Friday, October 5, 2007

O My Word!

I got my hair cut today, as you can see. This was the first time I actually dried it and styled it and while I think it's cute, I think I need to experiment with styling a little more. You know how it is... new hair cut and length and everything. Just takes a while to get used to. I really LOVE the cut overall though. I just wish I was better at using a blowdryer! I'm lazy and don't like to spend too much time under it. LOL.

This is the first new style I have had in YEARS. It is so refreshing. She took about half my hair off. I have a lot to begin with and she really did a great job with thinning it a bit and shaping it. Most of my life, I've stuck with stick straight hair that really didn't need much in the way of styling - at least no more than a curling iron could cure.

This one will take a few days to get the hang of, but once I learn the process, it will be really easy maintenance and quick styling. MUCH faster to dry than that long, thick pile o' hair I've had for so long.

Plus, I got high marks from the Evil Twin. He said, and I quote, "It's sexy." Squee!!!! We'll celebrate 14 years of married life at the end of October, 15.5 years of togetherness, so to still be considered "sexy"? You're damn right - that feels wonderful! Or at least one part of me sexy? Hee hee.

Probably the best part of all this, besides being cutie-patootie and all, is that SHE came to my house and did the cut! Wow! This is a gal I've teamed up with to help out as homeroom mom for years and she used to do hair professionally until her oldest son was born. Now, she just does random cuts/colors, etc. for friends so she can keep on top of her game. I told her if she wanted to hang a shingle when her youngest gets into kindergarten (she's got 4), let me know.

The 2nd best part is that she called me this evening to see how I liked it AND said if I wanted anything changed or whatever, she'd fix it for me. Now that's what I call service. And, she's just a really, really darling and sweet person anyway. I often wonder how she stays so upbeat all the time. I know she runs herself ragged with her kids - they're involved in sports, etc. And they're at three different schools right now (pre-school, elementary and middle).

After she left, I swept up a huge pile of hair off my kitchen tile. I decided to try a trick I read about quite a number of years ago.

We have this really nice brick planter area in our back yard. No matter what I try to plant there, it gets eaten by deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. I had heard that if you put the footie part of a stocking, stuffed with human hair, in your flower or garden area, it would keep the roaming wildlife out of it, because they'd smell humans and not get close. So, I did that and also plan to plant marigolds (which I hear are not a deers' favorite), then see if I can get anything to grow in there. I'd love some colorful flowers. I'll let ya know how THAT works out, too.

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend to those who are off on Monday for Columbus Day! :-)


  1. I LOVE IT!

    Just so you know, we now have pretty much the same hairstyle.

    The differences? I part my hair on the other side; it's blonde-ish (ok, dishwater blonde with white streaks); my hair is somewhat curly.

    It looks great on you!

    A+ to the ET for calling you sexy. He should get major 'guy points' for that one.

  2. Yay for bof' youse guys!

    He's right. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Great cut. It turned out really nice.

  4. I really like are adorable.

    Be grateful for straight could be cursed with curl and frizz.