Friday, March 27, 2009

My Crazy Day

Okay, so on Thursday, I had lunch with a friend. We had decided on Cracker Barrel, since they have a really diverse menu and I've given up bread (baked goods) for Lent, I felt that would offer us the most options.

My friend just lives on the adjacent road (kind of diagonally from us). So, I got Sissy in the van and picked up my friend.

We got to the Cracka Shack and perused the menu. It took a while for us to decide, but then we placed our orders. I ordered a steak with steak fries, green beans and fried okra (yes, I LOVE the stuff - theirs is not as good as my mom's was, but it's still good).

I ordered my steak well done, which always holds the meals up, so by the time everything arrived, I was starving! I dug in and put a much too large piece of steak in my mouth. It got stuck in my esophagus and would not go down.

Then, I got hiccups.

I tried to remedy the situation by drinking some water.

Hahaha, that just made things worse. I felt like I was choking.

My friend, always a calm in a storm, jumped up to help me and I just wanted to get to the restroom. I left her and Sissy at the table while I rushed off.

It was awesome, I almost puked at the table! GO ME!

I will leave out the nitty gritty details, but basically, after I burped a time or two, I felt fine.

The nicest thing was that my friend got my daughter up from the table and came to the restroom to check on me, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful. She wanted to make sure I hadn't passed out or anything.

I felt okay, but was a bit spooked on trying to eat, so we just chatted and then I asked for carryout containers for mine and Sissy's meal.

Sissy NEVER eats a meal at the prescribed time. But, if I bring it home and set it out for her, she will eventually graze around at it and finish it off.

I brought mine home and ate about half of it (as much as I could take in its' cold state), then threw it in the fridge.

Later, I decided to heat it up in the oven and have it for dinner.

When I stuck my hand in the drawer I keep the aluminum foil in, I managed to make contact with the "cut off" teeth of the Cling film, which was right beside the foil.

I suffered a large gash to my middle left finger.

How 'bout that "Hello Kitty" band-aid? Pretty snazzy, huh?

I don't do anything half-assed around here.

Oh! And PS. Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday. I was too busy choking at the Cracka Shack or engaged in any number of my multitude of daily activities to answer back, but I DO appreciate it! I also wanted to add - not that anyone implied - but I am NOT complaining about Sissy using the potty. I am SO proud of her and she is SO proud of herself, it's worth the million trips to the restroom. I guess I just wanted to say, if I miss you one day (i.e. I don't comment on your blog and usually I do), just please realize, I probably only had time to read and run. Sorry!


  1. Loving the Hello Kitty Bling!

    I have to confess that I have never tried Okra - what is something similar in taste?
    My hub. tells me Cous Cous, and that Okra is a Southern thing???? Yes?

  2. Girl, I love me some Hello Kitty and though I'm so sorry that you've injured your flipping off finger, at least you're still stylin and profilin and I'm so happy that you didn't hurl at your table in Cracker Barrel.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Natalie - NO! It's nothing like couscous. Okra is a green vegetable. Fried, it is dredged in egg and cornmeal, then fried in vegetable oil. Yum! And it is a Southern thing. It tastes like okra. :-)

    Reggie - Thanks. I love Hello Kitty too. Unfortunately, after the Hello Kitty band-aids are used up, there are Barbie ones waiting on me. :-(

  4. Regular Okra (no relation to Oprah) when cooked or steamed for normal serving is enough to make me heave. Just the smell of it sends me over the edge. But when cut up and fried like you can get at CB and many other places these days, it is fine.

    Hello Kitty: Do you suppose if you give someone the bird while wearing the cute little band-aid, they won't feel nearly as offended?

  5. First off I'm so glad that you are ok, but for some reason I got the image of you getting the heimlich (sp?) and spitting a huge steak gob across the cracker barrel. I know I'm sick... And the great news is you can flip people off and tell Sissy you are just showing off the Hello Kitty bandaid!

  6. what an attention seeker you are !!!!! choking and bleedin' all over the place'

    btw.never worry if you dont get to my blog everyday- I certainly am not going anywhere and i know where to find you too !

