Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can It Get More Glamorous?

I'm not really sure. I'm a little brain dead - having done at least 5 full loads of laundry yesterday and many cloth items were washed and dried TWICE.

The Evil Twin and I were awakened at some point on Monday after 3 AM by Sissy crying. I usually only sleep in my undies, so I was scrounging around the floor on my side of the bed for the rest of my clothing (yes, I DO put on a bra first thing every morning - gotta problem with that?), so that I could go in her room and maybe try to snuggle with her in bed for a while to calm her down.

The Evil Twin was able to get up faster than me to go check on her. When he did, he found her sitting up in bed - her new bed, with all the new bedding - covered in vomit!

I stripped the bed and got load number one started while the Evil Twin got her some new jammies and got her settled in our bed.

There were a couple more episodes of vomit... I just kept piling the towels by my side of the bed (I won't tell you what these towels are normally used for, but let's just say there's a big stack of them in the Evil Twin's nightstand). Thank goodness they were handy!

During the day, there was more vomit and more laundry and more frustration. I finally called the pediatrician's by early afternoon. I mean, I knew that there is nothing they can do to help a stomach bug - and only if it was very severe would they advise me to take her to the ER. The nurse just said to keep an eye on her and try to keep her hydrated - that I was doing all the right things.

We gave her a bath and let her sleep on the couch on Daddy's belly. She woke up briefly to ask, "Are you my pillow?" Too cute.

She held a few sips of Gatorade down for a good while, so hopefully, we're on the downside of this nasty stomach bug.

Now, we hope no one else in the family gets it.

How's that for a glamorous Monday?


  1. awwww, poor baby....

    that is awful - and all over her brand new bed.


    Hopefully noone else will get it

  2. I hope she feels better fast! Since you were super duper lightning fast with the washer putting in, I think the bedding will be right as rain!

    Too cute about the pillow thing! I miss that period sometimes. Glam on!

  3. Poor things. You, her and Daddy. Nothing like missing sleep. Last time my son managed to come into my room to tell me he was sick before he vomited.

    He made sure to get MY bed and hair and whatnot. Wouldn't want to ruin the $10 on clearance Transformers comforter. Let's get Mommy's down blanket instead.

  4. the first night in the new bed???? poor thing! I really hope she's on the mend and can properly enjoy her new bed. and the comment from her to daddy... I swear my heart melted a little.

  5. well that christened the new bed good and proper !!
    am intrigued about the towels in the bedside table, and more than ever would love to sit down and have a coffee with you.........
    Lisa xx

  6. Poor little girl. I well remember the routine of "washing" repetitive loads. I hope she is better today.

  7. I hope she is feeling better soon. That bug really grabs onto you and won't let go.
    Try to get some rest when she's sleeping too. Sometimes we moms are too busy taking care of everyone else in the house and we end up getting run down and sick.

  8. I totally feel for you, we've beent here done that a couple of times this winter. There is nothing worse then child vomit. I can handle pee, poop, boogers just don't let me see or smell vomit...
    Oh and it was on her new bedding, juess she broke the bed in record time!
    Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  9. Awww... poor Sissy. Hope she doesn't throw up on her "pillow" any more :)

  10. We still use our monitor, too, though we seem to be the only ones. Our son sleeps with his door closed, and when he wants something, he calls to us, rather than getting up. I think that's actually a good thing, because him calling us in to ask us a question gets him back to bed more quickly than him getting up to ask us a question.

  11. Poor thing...hope she feels better! btw...I put on my bra first thing in the am too...;) Now, her bed is officially Hers!

  12. Hope she feels better...and that you both enjoy a nap today!

  13. Jen - she seems to be feeling better today. :-)

    Leighmo - everything came out sparkling clean!

    A. - Ick! Her bedding was kind of a bear to wash, but I did it. The rest of the day, only easy to wash blankets and towels were targets.

    LL - Actually, it was her third night in the new bed, but still! New enough. She does say some sweet things (when she's not whining).

    Lisa - perhaps the towels will be a story on their own.

    themom - so far, so good... :-)

    BG - I think it was just a 24 hour thing. Now, we just have to sit tight and make sure no one else gets it.

    Chandra - I know! I was like, "I just washed this stuff 3 days ago!". LOL..

    Ron - No more vomiting last night after a sip or two of Gatorade. Yay!

    3C - We also close the kids' doors. We stay up later and sometimes watch TV or movies. We don't want the noise or lights to bother them.

