Monday, March 2, 2009

The Big Girl Bed

Sissy's big girl bed came in on Friday - right on time. I was so worried. The furniture store had given us a delivery estimate of between 3 and 6 pm.

I am often at Buddy's school until right around 3 pm, waiting for him. We made it home in plenty of time. Then, I had to worry about the Friday Night Fish Fry. The Knights of Columbus at my parish hosts these every year.

The fifth grade students work them to earn tip money to do their end of year graduation trips. Basically, they carry trays for people, clear tables, refill drinks, etc. They also get a free meal out of it! But, Buddy needed to be back to school by 4:50 PM and the Evil Twin and I planned on hanging around a few extra minutes and then have dinner (they start serving at 5 PM).

I hoped that the bedding would be delivered early and it was! So, by 4 PM, the mattress and box spring was here! Yay!

We took Buddy back to the school in time and had a great fish dinner. He had to work the dinner until 7 PM, so in that time frame we came home and set up Sissy's new bed and removed the crib.

Here's her new set up (for now):

You can't really get the colors here, but the top cover is a super light green and matches some of the flowers from the sheets.

Here is a close-up on the flowers:

For now, we have the bed longwise up against a wall and will use a bed rail on the left hand exposed side. Eventually, we will clear out the room and move crap around.

So far, so good. She wakes up and just chatters (we hear her on the monitor). But, I think she'll be like her brother and just stay in bed. Buddy used to sit in his big boy bed and call "Mommy!" Even though he knew he could get out of his bed by himself.

And, that is your public service announcement to keep the babies in the crib until they're three! Much easier!


  1. gosh that brings back such memeories- little ones in big beds.....i would so love to have had another babe xx

  2. Glad the Big Girl bed is a success story. I would so go to a fish fry.... if I liked fish. Are they boneless by any chance?

  3. The bedding and big girl bed look great! I bet she was so excited!! My daughter will be 3 in May and she is still in her crib...and you are right...much easier! lol. However we are getting her a new bed for her birthday and trying it. Hopefully she stays like yours!

  4. How exciting. It looks so beautiful and girly..I love it ! She's so lucky, she must feel like a princess

  5. Lovely colors - she has to be happy. One small step for giant step for MOM. Next - completely potty trained. then dating!!!!!

  6. That's a huge step up from crib to big bed! I am sure she'll love it! Cool sheets too...we are about to redo daughter's room...maybe with lady bugs! Anyhow, flowers would fit right in!

  7. Lisa - she looks so tiny in it, but seems to enjoy the comfort. I'm fine with this being the last one. :-)

    Ron - they also have breaded shrimp and that's what I eat. I'm not a fish fan, either. But, Buddy and the ET seem to love the fish.

    Lisha - she does love it. It's very comfy.

    The Girl - She does seem to love it.

    themom - She's doing VERY well on the potty training (knock wood). Whew! All these transitions.

    Warren - Kohl's is where I found those. They had a nice selection - I think Target has a good selection too.

  8. Oh, that is so pretty! I bet she has the sweetest dreams in that =0)

  9. Awwww. how very sweet. Sissy should love her big girl bed. My little ones took to theirs very nicely because I told them that that made them big kiddo's now. Then....I told them to get a job to which they totally ignored for the nest 14 years. They never listen. Ours are all grown up now and guess what?? They still don't listen.....imagine that :)
    I love to visit your blog Hausfrau....I always smile here..

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Very cute! I kept my girls in their crib as long as possible too!! :)

  11. Oh that's so pretty! Colourful flowers and a satin trim to rub between your fingers to lull you to sleep ... Move over Sissy ... make room for Aunty Mo!

  12. Very pretty ! I'm sure you'll have lots of great conversations in Sissy's new bed! Totally agree, keep em behind rails till they're three ! LOL

  13. Had to take my daughter out of her crib at about 2 1/2....she hated it! She actually went to sleep quicker in her 'real' bed than she did the crib.

  14. It looks so comfy! Makes me want to climb back into my own Big Girl bed!

  15. Great bed. And yes, I liked to leave mine alone for as long as possible!

  16. Leighmo - I want to snuggle with her so bad - it's comfy!

    Reggie - I'm beginning to think that the pitch of my voice is outside of my kids' hearing range!

    TGG - it worked out so well for both of mine - neither were "climbers".

    Crazy Mo - how'd you know she does that?? Seriously, that's why I bought that one! :-)

    powdergirl - I can't wait to have a sleep over with her! :-)

    Efen - they're all so different, aren't they? I can't say as I blame your daughter - those crib mattresses feel hard.

    Vevay - Me too!

    Debbie - Thanks. I wanted something "cute" but not babyish. And, I'm glad that both of mine cooperated on the "wait 'til three" thing! :-)

  17. What a big girl! I love the colors in her blanket. Very happy colors and shapes. Congrats to Sissy!

  18. Very exciting for Sissy and I like the pattern. Neutral flowers or shapes and stuff makes so much more sense than the character bedding that they may grow out of quickly!

  19. Very exciting for Sissy and I like the pattern. Neutral flowers or shapes and stuff makes so much more sense than the character bedding that they may grow out of quickly!

  20. That's so cute! You are lucky that they don't get out of bed. Baylee usually ends up in our bed a couple times a week. Sometimes I don't even know she crawls in bed with us. And, even to the point where I move to the middle for her without waking up. She will cover herself up and go back to sleep!

    Hugs - Tiff

  21. I think I worked out my comments issue.

    Anyway, congratulations to Sissy! I can't wait until Rampage is out of his crib and we can put him in a regular bed. We're considering getting a bunk bed for him, but I have gotten mixed reviews.

  22. JFab - she picked those herself!

    Vinomom - I agree, plus those character sheets are usually of poor quality. I like a good thread count.

    Tiff - at least she will go back to sleep! I don't mind sharing if I still can snooze for a bit.

    Lauren - I can't imagine what could have caused the comment issues. We'll have to email. I like the bunk beds/loft beds, but heard they are hard to make up...

  23. Hooray for big girl beds! The sheets and blanket are pretty, too.

  24. what an awesome bed! I love the pattern on the sheets. I can't believe sleeping in a big kid bed comes so soon!

  25. Too bad you weren't in your 'crystal ball mode' for the next day with the whole vomiting incident. Good thing it's a pale green!

    Pretty choice though.