  7. Lord, I almost lost my buddy to a piece of meat? Once a forbidden edible item to you and seemingly a foe. Had you needed a lil squeeze to burp the chunk-o-meat from you, I bet there are expereicned workers there that see this action alot while grazing at the trough.
    Linda aka "Liddy" ;)

  8. I am with Ron...I'd be showing that snazzy bandaid to everyone! You know, folks in cars as they pass by, the teachers at school, police officers walking the beat. Everyone ought to see such a bandaid!

  9. You sure make going out to lunch sound...stressful. I'm glad I went home and had aging leftovers for lunch. :)

  10. I have neon colored bandaids here, for when the grandchildren come to visit. I use them too! Sorry about your day - maybe you should have stayed in bed?

  11. This is totally something that would happen to me. I choke all. the. time. I haven't gotten down eating and breathing at the same time. I have had to go to the restroom before so I wouldn't gross other people out w/ my burping and gagging.

  12. "cracka shack" is hilarious.

    What a bizarre incident! I'm more awe struck that you managed to eat there without bread- amazing.

  13. I like my steak "well done" as well! I thought I was the only one. I usually say "Medium well" though now as apparently saying "well done" means "please let me steak burn to a crisp and then serve it to me. lol

    I can't stand a really pink piece of meat. Hmm that sounded dodgy.

  14. When I had The Devastation and split a few stitches post-op, I used Hello Kitty bandaids to cover the repair after the big bandages weren't needed.
    It never failed to amuse the nurses when I'd go for check-ups. One of them thought I was *ahem* kind of shortbus, literally, and would talk to me slowly and v e r y c l e a r.

  15. Dave - the only acceptable ways to serve okra are; fried, pickled or in gumbo. Anything else is heave-worthy.

    Ron - I'll admit I had visions of the heimlich, too!

    Lisa - I am a shameless hussy!

    Liddy - Thank goodness I lived to drink with you next Christmas! ;-)

    Warren - ROFL!

    3C - I'm such a dork like that!

    Kenju - I'm thinking that might have been best.

    Vinomom - I'm glad I'm in such good company. :-)

    Maura - I know! I had to decline the waitress' request of "biscuits or rolls with that?" Sad.

    AC - No, the Evil Twin and I are both "well done" types! And too funny about the pink piece of meat. Better to be dodgy than have eColi! ;-)

    leeann - Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? I'd probably have the bandaids even if I didn't have a 3 yr old daughter.

  16. Well, glad you didn't choke to death. I'd have to go back and reset my blog links and I hate having to do that.

    It was very considerate of you to live. Thanks.

  17. I cut me a big one yesterday morning on a santoku knife. Fortunately, after bleeding like a stuck pig for a few, it sealed right up so I ended up not needing a band-aid.

    Which is a good thing -- all I have are the conventional ones.

    I really want the ones that look like strips of bacon.

    Hmm... off to Archie McPhee!

  18. Now if you would have come to my house, you would of had your choice of Dora, Spongebob or a Scooby-Doo bandage. We haven't had plain old bandages for years!

    Have a better day today! ;)

  19. I'll take this as a cautionary tale as I'm having lunch out with a friend today, I think I'll have soup!
    Sorry about the fingy, those rough cutting edges on foil wrap are NASTY s.o.b's.

  20. I want a Hello Kitty band-aid!!! The Cracker Barrel is awesome, and I always order fried okra when I'm there, yummmmmmay!

  21. So glad that you are ok! When I got braces years ago, I choked on a piece of lettuce in the middle of a rest. and it was mortifying! Good your reflexes are swift!

    ROTF at "cracka shack"!

    Way to Rock that Hello Kitty Band Aid!

  22. I love your band aids. Since I have a son I only get Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles, never hello kitty. I did however sport Sponge Bob once. Sorry you almost choked, god that's a horrible feeling. Eat a little slower my dear.

  23. Thank goodness you threw up!
    My OB was once at a luncheon and an older man began to choke, and nothing would dislodge the piece of meat. So my OB took out his pocket knife, trached the guy, and used a ball point pen's outers to breathe into the guy's lungs. Pretty amazing for someone who usually doesn't bother with the upper body!