    TGG - It feels wrong to not have it on! Daddy slept with her last night (just in case). I hope she doesn't get used to that.

    Elle - I've been trying to get some rest, but she claims to need to use the potty every 15 minutes. Sigh...

  14. That's a horrible way to christen a brand new bed! I hope she feels better soon, and that no one else gets it.

  15. I sure hope she is feeling better...poor thing :(

    Uh...I guessed what those towels are for ;)

  16. Poor Sissy! Her comment to TET was priceless and the cutest thing I have heard in a while. Glad she is on the mend. Hope everyone else steers clear of it too.

    I can also guess what the towels are for!

  17. Aaawww...poor baby. I hope it doesn't make her hate the big girl bed. Oh, and remind me never to borrow a towel from you. EVER. lol

  18. That's a pretty nasty Monday. I hope that she's feeling better today.

  19. Oh bless her lil heart! All over her big girl bed too ;o(

  20. No matter how much you love them, cleaning up the puke is never a happy experience. Sorry about your luck.
    I wanna know about the towels!

  21. Aw, hope she's feeling better.

    My mom likes to tell the story of my parents' first ever new car and my carsickness. She remembers my dad yelling as I was about to get sick "Don't let her get sick in our new car!" :) I didn't.

  22. I do feel for you! I hate the dreaded GI bug.

  23. Man, on the enw bed. That rots sox.

    Hope she's feeling much twinklier today.

  24. Poor ETW's whole family! Sure hope Sissy is well by tomorrow and the rest of the ETW Fam stays well!

    I also wanna know what the towels are for!

  25. Being able to clean up other people's vomit and not vomit yourself, that to me is being glamorus. And I know what the towels are for ;)

  26. My boy had the pukes last night too...great fun! It was here quickly and gone quickly though...he's all better today...I hope you have the same luck!

    Btw, when your kids are older, they are so gonna kill you! Towels by the nightstand...sleeping in your undies...

  27. I hate to hear about Sissy so sick.... bless her little heart!

    Ummm... we totally have the same "towels" beside our bed! LOL

  28. I hope she's feeling better today!

  29. There is nothing better though, when you are sick, to be comforted by mommy & daddy.

    And the linens will wash up nicely....

  30. I'm still hovering over the towel comment.



    sISSY, feel better soon... it just never ends huh?

  31. You know, I never knew that stomach bug existed until I became a mom! It's the worst! I hope it doesn't hit the rest of you guys!

    The bedding is really nice, though!

  32. Poor little girl! Hopefully the Gatorade stays down and you can move onto the BRAT diet.

  33. I am so with you on this one. Just spent my whole weekend doing the very same thing with my five littlest. The big kids...they can make it to the toilet on their own. The littles always seem to wake up as they're doing it and of course, they almost always manage to hit one of the siblings. Then it's not only clothes and bedding, but hair to wash. Gotta love them stomach bugs! Glad to hear that sissy seems to be on the mend.
    Take care,

  34. I hope Sissy feels better soon, for everyone's sake (and that of the washing machine).

  35. Poor Sissy...and poor Mommy and Daddy! I've been there many,many times and it STINKS (both literally and figuratively).

    Hope everyone else stays healthy!

  36. I know what they are for! Thanks for your kindness yesterday.xx

    Hope Sissy and her bed doing well.♥

  37. Bummer of a story. Sick kids are the worst. I would rather be sick than any else in the house because 1) my wife will take really good care of me and 2) I am not so good at caring for sick people. But I am trying to do it better.

    Good luck, hope everyone gets better. And I hope to hear the towel story soon. I have an innocent explanation in my mind and believe everyone else has their mind in the gutter...NOT mine minds in the gutter too!

  38. YIKES! Poor Sissy, poor you and EvilTwin. Blergh.

    I'm off on Thursday and I won't know when I'm off again until I get my new schedule. I'll let you know!

  39. Aww poor thing. Hope she gets better good luck on keeping the laundry done. Cheers to a Vomit free night

  40. Yep...sick sucks! Frodo throws up constantly in bed.....it smells nasty! Poor kids.

  41. Honestly? You put a bra on first thing in the morning, even if you're not leaving the house? The first thing I do when I get home is to take my bra off. I hate the damn thing.

    Poor Sissy...throwing up sucks.

  42. Poor Sissy! Throwing up does suck. Nothing worse. Hope she's feeling better and not puking so much anymore!