Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In our old neighborhood, we would get a little local paper each week. I would always at least flip through it to see what was going on in the community.

Sometimes, I would find really unusual entries.

Such as this one:


You can click to make it bigger if you have trouble reading them. I can't remember if they were both in the same paper or on consecutive weeks. 

Now, I understand this family is hurting. They lost a loved one in a very violent manner, but does the public in general need to know the gritty details? 

Am I the only one who finds these "In memory" pieces to be odd? 

But, I do like the "greasy bellied" part. I think that's a nice touch. 

I'm outta here. I picked up my van yesterday afternoon and I think I'll actually get out of the house later on! 


  1. January 15, 1984 just wasn't a good day was it?

  2. I like them. Pour out that emotion for the world hear! I like to follow the police blotter in my local paper. I have found some friends and family in there from time to time.

  3. Now that's classy! Gotta love local newspapers. We have an underground tabloid paper in my area. It's brutal.

  4. OK call me strange, but the odd thing that sticks out to me was the use of "loved" at the end instead of "love" on both the postings. To me it's odd because it reads as if they stopped loving him at the point he passed on. Maybe I'm just the odd one ;-)

  5. Dang! Bring out the dirty laundry.

  6. Well, they didn't have blogs back then, so I guess this was their best option. ;-)

    We had a little independent local paper in my area of San Antonio when I lived there. They used some pretty colorful language in the police beat section. I always found it funny.

  7. Doc - Not for this family...

    Karen - I look over the public records at least once a week!

    3M - Yeah, this one had lots of interesting items submitted by readers.

    Ron - I hadn't noticed that. Hmmm.

    Tiff - I know!

    Jay - These ran in the 90s (maybe 10 yr anniversary), but blogs still weren't big back then.

  8. Although it's just a wee bit passive aggressive, I like it! Yes ... odd ... but entertaining!

  9. Reminds me a little of that obit where the kids said mom was an evil bitch and they are glad she's gone. Honestly is the best policy even in tragedy.


  10. LLoyd Price's song Stagger Lee was based on a similar story in which two gamblers were rolling dice in an alley. An argument ensued as to how the dice fell and the winner, Billy left to go to a bar. The loser, Stagger Lee went home and got his gun and went to the bar and shot Billy. Even though the song was a #1 popular hit, Dick Clark would not allow Lloyd to sing the song unless he "cleaned' up the lyrics. So, we may never know what grandpa was doing to place him in a situation that ended in his life being taken. A tragic event it is but they could have memorialized him in a much better light.

  11. OK

    I would think that an In Memory post in a newspaper that you have to pay for would actually focus on the good memories.

    To each their own I guess.

  12. We all know that I have a sick sense of humor. While I found them sad, I also thought they were funny. Yet another reason why I am going to hell.

  13. hehehehe...they tickled my warped funny bone anyroad...

    The Oldham Chronicle from my home town of Lancashire has a section like this.

    I recall one of many classic entries 'in memorium'

    'In memory of our dearly departed Grandad who we thought we had buried last month only to find shortly after the internment that we had been given the wrong body.

    Wherever you are buried Grandad, we love you and miss you'

    I seriously kid you not!

  14. That is pretty good! Funny stuff!

    Hugs - Tiff

  15. I can't believe the paper printed it. But then, I've read the column in the Chas. paper where people complain (can't remember what they call it) and some of that is unbelievable!!

  16. WOW.

    Please place me with those that laughed - in amazement and horror.

    The Snopes link made me gasp in horror AND laugh. We all recover in our own way, I suppose.

  17. Dana - Definitely entertaining!

    Christine - I love that obituary!

    Shiny Rod - I'm sure he got a proper obit in a larger paper, but this is just too much!

    Cara - I guess this family just wanted to vent their spleens.

    Dish - You and me both, sistah!

    4D - That is hilarious!

    Tiff - Leave it to my sick sense of humor to have held onto these things at least 10 yrs!

    Ella - Terrible, but also macabre (in an odd way).

    TGG - That's why they caught my eye. I couldn't believe what I was reading!

    Kenju - That's the Vent Line! Funny stuff there, too.

    Renn - You nailed it - horror and amusement.

  18. I love stuff like this...you have to love a newspaper that will print it! LOL at four dinners...

  19. Those ARE odd.

    @ Shiny Rod, I just read a YA novel for class, and one of the characters was a girl nicknamed Stagger Lee. The title of the novel is "The House You Pass Along the Way." In the novel, the girl's grandfather sang the song.

  20. Doesn't sound like those murders have ever been brought to justice. I guess that can drive someone to print something like that. But the In Memory thing, that's not how that poor man should be remembered.

  21. OMG! That is funny and I don't mean to disrespect the dead...but dang family get a grip!