  24. Christine - I'm a giver like that. You're welcome!

    Juanuchis - Archie McPhee has the coolest stuff.

    Sujomi - I like the variety action at your house!

    powdergirl - that's what my friend had, so she was safe!

    Ginger - I figured they kept it around just for me. Glad someone else is a fan. :-)

    JFab - You know, when I was choking, I wasn't thinking "I could die", I was thinking "I could die from embarrassment!"

    The Girl - I do need to slow it down and do smaller bites.

    Momma - That's really impressive. I guess it's helpful to have any doctor around in an emergency!

  25. Ahhh - we have the Flintstone bandaids here...and I laugh when I have to sport one for awhile. Sorry your day was crappy, but look at it this way - you survived!! that is always a plus.

  26. That is a scary feeling isn't it? It happened to me much like you, I was eating steak infront of many esteemed Athletic Trainers (Notre Dame, Syracuse, Georgia...) not to metnion the CEO& President and all the VP's of my company and the piece was just a bit to big, I thought I could swallow but NO, so I tried to drink it down with tea and that was stuck. I began to panic and then started to black out, luckily a guy that works in my dept was sitting next to me and asked "are you choking?" I grabbed his arm out of desperasion and he began to perform the hymleick(not sure how you spell that)...basically I puked it up(in my napkin luckily)...SOOO embarassing but yet incredibly scary!
    Thank goodness for your little one!

  27. Ugh... i hate hiccups. I have a student who has chronic hiccups, and the poor kid can hiccup violently for hours and hours. She's been to doctors and specialists and no solution... ugh.

    That would be miserable.

    On a happier note, I love the band-aid. :)

  28. My mom's best friend has saved me twice. Both from fried cheese type products. Truly scary experience. Glad you made it ;)! Sorry about the finger but love 'hello kitty'.

  29. Not a whole lot of fun to choke on your lunch. Ruins the vibe for a good day out. Sounds like you didn't have a very good day.

    We have Transformers Band-Aids at our house. Not nearly as pretty.

  30. Oh girl! I LOVE me some fried okra too -with a cornmeal crust,right??? mmmmmm....What a day you had! Hope the wknd. is better!!! ;)

  31. Awesome Band-Aid, ETW. We stock Spider-Man and Dora ones in our house. My skin is so sensitive, that I actually prefer these band-aids to the adult type. And they are waaaay cuter. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  32. OMG!! I am so afraid of choking...or worse yet, one of my kids. I almost passed out reading that - I was so afraid you were going to say you received the Heimlich or something! Glad you're okay:-)

  33. P.S. LOVE OKRA. You can never find it here in Yankee-ville, though.

  34. OMG you must've been mortified in the Cracker Barrel! I once ordered a dish I'd never tried at an Indian restuarant. There were chunks of cinnamon sticks in the dish that the eater is supposed to pick around. I did not know this. One of those puppies got stuck in my throat and it was not pretty.

    At least you got a purdy band-aid. Those film-cutting teeth are dangerous. I once spilt my pinky and my ring finger apart trying to catch a restaurant-sized box of cling wrap as it was falling.

  35. Glad you're ok! But, um...can we try to refrain from puking and/or passing out next time we get together? LOL...seriously, I'm glad you're ok!!

  36. Well, thank goodness you didn't choke. And I do love the Hello Kitty.

  37. Wow! I'm glad you're OK! We're not so good over here ourselves, dealing with volcano eruptions, a friend who recently died at 23 and more not-so-fun stuff like that .... hang in there!! Cute band aid!!

  38. I may have not been meant to eat that meal!

    I always tell my residents at the nursing home to chew well, because when I'm on shift I have a very strict NO CHOKING policy! So far, so good! Knock on wood!

  39. I love Cracker Barrel. Esophegeal obstructions? Not so much.

  40. Sounds very dramatic, at least you won't forget that afternoon out.

    Fried Okra huh? I do not even know if I could find that around these parts (NW). Just about anything fried is good I have discovered!

  41. ever since I have been a sahm my hands have looked awful! I get cuts from thin air sometimes! once I reached into the cupboard and grated my knuckles on the cheese grater... I looked like a prize fighter!