Thursday, October 18, 2007

Upcoming Weekend from Hell-O!

Thankfully, I am not the homeroom mom for Buddy's class this year, but the same gal who did it last year got roped into it this year again and I told her I'd help her where ever she needed me.

Every month, the school does a Family Pizza Day - usually towards the end of the month. Each month is a different class' responsibility to organize the pizza lunch. This month is 4th grade and that means my homeroom mom friend, me and whoever else we could wrangle in to helping. We have to actually bake the pizzas and then sell them - for two lunches K-2 from 11:30 to noon and 3-5 from noon to 12:30. I'll have to be at the school by 11 am for set up.

As our luck would have it (or not), Saturday is Oktoberfest, the school's fall carnival. Each class runs a game for tokens, which the kids can turn in for prizes. Each class also raffles off a basket - this year our theme is Bath & Body. So Friday, after pizza lunch, homeroom mom and myself are putting the raffle basket together for Saturday. Then, we'll both need to be at the school early on Saturday to set up our game, get our tokens and get ready to work the game. Most likely, we'll switch off all day because fourth grade is proving to be a difficult year to get volunteers.

This time last year, I was co homeroom mom and the day after Oktoberfest, I got some sort of respiratory creeping crud that lasted for nearly a month. The Evil Twin was in California for almost 2 weeks on business and I didn't get to the doctor until he got home. I was so sick. I literally didn't think I would ever feel decent again.

So, I'm a little anxious that I'll be so stressed out after it's all over that I'll get sick like last year. It probably doesn't help that I decided I felt really great and thought going off my anti-depressant was a good idea. By day 2, I was a mess. Thankfully, I got my prescription refilled today and look forward to feeling more decent in the days to come.

On a happy note, I was part of a big award presentation. From Speedcat Hollydale, I received the:

Pretty cool, huh? My first ever award. :-)


  1. My respiratory crud turend into old lady asthma....take care of yourself.

    My dear, you are long overdue for an award.

  2. Yay! An award! You deserve a ton of them!!!

    You have to love the mom stuff we get roped into, don't ya?

  3. Congratulations!

    You deserve it.

    Especially after this weekend.