Saturday, October 13, 2007

More on the SEO meme and Random Thoughts

I would have also named Biffspiffy, mayor of Spiffytown to join in, but I'm not sure how he is doing for time these days. Seems he checks in when he's able, so Mayor Biff, if you'd like to participate, I'd love to have you join us.

There's another blogger who I would have tagged also, but I'm not sure how much notoriety or attention called to him/herself this person would welcome. I know YOU know who I'm talking about, Mystery Blogger, so again, it's up to you on that one.

We woke up to a chilly morning here in W by God V. Brrrrr. I was sorta thinking a little Fall would be nice prior to Winter, kwim? Everyone knows the Evil Twin and I will celebrate an anniversary at the end of this month and with the exception of the year we got married, all other years have been lovely. It was cold and wanting to snow on our wedding day, but was only spitting tiny hail - which made the toilet paper the wedding party had decorated the car with just fall off in big sloppy wet clumps as we travelled down the interstate for our overnight stay at the honeymoon suite in the nicest hotel in town (at the time). I'll elaborate on that later....

I've got good news to report: My new windows ROCK!!! It is currently 56 degrees outside. This morning it was 40, so we did turn on the heat for a short while to knock the chill off. We have not had the heat on since and this place is like a sauna (literally - I'm sitting here in a tank top and Daisy Duke shorts - and sweating.) Sure, I'm probably going thru menopause, but still. I'd like to think it was money well spent on really awesome windows! Yee-haw.

I have been exceedingly bored today. The Evil Twin really didn't want to do anything. Buddy was glued to his new/old computer all day, and it was just kinda dull. When I was able, I did pull out my knitting project that I had let go right after Sissy was born and am halfway thru my first project since February 2006! I make these dishcloths from the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. My Mother In Law loves them and has been after me for months to make her some new ones, so guess what MIL? You'll get a bevy of dishcloths for Christmas! Hell, I may send one or two to everyone I know! They're cute and easy to make.

However, I've misplaced a hat pattern that I really liked and wanted to make a winter hat for a friend's new baby and can't find the pattern. I keep my patterns in a binder in those clear page holders, so I'm not sure where that pattern disappeared to. I remember I was working on a hat for Sissy right after she was born, but kept dropping stitches and messing up so I just gave up in a fit of fury. The pattern was in my bedroom and I know I wouldn't have thrown it away. I'll keep looking and if nothing else, I used to knit with a group of ladies - which is where I got the pattern in the first place - so I can call them and see if any of them still have that one. Come hell or high water, I will find that adorable roll brim baby hat pattern that I love so much.

That's it from me this evening. Windy enough for ya? LOL.

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