Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's The Age of Aquarius

Today marks my second baby's birthday. She's four today! I can't believe it's been four years already.

Sissy was my 9th pregnancy. She was born at 39 weeks (full term), 7lbs, 5 oz and almost 20 inches long. This was after I had been diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder that leads to miscarriage.

The "cure" for this disorder is blood thinner in the order of injections to the belly twice a day for the duration of the pregnancy.

The day I found out I was pregnant with her was the day of Buddy's last day of school and the school picnic. I came home, hot and frazzled, since the picnic takes place at a local park. It was the end of his first grade year. I really wanted some wine for the evening, but decided to take a pregnancy test...I mean, we had been trying, so even though my monthly friend wasn't due for another 5 days, I figured better to be safe than sorry.

Besides, I had a boat load of the $1 pregnancy sticks from the Dollar Store. I almost passed out when I saw 2 lines!

Luckily, I still had Lovenox (the blood thinner injection) left over from the failed pregnancy before and I had enough to get me started. I did my first injection that night.

Now, regular old time readers will know that needles don't bother me - I had been injecting myself daily for 7 years at that point with the medication I take to manage my MS. I went off that injection and onto Lovenox - instead of one injection a day, I now had TWO. Lucky me!

I went into the obs office the next morning for blood work, then again 2 days later. Everything looked great. A few weeks later, I had my first ultrasound that showed a strong heartbeat and a healthy little bean.

Because of my high risk (age, medical problems), I was closely monitored and even rented a hospital grade fetal doppler, so I could listen to her heart beat as much as I wanted. I typically did it in the morning and again before I went to bed.

I had about 25 ultrasounds with her. We knew she was a girl from early on. I refused all testing other than ultrasounds because I don't trust those tests (that's a whole different blog - I'll spare you the details for now).

As time drew near, we scheduled the c-section for February 2. I already had a January baby and the garnet birthstone. I wanted that pretty amethyst too! LOL.

After 39 weeks, I was a mess of bruises:

I had gained 13 lbs (not for lack of trying, though - I had a very healthy appetite!). Those are size 4 maternity jeans from the Gap - the only place I could find clothes to fit.

The Evil Twin and I made the trek to the hospital early. The nurses came in to shave me, but we all know I take care of that business myself. The one nurse said, "You don't have to bother, she's done the work herself." LOL. I'm serious, you honestly lose all manner of modesty when having a baby is involved.

Once again, the Evil Twin held my hand and sat by my side during the operation. My OB pulled her out and waggled her over the screen and said, "Hi, Mommy!" She was a mess! But so lovely. A lovely, lovely mess.

She was born on Thursday morning around 10:50 am and we were discharged from the hospital on Saturday. I don't think I laid her down for more than a few minutes the entire time! I loved on her, nursed her, slept with her in my arms, ate my meals while she nursed and longed to be home with my family. My WHOLE family. All four of us. I knew we were complete.

What a fat little sweetie! :-)

And now, she is four! She loves to color. She loves Spongebob. She loves photography, so she got a REAL (not a kiddie) camera for her birthday:

It's a 10 mp with all the bells and whistles. I found it for the same price as the 1.3 mp "kiddie" cameras and felt like, "WTH?" Get her the nicer one. She's very gentle with it and LOVES capturing all her favorite things.

She's my baby, but she's also my big girl. I love her more than I can express. Plus, we have cake for after dinner tonight! I love cake, too. LOL.


  1. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Sissy!!!

    I know she will love to take pictures with the camera.

  2. What a sweet story and another sweet miracle.

    Now, the size 4 maternity jeans? Yeah-disgusting! Lol you know I love ya!

  3. With all the negative b.s. we all endure everyday it sure is nice to read a positive,happy story!

  4. Love, love, love her baby pic! My girl loves Sponge-Bob, too. She never laughs as hard as when she is watching that show. You are a wonderful momma.

  5. Happy Birthday Sissy! Where does the time go? Cherish these moments because it goes by way to fast!

    PS Despite only gaining 15 pounds you look wonderful and healthy. What a beautiful baby bump you had!

  6. Happy Birthday Sissy! I hope you'll share her pictures too :)

    I love kiddo's pictures.

  7. Happy B-Day sissy.

    They grow up way to fast. My youngest turned 4 in November and I am now trying to convince him to have no more birthdays.

  8. Great memories. I love thinking back to my babies' births. It's too bad they grow so quickly, isn't it? I agree about the cameras. The kiddie ones are a ripoff.

  9. Happy Birthday, Sissie! '

    I hope you will let her read this post when she is old enough to understand what you went through to have her! Amazing!

  10. What a happy birthday for Sissy! Very fancy new camera too! Congratulations on being the mom of a 4 year old!

  11. I read the first line of your post. "todays my daughter's second birthday. She's four today". I thought you had lost your mind. LOL But, no, it was me.

    Happy birthday little lady. :-)

  12. Happy Birthday Sissy!!! So now we know who has been taking all those pictures of you! :-)

  13. Happy B-day to Sissy! I am so glad that it all worked out for you. not that you had to endure so much heart ache to have her, but that you do. It gives me faith for myself, and I know it makes you appreciate your children more.

    Much love to you, ETW!

  14. Happy Birthday, to both of you. What a lovely, moving blog, and what a lovely baby.

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sissy!

    I can see why you didn't put her down. I can't decide if she looks intrigued or annoyed.

  16. You can't just spring that on me! I'm pregnant! *tears*

    And now I want cake.

    Truly sweet story.

  17. Very nice ETW. My SIL is right now pregnant and has a similar course of treatment for her clotting disorder. It's tough but I am so glad for you and her that such treatments exist. I know you love that girl so much...congratulations on her birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday Sissy ! ETW - you are an amazing woman !!

  19. Happy belated birthday Sissy!