Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Such a Slacker

I've really been a slacker lately about doing my posting. As many of you know, most of the time, I write up my stuff in the evening and then set it to post at 6 am the next morning.

But, on nights when one of the two TV shows I watch is a 2 hour long episode, I have laundry to do during commercial breaks - while I also try to catch up on reading other blogs....well, by the time the show is over and I still have assorted other activities to finish up, I'm ready for bed.

So, I don't get around to my blog.

Once the show (American Idol, I'm ashamed to admit, but I'm hooked on it) is over for the season, I should be back to my regular posting schedule.

As for my little rant yesterday, I wasn't really grousing about anything specific or recent, but more "in general" - and I've noticed the same types of things happening to other blogs I read. Then, I just wonder, "Why don't these trolls just get a life?"

So, that explains that. Thanks for all the encouragement - I do appreciate it. Things will not change around here:

That usually makes for interesting blogging. :-)

While I am a slacker here, I will soon be around to visit all of you today! I do enjoy my favorite reads.

But, prior to that, I have to fulfill the glamorous duty of loading the dishwasher. At least I won't get dishpan hands!


  1. First!

    Also, your site sucks and there's too much cleavage photos and Kitchen-Aid mixers.

    - nick

  2. i dont care when you post as long as you do x

  3. Ditto on slacking. It's quite alright. Happy Hump Day!

  4. Slack away. I slack everyday.

  5. When you are busy lovie, just let the girls do the talking that day. :D xx

  6. I long for the day that your pic applies to me! :)

  7. I don't know why you are ashamed of liking American Idol. I never miss it either, and haven't since the 2nd year.

  8. Slacker??? I think not. Being a parent implies a certain amount of non-slackerness, at least to do it well and you do. I would call it some prioritization!

  9. Damn - if YOU consider yourself a slacker on posting...what does that make me?????! YIKES!! :0

  10. hah! your blog is one of the few i read on anything resembling a regular basis. i'm personally insulted when you don't post on time!

    but i get over it if there's boobs and sexy red kitchenaide mixers.

  11. nick - What are you doing up so early?

    Lisa - Thanks... I get to it at least once a day, right?

    MsPulp - My anal retentive nature hates it when things go off kilter, though! LOL.

    Inanna - I'm an everyday slacker too. A girl has to have some downtime!

    Natalie - I should do a collage of decolletage. Hahahaha!

    Juanuchis - soon, sweetie, soon!

    Kenju - I guess because I see it as being silly, but then again, there isn't much quality programming out there anyway, so it's all silly, right? :-)

    Ron - Thanks - as soon as I read that Sissy asked for juice. I told her to wait a sec...I have to finish this comment! (slacker)

    TGG - well, I consider myself a slacker on my own terms. Everyone else has their own terms that work for them! It's all good.

    fattie20xl - I'm sorry I've hurt your feelings this morning and will try to do better. ;-D

  12. TGG said..If you're a slacker, then I'm pretty much a 'useless no-account' ;)

    And...I really hope 'Nick' was being funny ^^

  13. At least you get to load the dishwasher with Fiesta. That's a step above almost everyone else.

    OMG, I totally forgot to tweet, I got a Lilac dinner plate on Ebay for $20! It's soooooooooo pretty!

  14. I never went to sleep. I twittered the night away, and then I did some work around the time my current clients are getting into the office.

    I'm about to go to sleep now though, and then when I wake up later, we're going over to the zoo. Kinda digging this whole not having a 9-5 job thing.

    @Efen - I worked with the Evil Twin for almost 4 years, so they're pretty much used to my sense of humor by now! Also, I complain about the whole "first" thing almost every time I talk to ETW, so I had to be a smart-ass. =)

  15. Trolls are designed to be pounded down in verbal combat. Although I think that Trisha handled hers very serenly yesterday, which I admired.

  16. I never watch AI until the final 12, so I had not heard any of those kids sing before last night. My goodness they all suck so bad! This is the worst year ever for AI.

  17. I would do almost ANYTHING for a dishwasher!!!

    You're so lucky!

    Awesome TATAs...a red kitchen maid AND A FREAKIN DISHWASHER!

    I am so jealous...

