Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesdays Suck

Mainly because it feels like it should be later in the week and it's just not. It's just Tuesday. Plus, I feel crabby. TMI - everyone's favorite monthly visitor is here again and it's making me feel like I just want someone's head on a stick. You know, like I'm on my last nerve and everyone is riding it with SPURS.

I actually had a decent earlier part of my day. I went to Target with a friend and Sissy. Miss Sissy was in need of some fuzzy slippers for her Flintstone feet, since it is chilly in the mornings around here. I found the slippers and a whole bunch of other stuff I really didn't need, but retail therapy was the order of the day.

One thing I found in the dollar section was a magnetic photo frame of the happy bunny - the cute little guy who says rude comments and this one said "I'm Cute" at the top. I thought it would be neat on the fridge with a pic of Sissy in it, so I just tossed it in my cart. When I got home, I realized it said (sic) "I'm cute. Your not. Seems so unfair." which is fine and funny and all, but come ON. It should say "You're not." I hate when people can't differentiate between your and you're or two, too or to or... my biggest pet peeve: they're, there and their and half the time they don't even spell their correctly. And to have this glaring mistake on a piece of merchandising is damn near unforgiveable. I've decided to return it and get my damn dollar back. I'm serious. I once bought a greeting card at Walmart and noticed a misspelling when I got home. I took it back. I wasn't going to send my friend a card of encouragement during a difficult time in her life with a TYPO on it. File that under: "Not only no, but HELL no."

After Tar-zhey, my friend and I went to iHop for lunch. It was so good. I was going to buy lunch, but she said she would in celebration of recently quitting her stressful job and returning to her rightful place as a stay at home mom. Or as I told her later, "I'm glad you're a jobless bum again!" Now I have someone to hang out with during the day. Whilst at the hop of i, it was discovered that I had forgotten to pick up rolls for my beef stew that was bubbling away in my crock pot at home and she had no dinner lined up at all.

So, on our way to get the kids from school, we stopped in the Kroger's quickly and purchased missing meal items and hit the road towards the school. It was fun hanging out with her. I think she loves Sissy as much as I do and it's just fun having another adult to talk to.

My friend across the street had to work late, so I watched her son until she got home - he and Buddy attend the same school and I pick him up every afternoon anyway - and he's a good kid. Buddy was glad to have the company.

The Evil Twin got home, I threw the rolls in the oven and a few minutes later, we were enjoying the beef stew. Well, everyone but Sissy, who decided potatoes and carrots are better smeared across your highchair, face and hair. What a mess!


  1. Definitely take that frame back and point out the misspelling to the management. They should remove all those from their shelves.

  2. Stay at home Mom's rock. And they are sexy too!

  3. Hey... I figured out where to add your links. I'm putting you in my World's largest award ceremony! ...I left another comment on your SEO post (Revellian) started it.

    Happy week, Speedy

  4. I wish I had seen the picture frame typo!

    I would have mailed it to Tracy Lynn over at Kaply, Inc.

    It would have driven her right up the wall.