Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'll Take Cheetos that look like Peen for $100

After listening to 3Carnations and WordNerd sing the praises of Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos on Twitter for a while, I decided that, while I don't normally like other flavors of certain established foods (think Cool Ranch Doritos), I DO like jalapeno and I DO like Cheetos and cheese, so maybe I should give them a try.

And they are quite delicious. In fact, I can barely keep my hands off of them. Unfortunately, both kids love them too, so I've had to guard them jealously!

It's just the right amount of heat, but not overwhelming.

The type of heat that can easily be squelched with copious amounts of Chardonnay.

A lovely combination.

It'll be a wonder if I don't spontaneously combust in the next day or two.

Yesterday, while Sissy and I were enjoying a bowl of our new favorite snack together, I found a Cheeto that looked like a penis.

Now, this is the 2nd time this has happened to me.

I took a picture of the Cheddar Jalapeno peen - it was a great shot after several not so good shots or blurry ones. Then, I set about to delete the unfit pics from my camera. As I deleted, I ate the Cheeto Peen.

And, I deleted the perfect picture.

Lucky me, I've encountered this before.



  1. snicker- i love heat and chardonnay- honestly, you and i - what a party we could make !!!

  2. Lucky you indeed!

    I was just thinking that " I wish I could see a snack penis before I go to bed"
    Thanks ETW, for sending me off with sweet dreams.xx♥

  3. Chardonnay? Nah. How about Pinot Grigio?

  4. I love Cheetos. I don't think I've tried that particular variety and can't until Easter, but I'm sure I'll live as it's only 2.5 weeks away. I like the Fiery Cheetos best.

  5. Unfortunately, I have "met" some that are that small that aren't snack food.


  6. cheddar & heat...mmmmmm. will def. have to try this out!! the cheeto peen is too funny!!

  7. What??? and you didn't call the news media or e-bay? Guess it was toooo yummy!

  8. Okay, I have had the worst heart burn with this pregnancy...but, I am willing to take on more, just so I can eat these. Yum. Love the 'peen' pic.

  9. Its when you show it to your significant other and ask her what it looks like - and she replies, "Its like a penis, only bigger" that you wished you'd not bothered.

  10. That's one body part that should not have anything to do with jalapeno. Just sayin'.

    Glad you like them!

  11. ETW...this could only happen to you! LOL!

  12. Lisa - the heat/Chardonnay combo is amazing!

    Natalie - glad I could fulfill your last wish before slumber! ;-)

    Michelle - I KNOW! LOL.

    BB - You know me. I haven't matured a bit in ages. :-)

    Ron - It's a "miniature" depiction. See?

    Kenju - They'd go well with Pinot Grigio too! Yummmmm.

    Kathleen - Sorry to torment you. I've been faced with bread everywhere I turn this Lent! :-)

    Christine - That's why I don't fool around on the Evil Twin. I don't want that kind of surprise!LOL.

    TGG - Nom, nom, nom!

    themom - Yep, too yummy. :-)

    Gigi - Doritos give me heartburn. These do not (yet). Get some!

    Hogday - ROFLMAO.

    3C - I know - OUCH!

    Chandra - Maybe it's some special "calling", like "I see dead people" only it's more like "I see penis shapes in snack foods."? Who knows?

  13. Only you would find that! That is hysterical. How come I never find anything cool like that?

  14. This Cheetos commercial is my fave on TV right now:

  15. That's almost worth going back to eating junk food for!

  16. LMAO...just like my penis chicken fry!! I swear there is a pervert working in those places..purposely shaping them like that for us to get a kick out of it....and keep coming back for more lMAO :) YUMMY!!

  17. It's a Chenis!

  18. Funny I don't ever remember meeting Christine....

  19. I am not much into penis...but I do dig I may make an exception!

  20. LOL.. I dont think we get those in canada yet :( I'll have to try them when the come,, wont be as happy to eata penis one as you were

  21. Your too funny !!!! I thought I was the only one that thought Cheetos looked like shriveled up penises !

  22. Aaaahhhh yes...the dreaded jalapeno peen... All I got was the regular peen. *pouting*

  23. Hot penis and chardonnay?
    A girls gotta have a hobby!

  24. Momma will never look at cheetos the same again!!!

  25. Don't eat the tiny penis'... ebay those bad boys!

  26. I have honestly never heard penis referred to as a Peen - am I in the dark or something? I am not a cheeto fan. Don't like the consistency. I do like finding things that look like penises though. So maybe I'll pick up a bag.

  27. i love Cheetos but the sodium content coupled with my HBP meds means I have to eat them for breakfast and only 2.

  28. JFab - Keep an eye out - you just never know!

    Chris - I hadn't seen that before. Too funny!

    MsPulp - these things are crazy addictive!

    Lisha - I know! I think I mentioned my Cheeto on your blog that day!

    Jay - That's it! I've been lucky enough to find TWO of them!

    Ron - LOL!

    Warren - it's totally worth it for the jalapeno.

    Kenny - You definitely have to try them when they reach your stores.

    ODS - Exactly!

    Loni - Apparently, Cheetos are reaching for the pervert audience of cheese lovers...

    The Girl - Filthy minds think alike!

    Honey - get the jalapeno ones and you may get lucky too!

    powdergirl - I'd probably be better off doing my Pilates DVD. :-)

    Momma - It is disturbing, isn't it?

    LL - Too yummy to pass up....

    Vinomom - If you like cheese puffs, you might find something similar!

    rosemary - I couldn't stop at 2 with these... Don't buy them!

  29. I don't see it...that's pretty small

  30. You know, there is a market for such unusual food items on E-bay. I once saw a carrot that looked like a vaginal, for instance.

  31. I like cheese puffs, and cheez-it's.

    Mostly when camping.

  32. But they're best when licked off boobs. But that is a pretty dim memory.

  33. If you find one shaped like Jesus, let me know.

  34. Would a Cheeto Jesus be a Cheesus?

  35. A Cheeto peen... no wonder I don't eat Cheetos, I eat enough peen as it is.

  36. How Freudian! Eating a Cheeto shaped like the male member!

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