Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing Frank - UPDATE about Milk Chocolate

The Evil Twin finally finished up his exciting model kit at some point last week, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

I was able to get a few shots of it during the painting process.

Random parts in the workshop room:

A close up of his head:

The hands:

The finished product:

He is 19 inches high and a very large model. Can you imagine the inner child who wanted this kit so much as a 9 year old finally getting a chance to build and paint it as a nearly 50 year old professional designer? The Evil Twin's talents surprise me, even after 17 years of knowing and loving him.

And, I know... I don't really "get" his love for these things, but seeing the love and detail he brings to each one is enough for me.

I'm going to leave you all with 4 more pictures of our OLD collections. It makes the stuff we saw last week just pale in comparison. Feel free to click on each photo to "embiggen" and take a tour of the massive amount of TOYS!

We DO NOT own these things presently. The Evil Twin goes through phases where he'll collect one sort of thing, like advertising figures, pez, and soakie bottles, then he'll sell them all on eBay.

We don't own this stuff, either anymore:

Also sold on eBay:

And more of the FORMER collection:

Believe it or not, the collections we had then were in a much smaller house (like, half the size) of the house we have now. Thank goodness for eBay and such.

Now, we only have thousands of DVDs and CDs and a few interesting toy collections. I'll leave you with one more pic I just happen to love.

It's Bossy Bear!

PS. Since so many commenters have asked about the "Milk Chocolate" figure, the Evil Twin sent me this information:

Since people keep asking, we really need to give Spencer Davis a p-p-plug. Here’s the URL to his site where he sells the Booty Babe sculptures:

Booty Babe Art NSFW

You can tell your readers that I HIGHLY recommend dealing with him, and that I consider the $70 or so spent on Milk Chocolate was the best 70 bucks I ever spent, and that the package came packed like it could withstand a nuclear blast. I can’t rave enough about the quality of his work and his customer service ethic. Aside from being a talented artist he’s also one hell of a nice guy!

So, that's from the Evil Twin. He says these are limited edition sculptures and Milk Chocolate is already sold out. But, you can check out the other sculptures!


  1. wow and then wow again-that is one hell of alot of dusting my dear sister in cleavage !!

  2. Forget Bossy Bear who is that cocoa bikini clad lovely next to him???

  3. ron no! that's my woman! i called dibs!!!!! although she's got enough chocolate buttercups for the whole class...

  4. That's a RIDONKULOUS amount of toys! I spotted Snap, Crackle, and Pop! I really like the Pez collection. It would be cool to be able to look through all of those figures. Did I see some scrubbing bubbles, too?

  5. Gee! All I get at my house is rusty swords and old muskets. I'd prefer the colorful toy collection. It's awesome!

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  7. There would *so* have to be a very, very fool-proof lock on the door if those items were in my house! Has Buddy or Sissy ever asked (or not asked!) to look at any of the collected items?

  8. HOLY KA-MOLY!!! That's some collections!! Whadda you gonna do when Buddy & Sissy start collectin' too???? Love the fact that ET is such a kid at heart!! :)

  9. OOHHH.......I love it!! I have some type of obsession with Frank ever since I first read Shelley....
    Either it's that or maybe I'm just a little freaky. Could be both??
    (The Planter's Peanut dude kind of turned me on a lil Hausfrau.....leave it to you to post his picture WITH Frank. Dammit..)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. That is a lot of toys. I shudder at the thought of keeping all of them dust and fingerprint free.

    They look like a lot of fun, though!

  11. OMG!! I thought my hubby was bad lol. That is a lot of toys..but somehow I do get it. If I could...i would have every Barbie out there and probably play with them At least it is toys :) he did a great job completing Frank :)

  12. Wow... thast alot of toys!!1 Doe she let u have alot of Toys??? lol
    Who is the black lady in the last pic??
    Cst KO

  13. Pez Dispensers!!! I love those things.

    Bossy Bear is cute. :)

    So, is he a fan of Robot Chicken? That show is so wrong, but I have to admit, it cracks me up to see all these familiar toys in each episode.

  14. I used to think that you could never have enough toys. But now I'm not so sure. haha

    Frank is very cool though.

  15. Lisa - All these have found new homes thanks to eBay.

    Ron - see updated info under my signature.

    Fattie20xl - check the link and see what the artist has done new!

    Ginger - he used to collect advertising art and memorabilia.

    BG - now, we just have a smaller collection.

    Gigi - the kids do ask to see certain figures sometimes. They are allowed to look at them, but not play with them.

    TGG- the stuff in the four middle pictures is all gone now. I guess if the kids start collecting, we'll just build more shelves.

