Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blech. Mondays.

Monday is my worst day ever. I always hit the ground running first thing in the morning. As the HO™ - also known as the Home Office - I do everything.

Mondays are busy because that is generally the day I spend at the market, re-stocking for the upcoming week of lunches and dinners.

I was running late and then I got a phone call from my MIL. She and her husband were nearby and they wanted to pop by to drop off Sissy's birthday present.

Ok, I hadn't showered yet and I wasn't ready for company, but I jumped into action and did my thing. I was presentable by the time they reached my front door, but how is that right? You just call an hour ahead to drop in on people? Not cool.

Their visit was short and sweet. They gave Sissy a Yo Gabba Gabba boom box toy, which she loves (mom and dad and Buddy also liked it! It's a neat show).

Then, I had to get the store and stock up. When I was finished, I realized that once again, I had not eaten all day (this was 2pm). That's typical for me.

The evening was not much more relaxed. I had laundry, forms to fill out, and other duties (financial things I opt to not discuss). Whew!

I normally don't like my shape, so I opt for this garb:



  1. Yep,Yep. I am hearing you!

    Haven't got time to shop for corsets, though your friend looks very nice in hers.

    In my house, the babies love Yo Gabba Gabba,however, the rest of us cannot stand it. At least it is colourful.

  2. In-law visits with little warning, especially when their side of the family is not home, are never cool, but presents are always cool, so it's a wash.

    I must join a gym. I just must. I cannot go with the fettered fit of any of the shaping shit. I must be unbound. Really. My tits only see a bra if what I'm wearing makes one totally necessary and I'm outside of my house. Otherwise, I'm free baby.


    Of course I'm referring to how I would look in that corset.

  4. That parting shot is so awesome, good one ETW.
    Happy to say that there's never been a time that I've been bothered by my in-laws dropping by. I usually like them both better than their son. LOL.
    There really is a lot to do when kids are small,
    hardest fucking job I ever did : )
    We're on spring break so I'll be busier than usual myself. Went rock climbing and swimming today then, Muay-Thai and Tai Kwon Do.
    Mom's rule!!!

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  6. I am SO not a fan of the 'pop in'- i like at least a days notice befroe all visits and yet, depite making this known to the masses, i still get people who'pop in'

    maybe you should consider calling your Home Office something else- the abbreviation 'HO' makes it sound like you are open all hours..........snoff.......

    chuckle xxx

  7. Pop-ins. Something I fear living in the same town in a few weeks will provoke and I'm a *tiny* bit scared. Ah well. Yo Gabba Gabba - never heard of it. Corset - I might need one for that last little bit of tummy flab. Doubt I'll get rid of it now. Hope they're cheaper than I figure they might be ....

  8. Ps.
    Um, corset lady appears to be without the requisite nipples? Kinda odd.

  9. Me like corset lady and I don't even care that she seems to be without nipples. Her hair color really makes me think that Raggedy Ann became a total slut later in life!!

  10. Natalie - Yo Gabba Gabba is just FUN! :-)

    BB- I put on my bra first thing in the morning. It's a sad sight otherwise (hey, I've got kids over here! LOL).

    K(arla) - LOL.

    Powdergirl - Lawsy, I don't even have time to read a book, much less work out. And I think they have to photoshop the nipples out, otherwise, it would be p*rn! Hee hee.

    Lisa - Good point!

    Margaret - They're not cheap - not from this place, but I own cheaper ones too.

    Ron - Too funny. Are you saying I'm a slut?? ;-)

  11. As my son would say..corsette lady is a Hubba Hubba, despite not having any nipples!

  12. Yo Gabba Gabba scares me. One looks like a condom...the ribbed for her pleasure kind.

    The garb...do you wear them for yourself of the ET?

    I like the hair color too!

  13. Love Yo Gabba - have you downloaded the soundtrack for Sissy yet? It's awesome even for us.

    Not that it's healthy or anything, but you not eating until 2pm would explain why you are so slim N' trim. Maybe that would work for me...

