Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Going Insane at 100MPH

I feel like life is passing so fast these days. Tuesdays always feel like Fridays, or at least, in my opinion, they should be. I don't think I'm doing a very good job of keeping up with things anymore. I used to be ultra-organized. Is it 2nd child syndrome? Or having them so far apart in age? I don't know, but I'm trying like hell to get back on track in all aspects of my life.

I know if I just try hard enough, I can restore order. Right? I'm diligently pursuing a workable budget, so that I can see, at a glance, how we're spending money and where we can do better. Not that we're destitute or poor, but it's my way of slapping some control into one area of my life where I CAN have control. I'll start there and maybe the rest will fall in line.

I have this little notebook where I"m getting all the finances in writting and little list and checklist, so that I can tell myself, "Look, all the bills were paid on time and I saved money at the grocery store." Control.

I've been having dreams where my teeth are falling out and I'm trying, desperately, to keep them in or to hide the fact they're coming out. That's your typical "control" dream right there.

So what to do? Do something about it. Start with a budget. Easy enough. My house is relatively clean - at least it's vacuumed regularly and I do laundry quite often, so no one has to go naked. I even clean the restrooms more than I used to, so I hope that means I'm moving back towards my more organized self!

I do know I'm getting my hair cut on Friday! I'm really excited, since I've worn the same style I have now for eons, it seems like. I spoke to a friend of mine (her son and Buddy are classmates) and she used to be a hair dresser. She's agreed to do the cut for me and I'm very confident. I've been seeing the same hair dresser for more than 20 years, but when it comes to newer styles, she doesn't really keep up with that sort of thing. She's always been cool about stuff, though. But, I'll have my friend so the initial cut, then go back to my regular person for trims.

I hope I like it, but it's just hair, so if I decide I don't care for the style on me, I'll just let it grow out. My hair grows very fast. That's something fun and new to look forward to! :-)


  1. Budgets and haircuts...both make me cringe.

  2. I love a good budget.

    My wife hates it.

  3. Budgets and haircuts are both important.My daughter got her hair cut in the vidal Sassoon asymetrical cut this week and it looks wonderful! Good luck with your new cut.

  4. Budgets are scar, and I kill them on a regular basis. :>

    Haricuts too. You're two up on me, woman!

  5. I recently decided to have more than one hair cut per year. I think I'll start with 2...

    Budgeting gives me panic attacks. My husband handles it, and tells me what can be spent and when.

    I prefer it that way.