find this wrong, but I think I came out okay. I only wish my girlfriend would talk to me again.

I received a secret a while back where the sender wrote a PS. "Don't Judge". I'm here to say that I don't. I hope my readers don't either. If you have advice, feel free to share it.

I collect these secrets and post them, so perhaps if someone out there reading has the same secret, they'll know they aren't alone.

Happy Friday, kids! :-)


  1. I won't judge, but I think a Judge would judge armed robbery :>)

    No. 2) Maybe move to Cally, they have more enlightened opinions there :>) I'm thinking about it.

  2. #6 - you ROCK. Who cares about the girlfriend? Call up your sister for another practice session!!! :)

  3. SoLow..expectorate or ingurgitate

  4. Wow. And #2, your coworkers probably appreciate it, I bet you are nice and mellow ;-)

  5. lol who hates children? They aren't all the same you know. Perhaps you shouldn't watch "Children of the corn" anymore.

  6. If it's good enough for you....

    1. I am a vodka addict - although that isn't really a secret...

    2. I once drove a London Bus stoned out of my skull.

    3. I've cheated on everyone I ever dated....ditto...except Caz

    4 I hate being entirely sober

    5 Once stole a girlie mag and got away with it. (aged 13 I think)

    6. An ex girlfirend once agreed to let my best mate shag her if she could hold my hand.

    Heeeeere come de Judge!!!

  7. i think everytime you do these posts, these are just all your own secrets and you are projecting them on us.

    you little minx you!

  8. I have submitted secrets before but not this week... I forgot. Sorry ETW... will try to do better next week.

  9. My secrets just aren't as good as these.

  10. I apparently lead a very dull life.

  11. Let's hope #2 & #4 aren't the same person and they have a job as a school bus driver.

    Of course, if I drove a bus, I'd probably become 2 & 4.

    I bet Thanksgiving dinner is a blast at #6's house. I actually knew a brother and sister that had a similar arrangement, so #6, you aren't alone by any stretch.

    @4D: you are supposed to supposed to submit these anonymously, but we already knew!

  12. Wow... you have so many people with such interesting secrets.

  13. Your blog is so big I feel insignificant. But I keep you on my blogroll because I love You. That could be my Friday Secret.

    Just don't tell the Evil Twin.

  14. Wow. I'm amazed at the stuff folks share. LMAO at 4D and his secret sharing too.

  15. 1. That you acknowledge it is a step at least.

    2. I work in the hotel industry. I've even known of one or two fellow salespeople who have been known to take a toke or two on the clock (not that we have a clock). (And I'm kind of glad they do, can't imagine what they'd be like without it). I would, only whenever I smoke I can't function. It's really only good for the entertainment value when I do. For those with me I mean, not for me.

    3. Then maybe LTR's aren't your cup of tea. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    4. Wow. All of them?

    5. Scary.

    6. Scary.

  16. Wow you really got some good ones this week.I won't judge either but I REALLY want to.

  17. Having posted many secrets of my own, I NEVER judge ... not even a little bit.

    We've all got secrets and letting them out is one of the most freeing experiences!

  18. This. Is a great idea!!!! O ETW - it must have come to you in that moment of bliss between falling asleep and fantastical dream land.