Monday, March 9, 2009

Power of Threes

I don't know what it is with me, but when I buy things - particularly clothing items - I tend to buy them in threes.

When Buddy was in Kindergarten at his private school, back then, the Kindergarten kids didn't have to wear a uniform, but starting in First Grade, I bought three of everything he needed. Even though it's all the same. Three light blue short sleeve button down shirts, three light blue long sleeved button down shirts, three navy blue shorts, three navy blue long pants. But only one tie, one sweater, one belt, one pair of dress shoes. But I did stock up on lots of navy blue socks. One can never have too many socks.

I guess my reasoning is I do laundry so often, I know I'll do it at least half way during the week for sure, that will give everyone enough clothes for the rest of the week.

We went shopping at Kohl's this past weekend - everyone needed new Spring/Summer clothes, plus I had a coupon for 30% off. Most items were purchased in threes. Myself? I found three pair of denim shorts that I liked.

Then, I had a $10 off coupon from Old Navy and a coupon to save 15% off everything, so I went online later and found three shirts I liked.

We all try to wear things for as long as possible here. Of course, the kids grow and need different sizes, but the Evil Twin and I wear things until they are literally falling apart.

Most of my favorite shirts have holes in them, so I really needed some new ones.

Trust me, I don't like spending money if I can help it.

However, the "girls" need new photographic opportunities.

Now, for only two of somethings:

I keep forgetting to add my "real" signature!


  1. woo hoo- and there they are again !!!
    a stroll down mammery lane........
    beautiful !
    my friend the goddess.........
    My son, now in Hihg School, wears white shirts to school,a dn becasue he is a grub like most boys that age, I have SEVEN of them in rotation between the soaking buckets and folded cleaning washing.
    I am not called Lady of the Laundry for nothing !!!

  2. Nice of you to take the girls out for a spin this fine Monday morning! LOL... Hmmmm... you gotta watch those tan lines perhaps you should go au natural :)

  3. Well, Good Morning to you, too!

    We have five white short sleeved shirts, six uniforms, two long sleeved shirts (one yellow, one white), three navy cardigans, two green cardigans, six pairs of blue knee-hi socks, four pairs of navy tights and three pairs of white tights.

    Whew! I guess I'm just
    inconsistent as hell.

    I'm thinking this says a lot about a persons personality...

  4. I love love love Old Navy shirts..they are so comfy and fit so good. Your girls are lovely today, it's nice to see them again :)

  5. JA - that's my signature look!

    Lisa - If the shirts were white, I'd buy multiples of 3, maybe even 9. :-)

    Ron - the Evil Twin is all about the tan lines.

    MsPulp - At least you don't have to do laundry as often (although I suspect with a family of 5, you do plenty).

    The Girl - I love their stuff too. Especially long sleeve tops - they're the only place that makes them long enough for my arms.

  6. Wow Rosemary! I don't remember THOSE girls! But whoo-hoo! You go girl! If ya got it.. ;-) LOL!

    Mine currently have some rockin' tan lines themselves from this weekend's horse shows (Hannah). Was offered $ to post them online, but if my friends get wind of your free flaunting, my money making opportunities will be out the window.

    Jeez... LOL!

  7. ...does that shirt even button?

    i usually like things in 2's.. and not just boobs. i have a slight case of OCD and i need things to come in prime numbers... otherwise i get bothered...

    like, 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19... etc

    or at least in patterns (like 3 groups of 5...)

  8. Hey, I had pictures of lovely tomatoes on my site today too, but none so large as yours!

  9. For some strange reason, when I logged in, I started singing, "Almost heaven, West Virginia....

  10. While thats a great more (less) button would really 'spice' it up ;) Hehe...

  11. Nice to see the girls on a chilly Monday morning! I too love Old Navy tops with the whole gorilla arm thing I have going on! ;)

  12. Um, well, not sure what to say about the girls lol. I do like the shirt though.

    We have been putting off buying new clothes for a while, but the older kids do need things...sigh.

    PS I posted about my newest loaf of the B word, but spared you having to look at a pic of it :).