  18. Ah yes. We do have a glamorous lives:) But at least we don't envy each other!

  19. Slacker? You? What about me who did not post for over a month?

  20. I will read ya whenever you get around to updating! Ron was right on with the 'prioritizing'. We will still be here!

    And I love AI, but Jay is right, they mostly suck this year.

    And i just want to thank Alex for her kind words. Alright, I'm done!XX

  21. Efen - Nick is a close friend of ours, so he's cool. :-)

    Blair - There was lots of Fiesta going in this AM, along with the mixing bowl from my Kitchen-Aid mixer. ;-)

    Nick - I envy your schedule. Can I come over and gripe on your blog about that? :-)

    Alex - She did handle that with aplomb! V. proud of her.

    Jay - Most of them were "off" last night. I have a couple of favorites. Didn't you like Lil, the first contestant up? That girl can sing!

    BG - I'm a big fan of the dishwasher. You should put that on your Christmas list.

    Debbie - Right on. Nothing to envy here.

    JFab - Slacking by MY own standards. And you have a good reason for not posting in a month. ;-)

    Trisha - My OCD anal retentive nature just gets all frizzled when things don't go on schedule around here! LOL.

  22. Dishwasher? But...but...but I don't have a dishwasher! Whaaa! But, I do have the pills. Hmmm...

  23. You have time to do laundry ?? Do you ever get it done, mine never seems to go away. I would love to get drunk, pop some pills and go home and watch TV, can I please?

  24. You a slacker? I think not. you are adorable, fun to read and whether you post daily or you. Now me...Set the DVR to record all episodes of DWTS and have yet to watch the first that's a slacker.

  25. I love that picture, it's one of my faves!!

    I tagged you in a blog of mine!

  26. Will trade dishwasher for pills.

    Of course, my dish washer is my 87 year old live-in father in law who can't see very well, so I have to wash them all again. But hey, he's HELPING!

    FTR you made me laugh out loud Nick! Wish I had said it first!

  27. More drunk posts! Come on - if you're posting in the morning then you're sober, and really ,where's the fun in that? :)

    Now, please make that cartoon woman's eyebrows stop yelling at me.

  28. OK, ETW, if you're a slacker, then Momma is a LOSER. Seriously, you write one of the best blogs out there! "Slack" every now and then if you need it, but just don't ever stop!!

  29. Love the drunk/ high lady picture.
    My fav fridge magnet has a similar looking woman and reasd " Today I thought I'd surprise everyone and not take my meds."

  30. You're welcome to complain anytime! =)

  31. We should all be as slacky as you are ;)

    I can't get into AI this year! Although I do like that Danny....and yeah, it's comfy up here on the bandwagon!

  32. honeywine - you need to put it on your Christmas list, too!

    The Girl - I buy hootch by the box, so there's always plenty! :-)

    rosemary - Actually, it's good planning: you can watch all the episodes at once and fast forward thru the boring parts!

    Jen - I love it too. Thanks for the tag. Helps kick my slacker butt into action!

    K(arla) - that Nick is one hilarious dude. Check out his blog at

    Tiff - I know, the drunk ones are best. ;-)

    Momma - I think I'm addicted to this here blogging stuff, so I'm sticking around. :-)

    powdergirl - If I didn't take my meds, things could get real ugly real quick....LOL.

    Nick - expect me around then sometime tomorrow morning (or whenever you post a new blog).

    Elle - Danny is good. I really don't care WHO wins. I just want to KNOW who wins. :-)

  33. Hey,
    I have been slacking alittle aswell, I also Love american Idol, dont tell my buddies, AdaN IS my Fav..
    Cst KO

  34. Oh I love me some American Idol. :) Especially Danny! And I must say I have been slacking too with my blog checking. This is the first time I have been on all day. And when i am away too long I feel like I am missing out on SO much!! lol. Get that laundry and dishes done!! :)

  35. Galmorous dare you post my picture like that and tell everyone that I am full of pills and booze without my permission. Just for that, I'm not sending you your "free giveaway of street pharmaceuticals" this month.
    I'm behind as well......but it's not from American Idol, lol.
    I listen to Prince sing country songs in an English accent which is pretty priceless....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  36. I want that picture. Framed. On the wall of my office. I reckon it would keep the boys (and girls) at arm's length! ;o)