Monday, March 23, 2009

Model Kit Widow

I had received an email from the Evil Twin about a week or so ago that included a link to an item he was interested in owning. Since he is turning 50 this year (in July) and he has wanted this thing since he was 9, I felt it was appropriate to order it for him:

Here's the link he sent me: Big Frankie.

I thought it was a figure. He is into all the Universal monsters and the horror films from the 30s, 40s and 50s. So, I ordered it.

He had been concerned that, since it was a re-issue, that it would be quick to sell out and may not be available by the time his actual birthday rolls around.

It arrived on Thursday and that's when I realized it isn't just a figure at all, it is a model kit. One that has to be built and painted.

So, he spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday working on his model - he loves this kind of thing....

However, it left me a model kit widow for most of the weekend.

He works on these things in his workshop room downstairs, so that leaves me upstairs to tend to the kids.

And trust me, even though they are 8 years apart in age, they bicker like any other siblings.

It gets maddening after a while.

I just tried to block it out as I continued to do my Sunday crossword puzzle and cryptoquip.

Eventually, he decided to take a break and join the rest of us.

Just in time for me to start dinner. I did Easy Beef and Broccoli, but added sugar snap peas, onions, and water chestnuts. This dish is always a winner for my crew.

Who knew a little ol' family from West Virginia would be addicted to Hoisin sauce? I had never even heard of it before this recipe (I always add extra!).

So where will the Evil Twin's Frankenstein model end up once it is complete? Enquiring minds want to know....

Around here, who knows?

Might be here:

Probably not. That's the tin litho robot shelves.

Maybe here?


But, you just don't know what you might see around here at any turn.

These are all down in the Evil Twin's office and man den. I often say, "Our house is a museum.... The Addams Family!" LOL.

I'll be sure to post pics of the final model that the Evil Twin builds and paints. I'm not sure how many hours he'll have to put into it. But, it makes me happy that he's doing a hobby he loves and with a model kit he has waited 41 years to get his hands on.


  1. I couldn't see `DRAGula` there?????? A must in such a collection.

  2. Hi Etw, I just checked out your recipe ~ sounds fabby and easy. What is Catalina Dressing? Is it like mayonnaise/ coleslaw dressing or more like a salad dressing? xxx♥

    P.S I would near poop myself If I ran into 'Frank' on my way to the loo!

  3. My wife would have one question regarding the awesome shelves full of fun stuff: And just who is going to dust all that?

  4. Prince would love that as well Glamerous Hausfrau. He loves all things related to old horror flix as well. How sweet that was of you to order that for Evil Twin (since men so love these kinds of things, I'll bet you got to make good use of the towel cabinet.....sorry I couldn't resist and I still laugh about that one. Your sense of humor is awesome!!).
    The Addams family huh?? da da da dum (snap, snap) da da da dum (snap, snap)......around here maybe it shoud be "nap, nap" instead, lol.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Either those shelves are really high up, or you have the best behaved kids in the world. My sons would have had those collections in ruins when they were little.
    Beef and broccoli, always hit at my house too : )

  6. ET is a huge nerd! I love the Cryptkeeper though...

  7. LOL!

    You have to come over to our house sometime- it's kindred. Awesome :)That model is fantastic.

  8. Is the man den/office Sissy's favorite place to explore in your home? My daughter loves my husband's office!

  9. Don't worry he'll come back to you. Frank doesn't have the cleavage you do.

  10. oh gosh- i love EVIL TWIN- what a collection- most impressive xx
    now, about your boobs.......

  11. He's still a kid at heart, isn't he?? :)

  12. Hee! I found Robbie the Robot! My fave! I guess he just does movies tho -- no "Lost In Space" robot ("Warning Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!")

    I'll have to post photos of David's model room and airport. Yes, airport.

  13. Hogday - He had a "Dragula". I think he sold it.

    Natalie - Catalina is a tomato based salad dressing. Do you all have Russian dressing there? That might be the closest I can think of. Actually, you could just use the hoisin and it would still be great.

    Dave - it's the Evil Twin's area. He's responsible for keeping it tidy.

    Reggie - I've always just humored him with his collecting mentality. No towels were in harm's way this weekend - too much model building! LOL.

    powdergirl - The shelves are high, but both our kids have been taught the "do not touch" rule for Daddy's collections.

    JA - I prefer to think of him as "interesting". At least he has a passion in life.

    Maura - I'll have pics of it during and after completion.

    Gigi - both kids like to look at the shiny stuff in Dad's office!

    Ron - I know, right? Once that thing is finished, he's all mine again! (maybe I should buy another one? LOL).

    Lisa - He loves this stuff. I think it's neat, too.

    TGG - That's what makes him so much fun, I think. :-)

    Juanuchis - He loves all tin robots, maybe he hasn't seen a "Lost in Space" one he wanted yet. I'd love to see David's collections.

  14. My husband has an entire room dedicated to his star trek stuff..models, figurines and the like. I can relate. Although I don't let them creep out. They know their place. :-)

    Maybe the two years make the difference but my kids are ten years apart and my son is like another parent. They have never had a "fight" about anything. I don't know off hand the sex of your kids but maybe it is because my son went into protection mode the minutes he held his little sis in his arms.

  15. that is an impressive collection. the tin robots... i am obsessed with them. i'm getting one tattooed as soon as i get the money...

    and the black girl with the afro is my new girlfriend.

    damn! that is an awesome collection!

  16. It's like a museum. You should charge your guests an admission fee. :)

  17. What is it with men and their toys? My hubby collects Star Wars figures because he LOVED the movie as a kid and has to have as many as he can. He has slowed down though so we can save some money, but Men..I swear lol. They are too much!! the robots are awesome though!!