  13. I vote this be a regular monday morning feature. Got my week going for sure!

  14. Damn woman, you've got enough muchachas for 3....

    I do that too, but the 'What Not to Wear' people frown on buying in multiples. I don't care!!!

  15. Nice tan-lines! I'm totally jealous of the adorable freckles though, do you get them across the bridge of your nose as well?
    That has got to be my favorite facial accent, so if you do, I'll double the jealous.

  16. That's funny. My husband wears t-shirts and khahki cargo shorts...all.the.time. Literally, he does not wear jeans, ever. So, at least he's easy to shop for! And me, if I find a t-shirt I like, I always buy at least 2. Great minds think alike!

  17. Holy smokes! I wasn't expecting those two:)

  18. That awesome pic is almost 3D! At least double D. ;-)

  19. Lori - they came courtesy of the kids. You know how you hear pregnancy boobs are just "loaners"? Mine were keepers! :-)

    fattie20xl - yep, it buttons. I don't actually wear that one in public. LOL.

    Buzzardbilly - The tomatoes on your page look divine!

    Hogday - LOL.

    Efen - the Evil Twin took two pictures. I chose the "cleanest" one. LOL.

    Trisha - I know, don't my tan lines just make you think "beach" and "sunshine"?

    Chris - It's hard to put it off when they're growing like weeds... And you have lots growing at your house!

    Anon - it could be a weekly feature. Or, we could keep it random. Any thoughts?

    Red - if I can find one thing I like the style, I'm grabbing multiples.

    Powdergirl - yes, I have freckles on my nose too. I cover them up with make up!

    Gigi - us moms often choose the path of least resistance. :-)

    Debbie - Stick around - they're a regular feature. :-)

  20. Scott - you know your sizes well. :-)

  21. If you've got it, flaunt it!

  22. Beautiful...and staying consistent, I see you went with three buttons...4 is my lucky number, but that's just me!

    Oh yeah, and tan lines! I really like tan lines...thanks for reminding me of everything that is good about the sun!

  23. Morning girls!

    What IS your evil mistress's name?

    Bring on the signature.xx

  24. I used to buy things in threes, but mostly canned goods.

    One of my residents at work gave me a piece of good advice when her boob popped out (of the bottom) of her sweater and I said "Don't show everyone"

    She said, "well that's what they're there for!"


  25. WOW! Feels like my birthday all over again...thanks!

    What an excellent idea for a weekly feature! Thanks Anon!

    Many thanks to the photographer, too.

  26. Thanks my husband wants me to start a blog so he can take pictures of my boobs.

    I hope you're satisfied ;)

  27. Loved reading everyone elses comments! :) Too funny!

  28. I just hit up Old Navy too for a bunch of sweats and tshirts - that was a volumptuous shot of the Twins! Love the freckles!

  29. I think I usually do 2s. I just realized that. I usually get 2 pairs of shoes at a time and 2 pairs of jeans.

    How strange that you made me realize that.

  30. I am never getting into a 'who's boobs are bigger' contest with you... hell, I'm never standing next to you!

  31. Ms. Barbara Jane - Thanks!

    Jay - Someone needs to enjoy them besides me.

    Warren - You're welcome, but remember some SPF is needed, too. :-)

    Natalie - I just go by ETW... :-)

    Vevay - Yea...I got over my modesty after 2 c-sections. I think everyone in the hospital saw my boobs on both occasions. LOL.

    Al - He's got a good perspective there, don't you think?

    K(arla) - Smart man you have there! You do need a blog!

    Jen - I have the best commenters. :-)

    Vinomom - That's from the Evil Twin's view. Old Navy is the shizzle.

    LL - Awwww. Usually, I wear shirts with more coverage. ;-)

  32. HA - if you got em flaunt them is what I've been told .... but I'm only down to a B or C (depending on the maker) .... gotta love my having twins in late 07! And hey - numbers are good! Mine are usually 2 and 4 .... but considering clothes I still don't have enough, should change after our move tho : )

  33. Wow. Both of mine don't equal one of yours...

  34. Margaret - My two pregnancies just *added* to the bounty (prior to that, I only had mosquito bites).

    Kathleen - I think they're a product of having two kids and the Evil Twin's power of positive thinking!