    Reggie - I always liked Mr. Peanut too. Too bad the Evil Twin stopped collecting advertising figures.

    A. - They're someone else's problems now!

    Lisha - He goes through phases, now we're just down to the tin robots and a few other items.

    CstKO - I collect Hallmark ornaments and those only come out once a year!

    rebecca - I don't think he watches Robot Chicken. I'll have to ask.

    Jay - The massive collection has been liquidated to eBay years ago. He only keeps a few smaller things now.

  16. I love love love Frank....Can I come over to your house to play ! I swear I'll be careful and pick up all my toys when I'm done.

  17. I hope he kept the Barak Obama figurine showing in picture #1, upper left, wearing a suit and red tie! That's priceless! (yes, I know it's Alfred E. Neuman, but from a distance....)

    He must be a real Frankie fan! I can see at least four or five (or more) others in that pic! Too cool! I would never have been able to give them up!

  18. You, my dear, are a fantastically supportive wife!
    Evil Twin should be more careful though, that Frank is a pretty hawwt character to be leaving at home with the wife, he could be seeing some competition for your affections.
    Great pictures, too. :-)

  19. Wow, Milk Chocolate has a sexy nurse friend. Wish I could pull off her look!
    You must have the best behaved children in the whole world with a collection like that around!

  20. My wife always says it is better that I collect stuff than new women so I guess you are lucky!

  21. My goodness, that's some serious obession :)

  22. Thank goodness (GAWD) someone that collects more than I do. Dusting can be therapeutic.

  23. He does a rather good manicure!!
    I can't believe those collections. Just incredible!!
    I still love the fact that he got to do this after so long waiting. Bless you for bring out his inner little boy :o)

  24. Maybe a NSFW tag on that link, eh?

    I SO want those Kool-Aid mugs. It's like I was 10 years old again jus' looking at them.

  25. How I wish I still had my 'McDonalds plastic plates', my Smurf glass set, etc...

    Yes, thank GOD for Craigslist, Ebay, etc. Interesting stuff!

  26. Good lord that's a lot of knick knacks! That's what I call stuff like that. I think my OCD would kill me if I tried to collect something! :)

    Big Hugs - Tiff

  27. Wow - cool! Iespecially admire the Pez. I have a Pez collection... somewhere.

  28. Wow! Thank goodness for Ebay, you reckon? I have more than a hundred Beanie Kids to get rid of.......hmmmm

  29. The Girl - I'm sure the Evil Twin would actually let you touch a few of his toys (and no, I don't mean that in a dirty way!).

    K(arla) - Yes, he still has Alfred E. Neuman and also kept his Frankensteins. He still collects the old Universal monsters.

    Powdergirl - all his toys keep him out of trouble! :-)

    Tamis - the shelves are high and they have both been taught to not touch daddy's "decorations".

    Warren - Yes, I'm a lucky gal! ;-)

    Michelle - back when he was THAT serious, we spent a lot of time at flea markets and yard sales. LOL.

    rosemary - I think we could all just move to a commune and get along famously!

    Penelope - He keeps things interesting around here. :-)

    Tiff - Sorry, I was in such a hurry to update (and run out the door again), I didn't even think of it. It's been done, now. Those Kool Aid cups did indeed rock.

    Red - It's fun to collect it for a while, but then we start to run out of room!

    Tiff - See, the Evil Twin's OCD says, "There's just no way I can live without THAT!" LOL.

    Alex - When you unearth them, be careful... some are worth big bucks today.

    Natalie - Get on that eBay with those Beanies! :-)

  30. I am without words. Holy Shit. You guys must be loaded with all the loot you made selling that stuff. You are serious collectors. I could never get any collection off the ground past like five items. WOW!

  31. Yay! A blast from the past seeing those pez! thanks for the memory!

  32. I love the Pez collection. One year out of the blue I started giving my kids Pez for every holiday - Easter, Christmas, Birthdays etc. Now they just expect it even though they are in their early 20's.

    I'm digging those Booty Babes. If I had that when I was 13, I'da never left the house.

  33. Amazing!

    I'm going to ask Spencer Davis if he can make a Booty Babe that looks like ME!


  34. I thought I had a lot of stuff, but you had me beat!!

  35. Holy cow! and I thought my hubby had a lot!!

  36. now those are collections if I have ever seen one... I think I collect scrapbook paraphenalia... I do use it but not at the rate I buy it!

  37. Where do/did you have room for all that stuff in your house? And how much DUSTING did you have to do? Dusting puts a quick end to thoughts I have of having too much stuff around.