  18. Wow! I did not know you could get kits and build those things. Wish my hubby was interested in them. Looks like they take up less room than model trains, lol!

    P.S.: The Neilsen Diary- it's actually pre-formatted & takes me less time to write down the show than to sign into my blog.

  19. That is the coolest collection that I have ever seen! I have never seen one quite like that though! I'm anxious to see the finished product.

  20. Top shelf, 4th from the left - the Cyclops from "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad". Nerdgasm!

  21. We have a fantastic recipe for flat iron steak that uses hoisin is great stuff! We are addicted too!

  22. The shelves upon shelves of "figurines" reminds me of the 40-year-old virgin...

  23. I know what you mean about being left to fend for the kids... I am a restaurant management widow - hehe. Every weekend I get both kids all to my lonesome.

  24. Hoisin sauce = magic ingredient :)

  25. Christine - The Evil Twin says he has some Star Trek items for your husband (MIB). Also, my oldest is a boy, youngest is a girl. He's very overprotective and good to her out in public, but at home - they go at each other! She's only 3, though and very bossy (hard to handle, even for me sometimes).

    fattie20xl - She is known by "Milk Chocolate" - a limited edition collection. I'll have to find out who sculpted her.

    3C - We should! Like a quarter or something! LOL.

    Lisha - the Evil Twin has slowed down over the years too. He just buys things that he finds interesting.

    Carolyn - it's the same sort of kits, like the cars, etc. Just a different subject matter.

    JFab - He doesn't really consider it a collection as much as "things he just likes".

    Hacksaw - I'm sure you're right. I know nothing about these things!

    Warren - what is up with that stuff?

    Ginger - Only mine is a 50 year old Hottie and Pervert!

    Alex - that restaurant biz is brutal!

    rebecca - I know! What is in that stuff? It's like crack!

  26. funny, but real. I like that

  27. Who'd of guessed! Now I want to see the evil twin himself!!

    Adams Family and Superman.. hmm..they do need to stay separated...

  28. How big is the model? I can't tell from your photo of it.

  29. Mr.Man disappears into the garage for days on end when he gets involved in a project.
    I have learned to go about my business just like he's away on a business trip.

  30. I fear Curmy's manland. He dusts nothing. It's all motorcycle stuff, books, more CDs than most stores have, Patriots shit, and like ZOMG RED SOX. Really, he covets Jimmy Fallon's apartment in that Red Sox movie he and Drew Berrymore did. Seen it a hundred times, never can remember the name.

  31. Wow that is quite some collection!
    I do love the fact that he finally got to build a model he waited so long for. That is so sweet! :o)

  32. Hey at least he has a hobbie and it's at home where you need him! My husband's is golfing...takes 5 hours to play and costs minimum of $60...thank goodness he doesn't get to play as much as he would like.

    Kind of a cool hobby if you ask me:)

  33. Shhhh...don't tell but hoisin is magic

  34. David - Thanks!

    Jan - we like anything kitschy like that....

    kenju - I think the box says 19 inches? It's larger than the average model kit.

    BG - They *can* get very involved in their projects!

    BB - Perhaps you should get a Swiffer duster and just go over it real quick... Or, not. Your choice.

    Penelope - I didn't tell him I ordered it, so when he opened it, the look on his face was priceless!

    Chandra - This one cost nearly $80, but yep, at least he's at home!

    Warren - or crack. Perhaps crackmagic. I wish I could find bigger jars of it!

  35. That's an ecclectic collection ET has! I guess some men hold their childhood fun - close to heart. that is great. He will now have a happy 50th when it comes around.

  36. Very cool pictures - what an awesome collection. I hope we get to see a pic of Frankie when ET finishes him!

  37. Ah yes, the Evil Twin, his Glamorous Hausfrau and their house of horrors. I love it and it is like a museum, not to mention, you do have very well behaved children.

    You know, the Evil Twin isn't the only one with skills in your household that could assist me in my endeavor...

  38. That is quite the collection!! I wouldn't mind at all if Scott spent his day doing something useful and hobby related. But Tv is his only hobby.

    Very sweet of you to order him another add on for his collection

  39. You are a very loving and patient wife to have all those displayed everywhere!

  40. you are a good wife....Steve collects models of Chevrolets....old ones. They are stacked to the ceiling in his hamster cage aka his office.

  41. themom - He does love all the childhood memories.

    Momma - I've got in progress pics already, so we'll have an entire expose!

    Inanna - Thanks for the sweet words about my kids. :-) And, I guess I could help. I kin spel gud. (proofreading).

    Vinomom - I ordered it, but he's the one still paying for it! LOL.

    Debbie - these things are only in our lower level (in and around his office). I reserve the main living area to be free of kitschy figurines.

  42. rosemary - if the worst vice our husbands have is collecting cars or robots, I think we're both lucky wives! :-)

  43. I'm a musician widow most of the time.. especially when he and his gaggle of musically inclined buddies happen to pile up at my pad.

  44. Darn! I kept scrolling down hoping to see a pic of all 583 billion pez dispensers, but none to be found. Do you still have all of them?
    I bet ET is having a blast!

  45. holy collection batman! can't wait to see the finished product and where it gets displayed!

  46. You didn't wait for his actual birthday to give it to him??

  47. I relate to the ET's model thing somewhat. My own vice has always been model battleships, mostly WWII, which I construct in a workshop-like space, leaving my own wife as a model widow.

  48. There is nothing humorous or twisted about your sadly mundane blog. Just thought someone should tell you.