Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Sorry

I know I've seemed a bit distant lately, but I've had a lot on my mind. I'm one of those people who, if I have many things on my plate, I tend to overthink them and worry them to half to death.

You all know I'm high strung like a poodle. Not to mention (guys: quit reading here and just scroll down), I think I have a touch of PMS. (It's the menses!) LOL.

I'm just feeling "at loose ends" and like I just never have enough time in one day to accomplish everything that needs to be addressed.

Yesterday, the kids had dentist appointments. It was Sissy's first one and I was all in a twist over that - not knowing how she'd behave and such. I don't like the unknown.

And she's such a drama queen, and being only 3 years and 1 and a half months old, she often doesn't fully understand situations and therefore, is not cooperative.

It actually went much better than I anticipated, but still.... The "pre" show heebie-jeebies had me nervous.

There are a few other things clouding my mind right now, but it's much too long and boring to get into, so I'll just leave you with this:

My Saint Patrick's Day ended like this! Oh, NO!


  1. Top o' da mornin' to you again girls!

    Yay for Sissy being a good girl at the torture chamber, yay for mummy for coping.

    Humour has always been my way of coping when things get crook. You?

    Love to you, regardless.xx♥

  2. Dentist...yuck. We never get use to them. By the way, I am looking for a kids dentist. You must like the one you use, do you recommend him/her? Let me know some details.

    Lovely picture. Thank you very much!

  3. Everyone is entitled to get high-strung and a bit yippy from time to time.

    The dentist is icky. When our minds get too clouded we tend to run away from home. We just load up in the truck and hit the road for a day. We talk and think better in a car where we can't run away from each other and the only distractions are giant 18-wheelers barreling down the road at us. Far less distracting than dishes in the sink, though.

    Feel better!

  4. I know what you mean about the unknown. I hate going into situations not knowing how my kids will act. But as Moms, we know we are mentally prepared for anything.

    Keep your head up with all you are clouded with and...

    That is the best shot of the Mountains so far :) lol...

  5. When do little one's start going to the dentist?

  6. So who ended up taking the photo for you afterall?
    Glad Sissy's visit went well. Lil Miss went on Monday with her brother and sister to watch. She was really mad that I didn't let her partake. I guess that means she's ready!

  7. Glad she did well at the dentist. You got my number if you want to talk :)

    If you keep posting the pictures people are going get confused about what the "Twins" part of your blog refers to.

  8. booooobs!!!!

    i hate the dentist sooboobs......

  9. I love it when the girls pay a visit to the blog !!!!! Dentist and overwhelming days, suck....hope you can't rest your mind a little over the weekend.

  10. The older I get, the less well I deal with the unknown - and with change - for that matter.

  11. kids are so unpredictable. yay for cooperation!! And mama you got the goods!!

  12. Yay for a good dentist visit! I dread taking Jon to his first appointment next month. Uuuuuuuhhhh...

  13. At least your heebie jeebies will go away in a few days. Me ... I think it's The Big Change. Oh yeah. You read that right. The Big M. Is it hot in here or is it just me??

  14. I know that I'm no expert on raising kids but my studies of behavior suggest that if you give your kids a heads-up about the dentist, like a couple of days in advance it will be easier on the day and then let them choose a reward afterwards ;-)

    I always used to get stickers (not candy because I had just been to the dentist!) which I loved.

  15. Jealous. Just completely jealous.

  16. Not fair! If it'd do any good, I'd lay down on the floor and pitch a fit.

  17. Lovely to see the girls and they sure are looking nice and perky!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment about me not looking any different than I did 24 years ago. You are a wonderful person with an amazing heart and AMAZING TA-Ta's :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  18. Yay for the good dentist's visits and the celebratory boobage!

  19. Natalie - I tend to sit and stew over things. Bah.

    Al - Yep, the dentist the kids go to is one of the best (I think). I'll email you.

    A. - Thanks. Luckily, the pediatric dentist we see is super kid friendly and not scary like regular dentist! LOL.

    Lisha - I think I'll be better after today - a day of nothingness!

    JA - the pediatrician will tell you around 4, but Sissy is just over 3, so... around 3/4.

    MsPulp - it would appear that I am the photographer around here. He took a few shots I deemed "unworthy".