  14. i wanna get julie a corsett .... 'cause... that is hot.

    i remember a long time ago you mentioned "corsett training" or something... like... getting your body used to that. how's that coming along?

  15. You say "slut" like it's a bad thing LOL ;)

  16. Sounds like you had a pretty productive day. :) And I bet Sissy just loved the boom box! Its a good thing you all love the show b/c it would be a toy in my house that I would be hiding after so long LOL. Nice corset. I need one of those in extra small...maybe break a few ribs!!

  17. I would be mortified if anyone just showed up at my door. I'm not the greatest housekeeper. I'm not saying I'm as bad as some of those cleaning shows, but I'm no June Cleaver. Honestly, who vaccuums in a dress and pearls?!

  18. ETW---- you naughty girl! He he he. Loves it!

    I hate people who drop by, too. I'm a streaker, so I have to keep my doors and curtains closed (and locked) at all times!

  19. ETW - I bet I know how you can stop the drop ins...get caught a few times in a similar corset and you'll see changes...though, come to think of it, depending on your FIL, you may get more visits...hmmmm....

  20. My dad's side of the family likes to "pop-in" unannounced. My mom hates it. I usually just stay in my room and make a brief cameo to say goodbye.

  21. So you still wear that torture? Has it worked? i saw on the news this morning that I am an average sized woman....whew for that. an hours notice...i would have freaked!

  22. Chandra - she is built!

    Al - That's Muno (LOL). I wear it for myself, but the ET does like it, too.

    MsPulp - there's a soundtrack?

    fattie20xl - I haven't been as faithful on wearing it as needs be for true waist training. I have good intentions, though...

    Ron - I'm a married lady over here! LOL.

    Lisha - I think the show is hilarious, but there are other noisy toys that get moved to the basement sometimes...

    Crazy Mo - they called and gave me a bit of warning, but I had to use that time to get a shower and stuff. :-(

    JFab - I'm always dressed, but if I haven't had a shower, I feel scuzzy.

    Warren - that's a mortifying thought. Besides, he's not my FIL. He's my MIL's husband (they got married when the Evil Twin was in his 30's, so wasn't exactly a parental figure in his life).

    Hacksaw - if they didn't live 2 hours away, I would have come up with some excuse, but they're in town so rarely...

    rosemary - yep, I love my torture! :-) At least it was a full hour! They've been known to call when they're right down the street!

  23. Nips no prob. I drew them in myself. Think I may have knackered my screen tho`.

  24. Luckily my IL's are too far away to just 'drop in.' Thank god for small favors.

  25. I'm pretty sure that if I got one of those, I'd look exactly like that!

  26. I would DIE if my IL's just "dropped" in...Thank goodness TN is far,far, away! ;) Um, that corset thingy just looks uncomfortable!!

  27. I'm strangely drawn to those nipple-less boobies.

  28. Nipple blur scares me. A LOT. lol I need to buy my corset and start getting things done!

  29. The Girl - I think showing them would constitute pron. LOL.

    Hogday - ROFL. I hope you used a non permanent marker! ;-)

    Bitchy - They live 2 hours away, so it doesn't happen often.

    Debbie - That's what I kept telling myself, too!

    TGG - It's not too uncomfortable unless I lace it too tight.

    Ginger - They're something else, huh?

    Honey - I love mine - I want another one, but at $200+...probably gonna just stick with the one.

  30. Corsets make my manboobs look even bigger.

    I'll pass.

  31. I just never know what I will get when I visit your blog... a corset with nippleless boobs... didn't see that one coming.

  32. Well, the pop-in is a tough issue. There are some people who I wouldn't care if they popped in. But most people I would like a couple of hours of heads up.

  33. I live 24 hours from my FIL and his wife, and 22 hours from the rest of my family (by car).

    Only my sister would be allowed to show up at all hours of the day or night.