    Ron - You'll probably be hearing from me.:-)

    fattie20xl - I got something for everyone today! :-)

    The Girl - Yep, nothing planned from here on out...

    Kenju - Amen, sistah! I'm the same way.

    risarooo - Thanks for the kind words. :-)

    rebecca - Ugh. I feel for ya! I'm sure he'll do okay - it turned out better than expected here.

    Crazy Mo - It is rather warm, isn't it? ;-)

    AC - yep, I talked it up and she was so excited. Not so much when asked to sit in the chair. They load them up with stickers and prizes. :-)

    Lauren - :-) If they keep growing, I won't be able to walk upright. Then, you won't be jealous.

    TGG - Thanks! Old Navy (again!)

    ODS - My tactic was to have a couple of rugrats. Of course, that's not as cheap as pitching a fit!

    Reggie - Thanks. You're a hip mama, too.

    BB - I hit the Chardonnay wide open last night. LOL.

  20. You don't only have a lot on your mind, your foundation garment is carrying a heavy load too!
    Glad it went well at the dentists
    I have a dental appointment in 1 hour myself and I'm thinking of pitching a fit to see if I can get out of it.

  21. Days like thoese you should just start hitting the box o' wine at noon. :)

    Here's to better days!

  22. HOLY MUTHA OF PEARL - thems some boobies!!! Way to go ETW!!!!

  23. I heard that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession...because everyone hates to see them I guess and they know it. Anyhow, if you wore a top anything like the picture...I'd say you gave some poor dentist a reason to go on another day...

  24. LOl... I read the whole
    I have to go get all 4 wisdom teeth out! not looking forward to that..
    later sexy

  25. I just think of PMS as another excuse to come up with a great nasty blog post.

    Turn bad into good. That's my motto. (Along with not eating anything that still has a head or dating men that live with their mommys at 40).

  26. We all get there, some more than others lol I over analyze EVERYTHING and drive myself nuts!

    Glad to hear the dentist visit worked out.

    Cute shirt.

  27. Early dentist visits for kids is for the girls....did the dentist drop his teeth if you wore that? If I took a photo of my girls even in a dress like that, you'd see my shoes.

  28. Must be the spring weather bringing the girls out more often.

  29. BOOOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No fair you know those things are irresistable to a weak male mind

    My brain switched off before clicking the link from Chris`s blog

    Nice site wish mine was as interesting

  30. powdergirl - and that particular garment is a cup size too small. But, I had to have it.

    Tiff - no drinking until at least 3pm. I have to pick up Buddy from school!

    Momma - LOL!!! You kill me!

    Warren - I had on the top I have on in my avatar pic. He seemed to make eye contact with me. ;-)

    Cst KO - Thanks for sticking with me!

    Christine - wiser words I have never heard!

    Loni - I just make myself bonkers on a regular basis - and I'm on meds!

    rosemary - I didn't wear that top. Maybe I should. Perhaps next dental visit will be FREE. ;-)

    PH - Very and very glad to be finished with it, too!

    Debbie - I just like springing it on you all all random-like.

    razorbeck - Welcome to the madhouse. The girls make a regular appearance, so stay tuned.

  31. Awwww, I hope you get to feeling better about things again soon. Sometimes it's tough being a woman, especially when it's 'that' time :)

  32. I love your floor!!

    Oh, and the rest of the picture is awesome!

  33. HELLOO!!!!!

    Now I have a lot on my mind too!!!!

    When I have a lot going on...I always like to squeeze and knead them...tweaking when I can...tit's always the way to go!

  34. To me this is another example in the nature vs nurture debate. My great aunt adopted a boy and a girl way back when (the boy is a year older than me, the girl a year or two younger). They were raised by my great-grandmother as my aunt isn't very maternal. The boy is exceptionally successful, albeit a completely pompous arrogant fucktard - but can hold a job is relatively well-known in his field, etc. His sister? Pregnant when she was 15, gave birth to an extremely autistic son who she has abandoned to her parents (Great Uncle takes care of him, I shudder to think what will happen to him when GU dies - he's well into his 70s, if not 80s). Had a second child before she was 20 and now holds down (barely) receptionist type jobs (nothing wrong with them, but in comparison).

    It'd be nice if nurture did help, however.